Sneak Peek: Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic Uniforms for Team USA

Because yours truly has been nattering on and on about the Polo Ralph Lauren uniforms for Team USA at the upcoming Summer Olympics in Beijing, we won’t make you wait for photos any longer than necessary. Here they are:

These are some of the first pictures we’ve seen of the duds Team USA will be wearing for the Opening and Closing ceremonies, coming to us via the divine Guest of a Guest website. The navy blazers over the cream slacks are for the more formal Opening Ceremonies on Friday, August 8.

The good people over at Guest of a Guest describe the uniforms this way:

For the opening ceremony, the men and women will have a double vent navy blazer with safari pleats on the back as well as a white driving hat and canvas walking shoes. For the closing ceremony, Ralph opted for a more casual look that includes white shorts, a red, white, and blue rope belt, a classic polo shirt and a sleeveless sweater.

We’ll be along later today with more on these and other uniforms. TP finds the navy over the cream a stunning look, elegant and understated.

Now you know that The Princess has just been on pins and needles about the size of the brand’s logo on the apparel, especially on the blazers. And the size of that pony on the breast pocket?

You be the judge.


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7 responses to “Sneak Peek: Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic Uniforms for Team USA

  1. I loathe logos. I’m not a billboard or a paid model.

  2. I am loving these. The logo isn’t offensively large in my opinion. Ooh, I’m SO excited for the OLYMPICS! GO USA!!!!!

  3. TCP

    Overall, I’m a fan of the uniforms. But I would be SO much happier if the pony didn’t look like he had been involved in a steroid scandal.

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments 🙂 They make my day. I just adore your blog 🙂

  5. You know, I actually don’t mind the size of the logos. I mean they are “sponsoring” it, right? But those mannequins are so creepy.

    Also, TCP…the “steroid scandal” comment made me LOL!

  6. kim

    FUGLY!!!! it is Summer hello to many layers

  7. brad

    where are the american uniforms? don’t know who is who. so proud and so supportive of the american team, but don’t know who is who. we are so proud of our team and what they do. where is america? show me, show us!
    are we leaders or are we…

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