This One Isn’t Pretty

Hello-Hello, and greetings from the corner condo at Princess InterGalactic HQ, where we had lots of lighthearted and fun preppy newsbytes for our post.

But images from far away kept pushing out the completely inconsequential drivel yours truly had planned for today.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In the light of such devastation a ‘normal post’ seemed out of order.

It is good to know that assistance is on the way from around the world.

From China (above), and Colombia (below)…

John Vizcaino/Reuters

More are coming from the south of France…

Claude Paris/AP

… and also from Spain…

Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP

… along with Peru.

Karel Navarro/AP

US boots are on the ground in Haiti: Maurice Cain, USAF senior airman, unloads humanitarian supplies from Panama in Port-au-Prince.

Lynne Sladky/AP

Help is coming from across the country, including US Southern Command in Miami….

… and Jacksonville….

Gary B. Granger Jr./U.S. Navy photo

… from Baltimore…

Rob Carr/AP

Search and rescue teams are on their way from Los Angeles.

Lynne Sladky

New York Task Force 1, an urban search and rescue unit, is sending 80 members.

Seth Wenig/AP

Fairfax County Search & Rescue is already there.

Joe Raedle/Getty

But so much more is needed.

Gregory Bull/AP

The agony stretches as far as one can see.

Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

We realize this isn’t what readers normally come to the Princess blog for, but are exercising editorial privilege today.

If thinking about sending financial support, we can share that we have been fortunate to work with many domestic and international relief organizations during our years in TV.  Most of the news coverage with the varying groups occurred on US soil, some was overseas.

We are huge supporters of Doctors without Borders, having worked with them on multiple stories over the years. They are simply remarkable. The group was already operating three medical facilities in Haiti before the earthquake; those buildings are no longer usable.

The Consort traveled to Honduras in 1998 with International Aid after Hurricane Mitch, for a series of special reports tracking medicine purchased with money donated by viewers. We can’t say enough good things about that group.

There are also obvious choices, like the Red Cross or UNICEF.  If thinking about donating, guidance from Charity Navigator can be of immense help when selecting a specific organization. Because despite what the images show, help now on the way now is merely a small drop in a very large bucket.

With apologies for the graphic images and appreciation for your gracious tolerance, we  promise to be ‘back to normal’ tomorrow.


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19 responses to “This One Isn’t Pretty

  1. LPC

    Yours was the best coverage of this terrible event of any I have seen anywhere.

  2. Nadia

    I’m a loyal reader, and unfortunately, the devastation has directly affected me and my family. So thank you for this post. Seeing the rescue teams in action brings solace and comfort.

  3. I was given a gift certificate to be donated to someone in another country – I am going to send it to Haiti.

  4. mary anne

    I love how when tragedy strikes, so many people come to the aid of those suffering with open arms and open wallets. Good job on the coverage TPP! Your journalistic talents are evident.

  5. uncoolmom17

    Wonderful pics. Wonderful in the sense that they really show how wonderful human beings can be in times of devastation and need.

  6. What a great roundup of the actions being taken. I agree with Nadia; it feels comforting seeing the rescue teams at work.

    It feels weird that you cannot contribute with much more than monetary donations, but I guess that’s better than nothing.

  7. jackie

    Thanks for such a meaningful post. There is a time for everything. You are the ultimate Class Act. sincerely.

  8. I appreciate this post~! Thanks!

  9. What a meaningful post. It is so unbelievable what has happened to those people. My heart breaks for them.

  10. I agree with the other commenters, well done. I especially agree with Jackie about you being the ultimate Class Act.

  11. Awesome post! This is so awful. Cannot even imagine the suffering.

  12. What a great post! Thank you for all the coverage of which teams and groups are going to Haiti. It gave me goose bumps to see them all lined up and ready to help. I cried last night after listening to a report about the Naval hospital ship that they are thinking of sending, I made it through the whole report until they shared the name of the ship… It’s the USS Comfort. Something about the idea of us sending quite literally Comfort, just made me cry and cry…..

  13. Well done, as always, TP. These pictures definitely put a human face on this tragedy.

  14. I donated what I could spare today to the Red Cross. And, I tear up EVERY TIME I see the picture of that man holding his dead baby. No parent should EVER have to bury their child. So sad.

  15. Very good TP. So, so sad for these people who have so very little many times anyway. I saw on the news last night that the airport was so jammed that help couldn’t get in. Thank you. xoxo

  16. Thank you !

    Always Bumby

  17. These pictures and this tragedy break my heart. Inspiring to see so much going into relief efforts around the world.


    Thank you so much TP!
    It’s just so amazing how our world is coming together to HELP. Search and Rescue, doctors, nurses, medical assistance, military, family members and friends from all over trying to give a HELPING HAND. It’s devastating. My heart breaks when I see pictures of the elderly and children. We are praying for them.

  19. Such an important and touching post. I am trying to help in my small way by donating the proceeds from my etsy shop to the Haiti relief fund.
    My prayers go out to all those effected by this terrible devestation.

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