Don Draper Faithful? Silly Princess.

Hello-Hello and Happy Wednesday.

Sunday was an odd day here at the Prepatorium. Yours truly and The Consort attended an antique book and ephemera show, looking at things like this:

"America As It Was" via

“America As It Was” via

We’re fiends for old catalogs and posters and postcards, we’ve been known to spend hour upon endless hour a minute or two searching for treasures that might make fun gifts.

For example, a friend loves her schanuzers and scotties, so something like this would fit the bill nicely when the holidays roll around.

NoCrybabyDoGs etsy shop

NoCrybabyDoGs etsy shop

Items that speak to The Consort’s heritage also make great giftables.

PrettyPostcards etsy Shop

PrettyPostcards etsy Shop

I ended up dawdling quite a bit so we didn’t get home until late afternoon, learning the sad news about Lilly Pulitzer as soon as we walked in the door. By the time I finished cobbling together a post about Lilly it was time for the Mad Men Season 6 two-hour special.

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Frank Ockenfels/AMC


Seeing the show return to what felt like “the good old days” was a delight, the dialogue, pacing, and directing seemed much more in keeping with Seasons 1-4. Regardless of content I will always enjoy the costumes.

Via Huffington Post

Via Huffington Post

It is now 1967-1968 in the series timeline, there are Peter Pan collars and bows.

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

More from Tom and Lorenzo:

Betty is still – and probably forevermore – dressing in that conservative, mature Republican political wife drag, right down to the bow on the front of her suit. She is, after all, a package to be presented to the world.

AMC via Tom and Lorenzo

AMC via Tom and Lorenzo

For those wondering about ratings, more from HuffPo:

According to AMC, 3.4 million people tuned in to watch the “Mad Men” Season 6 premiere, which is down slightly from the Season 5 premiere that had 3.5 million.



For almost the entire two-hour première it appeared Don had stopped his philandering ways and settled down, remaining true to wife #3, Megan.

AMC via Mashable

Michael Yarish/AMC via Mashable

Silly me.

Tom and Lorenzo have the details:

He’s still drinking to excess and publicly humiliating himself, he’s still screwed up over his own mother and his stolen identity, and worst of all, he’s still cheating on his wife.

Via Huffington Post

Via Huffington Post

I should have known better.

Part of the show was set in Hawaii, and every outfit that “Megan” (Don’s wife) wore in those tropical scenes reminded me of Lilly. It was nice to see I wasn’t the only one thinking that. Sloane Crosley also makes that connection in this New York Times piece about the show:

“….while we’re still on the subject of Hawaii because every pattern she wears is derivative of or an actual dress by Lilly Pulitzer, who died on Sunday. So let’s pour out a blue drink for Ms. Pulitzer.

Perhaps the day’s events weren’t as weird as I initially thought, it seems there was legitimate linkage between Lilly and Mad Men.

PS: I remain clueless as to the origins and future (if any) of the Sandy character.


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  1. Anonymous

    ughhh I love this show. So upset with Don returning to his old ways. Also, pretty sure Sandy is Betty’s niece-in-law but I was confused too!

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