13 responses to “Does the Royal Wedding Give Us All “A Chance to Dream Again”? And Kate Middleton’s Blue Dress

  1. oh. gee. where to begin. it is all so exciting. Diana’s Ring. Wills’ words. Kate’s “stunning” dress. The Queen on Facebook. and I must have a ‘Loving Cup’. Oh this is going to be a very good year!!!
    Jennifer McIntyre

  2. Awww, I am so excited to learn of Price William’s engagement! I hope they have a wonderful marriage. My parent’s bought me a children’s book about Lady Di’s fairytale wedding when I was a little girl, I can’t believe how time flies. Price William is all grown up.

  3. I’ve been remarkably unmoved by all of this. That is until I read your last quoted paragraph. That the sons do not inherit the sorrows of the mothers. Nor the sins of their fathers, for that matter.

  4. kiki

    stellar post. i am beyond thrilled for wills and kate. will you be watching Dateline’s special on the couple airing tonight? how ’bout Prince Charles’ special on Friday? i will be glued to the tube for the next year. cannot wait for the wedding. thanks for sharing the links and take care.

  5. You know I am excited!! I just love royal weddings. I wish them all the best and her dress was fabulous.

  6. Ahhhhh! All the news I’ve been STARVED for! I’m obsessed. Completely, totally OBSESSED. Love the dress, love her, love THEM. So excited!!!

  7. Aaaah. Great post. Just what we’ve all been waiting for – right? She reminds me of Princess Di for some reason. Maybe how well she wears any kind of outfit – jeans/great, formal/great, schoolgirl/great! Kate always looks great no matter what – just like Diana did. And he adores her; you can tell. He has his mom’s heart for sure. Love, too, how he kept his mother in the big event. He had such foresight when he asked for the ring, didn’t he? He knows how wonderful his mother was. Thanks for the post! xoxo

  8. I am embarrassed to admit that I enjoy all of the circus. I will, with no small amount of shame, enjoy every detail of all the spectacle.

  9. Oh how love the royals!! Can’t wait till the wedding next year. I love Kate’s style.

  10. I’m so excited, it really is a fun way to escape. They are adorable. xoxo

  11. mona

    Very exciting news! I’m so looking forward to their wedding. Seems like just yesterday Diana became a Princess. xoxo

  12. It certainly has grown into quite the circus but sites like this and http://www.dreamroyalwedding.com keep me coming back and findings about all the happenings.

    Im happy to an addict !!

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