A Tiffany Christmas + A Sneak Peek: McQueen at Target

Hello-Hello! Is everyone ready for something a little holiday-oriented?

How about the ultimate Pink & Green Preppy Christmas Plate? These are new here at the Prepatorium, and just fabulous! Talk about a great gift, and the selection is outstanding!!



One of the things we are most excited about? The new line also includes trays, platters and more! This Christmas Plaid pattern is available as either a 10″ x 14″ platter or a 9″ x 14″ tray, exactly what we have been looking for here at the Prepatorium.



Oh, this is just too fun!

Now we move on to offerings that are a trifle more upscale.  We are long overdue in taking a peek at some of the holiday offerings from Tiffany.  Anyone receiving the catalog knows what a huge push they have been making with their charms.


And some of them are just darling:

The Purse Charm is fun with its pink enameling and little diamonds. We like the Fifth Avenue store charm because it doesn’t scream “Tiffany” at anyone, although it would be way down our list in terms of desirability.

The Candy Cane charm is perky…

And even comes in Tiffany Blue, as does the Ice Skate charm.

tiffanybluecandycanecharm tiffanycharm72

The Ballet Slipper charm is in platinum with a diamond,while the Tiffany Shopping Bag charm comes in sterling and platinum.



We don’t remember seeing this before, do you?

The Tiffany Wrap in cashmere and silk appears to be be super-snuggly, something TP could become accustomed to wearing. The T-Clip Pen makes an outstanding gift, although what we *really* want is the return of the Pink Purse pen, below right.


Although we will probably always have a soft sport for the basic Tiffany Blue Purse Pen.

Tiffany’s ornaments are always popular gifts and stocking stuffers; the Star Ornament is lovely while the Gingerbread Man adds a whimsical touch to any tree.

Of course The Princess is partial to the Ice Skate Ornament, and we are betting Miss Little Bow Prep is as well!

There is no shortage of ornaments, including the new Polka Dot porcelain styles.
Tiffany has done a nice job providing a broad spectrum of goodies – enjoy!


Also today, a quick look at the Alexander McQueen collection due in March 2009 at Target.  The group is closest in spirit to his McQ line; singer Leila Moss from band The Duke Spirit is something of a muse for the designer, and her image is featured in some of the pieces.  Below, Ms. Moss in pieces from the collaboration: a cotton jersey T-shirt, cotton/spandex denim pants by McQ Alexander McQueen for Target.  (The boots are by Guillotine Hinfray.)
Alexander McQueen for Target

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

A recent story in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription required) discussed the collection…

“The collection has a muted color palette of black, white, gray and tan with accents of cobalt blue and bright pink. Studs and mesh give items an edge. There are studded jeans, shorts and denim jackets with asymmetrical closures, short tuxedo jackets and matching shorts….”
Along with price points for the merchandise:
“Nor does McQueen see any irony in the fact that his gowns cost thousands of dollars while his clothing for Target, which operates 1,658 stores in 48 states, will be priced under $129.99. That’s because McQueen knows what it’s like when money is tight.”

Below, Ms. Moss in a cotton mesh dress and rayon tank from McQ Alexander McQueen for Target. (The shoes are Christian Louboutin.)

Robert Mitra/WWD

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD


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8 responses to “A Tiffany Christmas + A Sneak Peek: McQueen at Target

  1. Ok, so this got me thinking to ask you guys…..boots. What are the boot/pants rules and how long is it going to last? I see boots OVER the skinny jeans, boots still under boot-cut jeans…ugh…I need a new pair of boots and jeans, but what should a 35 year old do? How long is this boots over the jeans fad gonna last (long enough to buy and wear?)

    I know Preppy has the answer 🙂

  2. Ha–I thought you were talking about Lighting McQueen at target–you know where my heart is 😉

    I love those plates. Every year I think I’d like to start collecting them and every year I make up an excuse…maybe this year if only the economy didn’t look so bad 😦

  3. I absolutely adore the Tiffany ornaments and pens! What an elegant luxury to brighten even the most mundane and dull grocery shopping trip. Imagine Miss Complete standing in the veggie aisle checking items of her list with her new Tiffany T clip pen…..

  4. ohhh those new plates are DIVINE! I need not tell you that Mr. Newlywed is a tad bit concerned with your frequent product additions. Something about me spending so much money…

    I tuned him out after he said that.

    I am excited about Alexander McQueen’s line. He’s a fun designer…nothing I would really wear, but trendy shouldn’t have to be so pricey!

  5. TCP

    I think I need to tell Santa about that Christmas plaid platter and the new Tiffany charms…

  6. I have the blue purse pen, but mine has a very fanciful gold bow for the clip – much more girly than I need now. But hubby bought it for me about 15 years ago, so I keep carrying it. It’s a classic!

  7. Preppy 101

    Love these gifts! I esp. love that tartan plaid platter!! Oooh lala 🙂

  8. enc

    I don’t know how this happened, but I love McQueen and the Tiffany stuff. Aren’t they sort of diametrically opposed?

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