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Ralph Lauren Brings Back the Beret for Team USA 2012 Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Today we share a very brief post, we look at the Team USA uniforms for the London Games.

Courtesy Photo

The Games get underway on Friday, July 27, these are the uniforms you will see our athletes wearing during the opening ceremonies.  Above we see swimmer Ryan Lochte, decathlete Bryan Clay, rower Giuseppe Lanzone and soccer player Heather Mitts.

The uniforms were unveiled this morning on the Today show, fencer Tim Morehouse (already a silver medalist in the sport) and Miss Mitts (soccer) modeled the styles. David Lauren is seen between the two Olympians.

Ralph Lauren Twitter Feed

It’s not easy creating the styles, more from David Lauren:

You have to create something that will work for a wrestler or a basketball player, as well as a tiny gymnast. And so all of those body types, coming up with a silhouette that can a flexible and comfortable is quite a task.”

The uniforms showcase many of the Ralph Lauren elements seen in previous Olympic uniforms, remember the 2008 styles?

Polo Ralph Lauren

Creamy white pants and skirts the ladies are topped by a classic navy blue blazer, double-breasted with peak lapels.

Courtesy Photos

Splashes of red complete the patriotic color scheme, seen on everything from belts to the berets.  Competitors seem favorably impressed, more from USA Today:

Gymnast Aly Raisman, 18, calls the uniform “really preppy. It’s really cool. It’s really different.”

She’s just breaking in her Ralph Lauren gear, which includes “Village wear” for the athletes. “I was really superstitious about anything that said London on it,” she says. “I wouldn’t wear it until they announced the team.”

Here we see Mr. Lochte in the ensemble.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Although not everyone is gaga, this comes via the NY Daily News:

The navy, white and red ensembles, replete with Team USA Ceremony beret, manage to convey the look of an upscale flight attendant with that of a guerrilla fighter (by way of Greenwich, Connecticut).

Pieces from the collection are already for sale on the PRL site, below we see the Women’s Blazer, $598.

Polo Ralph Lauren

The beret has returned this year, and the repp tie stripes add an attractive flair.

Polo Ralph Lauren

To see our post on the styles Team USA will wear in the Athletes Village, click here.

Courtesy Images

As we may have previously mentioned, even our scorn distaste for the polo-pony-on-steroids can’t take away from the cute factor in this photo:

Polo Ralph Lauren

The opening ceremonies take place Friday, July 27. Until next time, may your Olympic flame be burning bright!


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Ralph Lauren Olympic Uniforms Unveiled, Adventures in Argyle

We are more than ready for a day’s dose of Friday Fun, we thought we would start with the Team USA Olympic uniforms unveiled this week.

Ralph Lauren Courtesy Photos

We have already seen what Olympic and Paralympic team members will wear in the Olympic Village, but these are for the dressier closing ceremonies, not quite as formal as the Opening Ceremonies, but a notch above the Village uniforms. Here is how the Ralph Lauren designs are described at BlackBook:
…the American fashion designer opted for crisp monochromatic white in breezy silhouettes that would work just as well in the Hamptons.

For women, the look features a white button-down with both the team and classic RL Big Pony logos on the chest, paired with a flowing midi skirt cinched with a striped belt. Men will wear a cotton shirt emblazoned with the aforementioned logos, along with white pleated slacks fastened by a striped silk belt. Dapper.

Dapper is a good descriptor.

Jeff Zelevansky for USOC via Inside the Biz

Above you see more of the Ralph Lauren styles on Team USA athletes, the group was on the Today show yesterday as part of the Road to London celebration, the closing ceremony uniforms can be seen on the far right.

Below, a better look at the just-unveiled styles. The term “Gatsbyesque” also comes to mind.

Peter Kramer/NBC Today Show via Selectism

Here is how Vanity Fair described the look:

Wonderful news for sports fans, sartorial enthusiasts, and those elegant and careful enough for white clothing: Ralph Lauren, official outfitter of the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic team attire, unveiled sketches of this summer’s closing ceremony ensembles for the London Games.

They’re comprised of “luxe white cotton sport shirts” and a skirt/pleated white trousers, each held up with a necktie-silk “sporty repp-stripe” belt in red, white, and blue, and paired with matching scarf (unseen) tied at the neck, according to the fashion house.

As a refresher, here is what athletes, coaches and other Team members will wear in the Olympic Village.

Polo Ralph Lauren Courtesy Images

Some may remember the 2008 uniforms for both the opening and closing ceremonies, we showcased them in this post.

Via Guest of a Guest

Coincidentally (cough-cough), Ralph Lauren launched its direct-to-consumer marketing of the Olympic merchandise yesterday  As much as yours truly engages in whineathons of epic proportions on the topic of Mr. Lauren’s logo occasionally chides the company, we must admit some of the styles are wonderful. In particular, this one is sure to peak the Cute-o-Meter in the red zone.

Polo Ralph Lauren Infant Tank Dress

That is the Olympic Tank Dress for Infants, and it couldn’t be any more darling. How precious is that hat? (Sadly, it does not come with the dress.)

There are official Team USA items in almost every merchandise category, we will take a more in-depth look at the offerings at some point in the future. We’ll leave the topic for now with the Polo Ralph Lauren limited edition pins.

Polo Ralph Lauren

All three pin styles are available now, they are $10. There is a nifty 1-minute video on the Polo Ralph Lauren site as well, if feeling a little blasé about the upcoming events, this will get your blood moving.

Polo Ralph Lauren Website


We share another sports-themed tidbit, this one involving golf apparel.

Loudmouth Golf

If guessing Loudmouth Golf, you are correct. We hadn’t shared any of their looks lately (speaking of Olympics, remember these Loudmouth pants on the Norwegian men?!), and thought these would definitely qualify as an Adventure in Argyle.

Some may remember the brand hurtling into the limelight when worn by golfer John Daly, the line has certainly expanded since Mr. Daly was first spotted in the company’s blinding vivid apparel.

Loudmouth Golf

Below we see Mr. Daly and other Loudmouth fans in Augusta at the Masters just a few weeks ago. (To see an amazing story about seven Swiss golfers who love Loudmouth *and* the Masters, click here to visit the Augusta Chronicle’s story on the Flying Swiss Golfers’ Club.)

Via Loudmouth Golf Facebook Page

In fact, Loudmouth actually has an Olympic presence, below we see Team USA athlete Steven “SteveO” VanderWerp at yesterday’s Road to London event, he is in a Loudmouth hoodie.

Loudmouth Golf Facebook Page

It has been such a long time since we visited the Loudmouth site, we didn’t realize they were now making Kids’ clothing for the course.

Loudmouth Golf

There are Boys and Girls choices for those interested in a… well, let’s just say those interested in making a vibrant style statement.

Loudmouth Golf


Finally today, we leave you with something near and dear to our iceberg of a heart.

The Prepatorium

That is Silly Tilly on the left and Tiny Tilly (there’s a word we’ve never used in relationship to Tilly before) on the right, an amazing gift from a dear friend.  The remarkable likeness was created by gifted artisan and sculptor David Lynn of Nova Blue Studio Arts, LLC (or here on Facebook).

Nova Blue Studio Arts, LLC

Mr. Lynn outdid himself on the details, they are perfect, right down to Tilly’s pink and green harness. (He worked from photos our friend provided him.)

Tilly’s Mini Me

While this has nary a link to anything preppish, it does put a smile on our face, we thought it fit under the Friday Fun umbrella. (And we thought it might make you smile too.)

Have a splendid weekend!


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Those Wacky Figure Skaters & J. Crew Spring

Hello-Hello and happy snow day. The Consort minions handled clearing a path to the castle, the sun is shining and it is beautiful. We wish it were so everywhere, as we mentioned in a comment over at Vogue on the Range, there is no rational explanation for the snowfall seen in many parts of the country… and are about to see again.

We begin today with a topic we shall visit frequently in the next few weeks.

The Vancouver Olympics kick off on Friday and we must confess to a level of anticipatory excitement here at the Prepatorium.  We have an addition to our many uniform updates (most recent Polo Ralph Lauren post here, USA Hockey & Snowboarding uniforms are here.); this is the oh-so-cool look Under Armour created for our bobsled team.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

That definitely has an über-tech style that we love.

US athletes picked up their official Ralph Lauren uniforms on Tuesday. Below we see the Gold Medalist in Pairs Figure skating, Jeremy Barrett, being outfitted.

Matthew Stockman/Getty

Next, his partner Caydee Denney tries on her uniform.

Matthew Stockman/Getty

While not uniformed on the ice, fur is flying about figure skating costumes, pun intended. After gold medalist Johnny Weir wore this outfit at the US National Championships in January…


… the folks at PETA and other organizations requested/demanded the athlete switch to faux for his Olympic performances.  Mr. Weir initially refused but has since indicated he’ll be in faux fur. (Let’s make a little side agreement to avoid the entire topic of fur on skating apparel, shall we? It will go easier for all of us.) For more on the faux vs. real tempest, click here.

Fashion site Refinery 29 has a fascinating look at “Johnny Weir’s 8 Craziest Fashion Moments” you may find entertaining.

Sundance Photos via Refinery 29

Boring is not a word we use in describing Mr. Weir.

Continuing the focus on mens’ outfits in Vancouver, we look at Vera Wang’s designs for US Silver medalist Evan Lysacek.

Rick Bowmer/AP

As a former skater Ms. Wang knows what works on ice, and what doesn’t; below, one of her sketches for the skater.

Courtesy Image via WWD

Another Wang creation for Mr. Lysacek.

Photo: AP

Full disclosure: TP skated for years, and ‘back in the day’ we never really used the word “costume,” it was always “dress”. However, we have no recall whatsoever on how we referred to the mens’ apparel.

We leave the topic for now, confident there shall be more fodder in the days ahead. Below, the Olympic rings near Medal Plaza.

Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters


Next, a look at spring fashions from J. Crew.

Courtesy J. Crew

Many readers are familiar with the latest catalog, shot in Portugal. Some things we like (the khakis), others (the jeans), not so much.

JCrewaholics included the jeans in their “Questionable Items from J. Crew New Arrivals” post.  Below, more styles from the spring catalog.

And a few more.

We like the Sperry Topsiders above right, but the only ones we see on the site are men’s.

We do like the Gingham Checkered Shirt, as well as the Swing Coat.

Some of the new flats are appealing.

We shall probably pass on the zippered effect, although it looks eminently wearable.

Overall the palette is more muted than we anticipated, and a spot of vivid color would be a welcome addition.


We close with a few Pretty in Pink items, the first a look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s ad for her new fragrance, SJP NYC.

Courtesy Photo via Nitrolicious

Until next time!


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Polo Ralph Lauren’s Next Team USA Olympic Uniforms

Hello-Hello and Happy Holiday Weekend if you are celebrating!

Frequent readers will not be surprised to hear we are careening from crisis to crisis, coping with all things Princess, many things Lilly, and a new thing from Ralph. Seriously.

Remember the Ralph Lauren Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms from last summer’s Olympics?


We have an announcement on next year’s uniforms, direct from the Polo Mother Ship.  A hint can be gleaned from the sketches below.

Couortesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Yes, just in time for the patriotic holiday weekend, there is word that Polo Ralph Lauren is an Official Outfitter of the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams for the 2010 and 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Below, a Men’s look.

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

In addition to uniforms for Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the company will also create apparel and accessories for Team USA to wear in the Athletes Village and other venues.  As far as the look itself goes, here is a snippet from the news release:

“Celebrating the rich history of the Olympic Games with a nod to the Lake Placid Games of 1932, the clothing will showcase a classic Americana and patriotic palette of red, white and blue.”

Pieces from both teams’ Parade Outfit collections will be available for purchase, along with other styles.  It will be fun to watch both Collections develop!


As a segueway, we go to a story somewhat related to the uniforms story, we’re talking Wimbledon, where Polo Ralph Lauren is also the Official Apparel Sponsor. Oddly, it doesn’t feel like it is time for the Wimbledon Finals, but here they are: Venus vs. Serena and Roger vs. Andy in the Singles Finals.

It has been awhile since we talked about Mr. Roddick and his apparel sponsor, Lacoste. Well, we did chat up Lacoste no end in our ‘When Logos Attack’ post yesterday, but that was different. Below, Mr. Roddick at an earlier practice this week, sporting the Lacoste Logo tee.

PHOTO: Alastair Grant/AP

PHOTO: Alastair Grant/AP

Pssst – the tee is now only $34.99, the original price was $50.


In the spirit of the weekend, we close with this bow tie from one of our favorite gentlemen, Mister Mort, in collaboration with Baron von Fancy. Spotted by the ever-vigilant fashion guys at Men’s Style, it is even Made in the USA.

Courtesy Photo via Men's Style

Courtesy Photo via Men's Style

The patriotic style statement is supposed to be available at Steven Alan, (where we must say, they are having a fabulous sale) and Opening Ceremony.  We did not see the tie, but did stumble onto a pink and green bag we simply had to share!

Courtesy Opening Ceremony

Courtesy Opening Ceremony

The handbag is from Issey Miyake’s new line, cauliflower, the bag showcases the pleating style this house is known for (think ‘Pleats Please’) and it looks darling. Best of all, the bag is on sale for $57!

Smiles and hopes for a Happy Fourth!


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**SPOILER ALERT** Olympics Opening Ceremony Coverage Special Edition



***Today’s post features photos and editorial copy of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies***

Hello, Happy Friday and welcome to a special edition of the Preppy Princess!

This will surprise no one that is a regular reader: The Princess Consort found multiple live feeds of the events going on over on the other side of the world. He also also took the “Sharing is Caring” sentiment to heart. Concentration is impossible. Therefore this post will be short and hopefully a bit better than bittersweet after yesterday‘s tirade measured comments about the air quality in Beijing. It will however, be about the Opening Ceremonies, so if that is something you don’t even want to hear about, you should skedaddle away until they have aired this evening.

First off, a few shots of the Ralph Lauren Olympic Summer Games Parade Uniform as worn today by our athletes in Beijing at the Opening Ceremonies.

Tyson Gay

Tyson Gay

Shortly after this international Parade of Athletes aired on the Consort’s computer in real time, we received email correspondence from Polo Ralph Lauren “Presenting the Official Parade Uniform of the 2008 US Olympic Team.” If interested in purchasing pieces from this Collection, you can head to the Polo site through the links in the previous sentence or use the USOC’s site for most of the Opening Ceremony items.

The Princess learned several lessons today whilst working:

1) Silly girl! Trying to sit and write a blog and conduct other business with the Opening Ceremonies going on one desk over is futile. Utterly pointless. Cease. The Preppy Princess will survive while for an hour until this ends, so stop. Now. Give it up and go watch. (Take Kleenex.)

2) As discussed on other blogs last night, for reasons unknown to us, human spectacles like the Opening Ceremonies provoke an emotional response. (Yes, I know, how very dreary.)

3) The US Team looks very sharp in their uniforms. As anticipated, the Ralph Lauren designs are stellar and the Chinese execution of them also outstanding. The caps, or berets, are a nice touch and not at all foppish as some feared.

Looking at each nation’s uniforms is a blood sport for some, but not TP. That however, does not prevent a running commentary on the looks worn by other countries, enhanced only by the fact these are being viewed on a 24″ inch iMac monitor, not a large television. Thoughts? Japanese-snappy. Argentina-casual. Great Britain-this one is a TBD, requiring further attention. Bolivia-elegant. France-disheveled. Canada-slightly wacky motif that needed better definition

Parade of Athletes - Japan

Parade of Athletes - Japan

Parade of Athletes - Argentina

Parade of Athletes - Argentina

Parade of Athletes - The UK

Parade of Athletes - Bolivia

Parade of Athletes - Bolivia

Parade of Athletes - France

Parade of Athletes - France

Parade of Athletes - Canada

Parade of Athletes - Canada

The NY Times Olympic Blog had some fabulous fashion commentary. We don’t have pix to pick up on their critiques of certain looks, so you will simply have to watch the television tonight or go hunting on the internet if you want photographic references to their commentary.

The Lithuanian team, led by flagbearer Sarunas Jasikevicius of the basketball team, is clad in shockingly lime-green polo shirts.

While some teams look like they have wilted a bit in the heat, the Spanish team, oh so colorful in their yellow and red suits, came in waving their Panama hats to the crowd.

Spanish basketball star Pau Gasol, however, is not waving but chatting on his cell phone.

The women of Hungary’s team are unfortunately dressed in skirts and jackets that appear to have been doused in splotches of red paint.

The Cuban team, always surprisingly large for such a small country, comes in wearing khaki suits, followed shortly by Burkina Faso athletes in pointy straw hats and Burundi women wearing grass headdresses and carrying spears.

It is a small miracle those got through security.

For more commentary, all of which is simply excellent, go to Lynn Zinser’s Olympic blog at the Times online site.

It seems no one can execute ceremonial occasions on a grand scale with the precision the Chinese can, with the possible exception of the Russians. Majestic barely describes some of this, and we only saw about forty-five minutes of the event.

(Yes, that was Kung-Fu in the photo above.) As we mentioned we really only viewed perhaps forty-five minutes or so of online 4″-frame-on-the-screen video and it was dazzling. We have elected not to show you more photos, of which there are hundreds, because they really would be “spoilers” in our humble opinion, detracting from one’s spontaneous reactions to the events as they unfold on NBC’s taped broadcast this evening.

We can tell you some of our favorite tennis players were on hand:

Parade of Athletes - Roger Federer Carries Swiss Flag

Roger Federer carries the Swiss Flag

Parade of Athletes - Rafael Nadal

Parade of Athletes - Rafael Nadal

Mr. Nadal looking slightly more relaxed than he when he was swarmed by media upon arriving at the Beijing airport; such a throng formed that some referred to it a stampede.

Truly one of the most emotional images of the day, and one part of the ceremony you probably want to be sure you’re watching, is the moment when Chinese flag bearer Yao Ming enters the stadium. Because Yao leads the athletes from the host nation, they are the last in the Parade of Athletes to make their entrance.

Parade of Athletes - China

Parade of Athletes - China

It becomes immediately evident he is accompanied by a child; it turns out the child is a nine-year-old boy who saved the lives of two classmates during the killer earthquake that rocked Sichuan province a few months back. When this giant of a man (he is 7′ 6″ tall) reaches down to take the child’s hand your heart may skip a beat in wonder at the sight.

And on that extraordinary image, we will leave you for the time being.


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