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Gwyneth Gets Her Prep On & Is Coach Going To Lose The Logo?

Hello-Hello and Happy Monday!

We begin with something that is generating quite a bit of buzz, Gwyneth Paltrow’s deal with Swedish retailer Lindex.


The actress is the new face for the brand’s upcoming collection, “Modern Preppy”. Three looks from the line.


This one makes perfect sense, the celebrity is frequently described in these pages as an über-prep. More on that topic from Ms. Paltrow via The Daily Mail:

‘My style is modern preppy because I grew up wearing a uniform, always starting from a preppy aesthetic and making my own twist on it.

‘I love stripes, I wear them almost every day in my life.’

As far as Lindex is concerned, here is how they describe the choice of spokeswoman:
The campaign was inspired by the sporty, relaxed lifestyle that is characteristic of USA’s East Coast gems, such as Long Island and the Hamptons, yet with a certain Scandinavian touch.
Several more styles from the upcoming collection.


Unfortunately for US shoppers Lindex delivers only to Sweden, Norway and the EU countries, the company describes itself as “Northern Europe’s leading fashion chains with about 430 stores,” they also have stores in Dubai, Russia and other areas. That’s a shame, several pieces in the line look appealing.


Our other tidbit involves Coach, a brand we have frequently lambasted occasionally chided for its abundance of logos and ubiquity. Today, Women’s Wear Daily shared news that the company is re-shaping its business.

“The accessories maker will unveil a new dual-gender collection inspired by its heritage that will become the cornerstone of its business as well as impact every other aspect of the brand, from increased price points to marketing…”

A few of the pieces in the new collection, the new Legacy Duffles.

Coach Courtesy Photos via Refinery 29

I’m betting a few friends (Miss Pretty might be at the top of the list!) will rejoice in the following story about the line new direction, via Refinery 29.

Coach’s new aesthetic direction — where the focus is more on the classic, heritage look, and less on those cheesy canvas monograms.

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.

I think this is the cheesy canvas monogram being referenced above, we show the ‘Embellished Signature C Domed Satchel’.

Via Coach Facebook Page

Back to the Refinery 29 story:

“The new leather bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, and outerwear mark a forward motion (and backward step) for the brand, which is going after a more fashion-conscious audience while looking to bring back what made Coach so successful in the first place…”

Shoes from the Legacy collection.

Coach Courtesy Photos via Refinery 29

Additional details from WWD‘s story:

“…these lighter, brighter bags not only come lined with interior pockets, but also carry a heftier price tag. Small women’s purses retail for $178, with larger tassel totes retailing for $798. The iconic new duffle will start at $348 and go up to over $1,000, depending on size and materials used

Below, two additional new styles.

Coach Courtesy Photos via Refinery 29

It seems to be a classic case of less is more. As far as this shopper is concerned, anything that prompts minimization of the logos is a step in the right direction.


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LL Bean

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G’bye until next time!


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Help Me Understand…. even Uber-Prep Gwyneth Paltrow is Doing This!

Because we have rarely (if ever) been accused of displaying what many call ‘Fashion Forward’ tendencies, we feel the need to debut a new Princess feature, asking for your help. “Help Me Understand” is just as it sounds: yes, TP is requesting assistance in comprehending things like the following:

HMU - Heels Gone Wrong

This question stems from an issue The Princess has been pondering for some time now: what is up with the heels? No pun intended. Honestly. The photo above is from a great article in Thursday’s Daily News by the delightful Meghan Cleary (whose blog is equally divine and well worth a peek!) entitled “Fashion-victim alert as women fall for 6-inch heels.” The story points out the obvious using Meghan’s prose accompanied by an outstanding photo gallery: The odds of toppling over increase exponentially with the height of your heels. Our only question regarding the heels is why? Please, please help us understand here at the P2 Intergalactic Headquarters. We are oh-so-baffled by this continuing trend.

BTW, London’s Daily Mail ran a piece on the same topic, only it has a singular focus: uber-prep Gwyneth Paltrow and the dizzying heels she has worn for her European PR blitz promoting her new film, Iron Man. They have fabulous photos including the one below in what the Mail says are 7-inch high platform boots. Here’s just one shot:

uber-prep Gwyneth Paltrow 7-inch Platform Heels

Our parting shot involves both the New York and London tabs – we love them. Just love them.


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