Help Me Understand…. even Uber-Prep Gwyneth Paltrow is Doing This!

Because we have rarely (if ever) been accused of displaying what many call ‘Fashion Forward’ tendencies, we feel the need to debut a new Princess feature, asking for your help. “Help Me Understand” is just as it sounds: yes, TP is requesting assistance in comprehending things like the following:

HMU - Heels Gone Wrong

This question stems from an issue The Princess has been pondering for some time now: what is up with the heels? No pun intended. Honestly. The photo above is from a great article in Thursday’s Daily News by the delightful Meghan Cleary (whose blog is equally divine and well worth a peek!) entitled “Fashion-victim alert as women fall for 6-inch heels.” The story points out the obvious using Meghan’s prose accompanied by an outstanding photo gallery: The odds of toppling over increase exponentially with the height of your heels. Our only question regarding the heels is why? Please, please help us understand here at the P2 Intergalactic Headquarters. We are oh-so-baffled by this continuing trend.

BTW, London’s Daily Mail ran a piece on the same topic, only it has a singular focus: uber-prep Gwyneth Paltrow and the dizzying heels she has worn for her European PR blitz promoting her new film, Iron Man. They have fabulous photos including the one below in what the Mail says are 7-inch high platform boots. Here’s just one shot:

uber-prep Gwyneth Paltrow 7-inch Platform Heels

Our parting shot involves both the New York and London tabs – we love them. Just love them.


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2 responses to “Help Me Understand…. even Uber-Prep Gwyneth Paltrow is Doing This!

  1. Hey Prep Princess. Thanks for visiting the blog…you don’t seem to have an “about author” section…are you from Michigan or are you here already?
    Your blog is a lot of fun, def. one I will come back to.

  2. Those heels are ridiculous, beautiful but so unrealistic. I might die in some Givenchy heels, but I would probably also kill for them.

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