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The Consort’s Favorite 2011 Spring Men’s Looks

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort here skipping mikeside to amuse and confuse you as we slide into a very welcome holiday weekend.  The Princess is preparing her always popular 4th of July blog so I offered to fill in today.  I offered because I, quite frankly, am overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of men’s fashions coming to your local stores for Spring 2011.  The men in your life will be stunning and/or stunned.  Let’s start with a memorable look…

I think Spartacus wore this...

Here’s a little something from Emporio Armani that looks great poolside or just about anywhere.  I recommend applying a liberal coating of Crisco and having at it.  It makes me think of that great line from the film “Airplane”: ” So tell me, do you like gladiator movies?”  And who doesn’t?  Of course because the singlet is a classic black it can be worn confidently for evening formal affairs.

I think I can help if you’ve been looking for something to wear on casual Friday at the office.  What do you think of this look?

What is this? 1947?

I love this look from Yves Saint Laurent.  It is so retro and brings us back to post-WWII fashion.  The elegant drape of the pants and the beautiful shirt make for a remarkable  combination.  The cummerbund/girdle makes me pause.  Leopard skin will make people look twice every time.  I have to recommend that if you choose to wear a girdle you might consider wearing it inside your clothing.   There are some things we just don’t need to see.   Perhaps you’d prefer to wear a jacket in the office…

Light...airy... always comfortable

Been working out?  Have some guns you want to show off?  Here’s your outfit.  Once again Emporio Armani comes through with an outfit that is perfect in any situation.  The sheer shirt keeps you cool on the hottest summer day or in the most intense department head meeting.   The only thing missing in this look are some tattoos.  Now normally I recommend that you sport your tattoos only where a judge won’t see them in court.  But in this case you can’t go wrong.  Lawyers, wear this look in court and I guarantee you’ll have the judge thinking “Gee, that guy is a snappy dresser!”  Let me know how that works out for you.

Let’s go more casual in our next look.

Are those shin pads?

I’ve always been a bit afraid of mixing prints.  Now I know why.  This tasty combination from Walter Van Beirendonck makes me a little weak in the knees.  But that’s fine because apparently there are knee/shin pads in the pants.  This is great and I’ll be ready in case a soccer or hockey game suddenly breaks out.  The skirt allows maximum movement and flexibility.  I’m thinking this is worthy of consideration for uniforms for World Cup 2014.  Just a little modification but I’m sure our friends at Nike or Adidas can handle that.

Thom Browne is getting in on the fun, too.

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

This is a classic example of what happens when plaids collide.  But not just the plaids are making my eyes cross.  No, is that sequins I see on the jacket?  Perhaps the shiny material is, in fact, duct tape.  I’m not sure but I think Mr. Browne has done it again!  Bravo, sir!

And finally we answer the question “What happened to all those troll dolls from the 1960s?”

Remember me?

How many dolls gave up their hair...

You remember those dolls with the stubby body and long, brilliantly colored hair?  They ended up in Roberto Cavalli’s studio.  All that hair was sewn into this design and I think it works.  You can’t go wrong in this outfit.  Just imagine a light breeze rustling through your… well, hairy shirt.  Who wouldn’t want that?

But enough frivolity for now.  I must return to the more mundane tasks at hand.  I’ll leave you as I always do:  Don’t forget to take care of your waitperson because they’re working hard for you today.  Let’s close today with a little musical number from a New Jersey guy who might have a future in the music business.  Good night, everyone!

Photo credits: Imaxtree


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Unusual Sales at Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom; Shorts at J Crew, The Usual Sales at Vera Bradley, etc.

You are aware The Princess is loathe to discuss the “M” word (as you know, it’s just so crass and, well, common), but it seems that economic realities are forcing the issue, at least if we are to let you know about some unusual sales and higher-than-normal markdowns at a few of our favorite retailers. Let’s start with Brooks Brothers which has so many ‘specials’ running, it would be incredibly tedious to list them all, so here are a few highlights:

Online Only, Ending Sunday June 8 (until they extend it again…or not) markdowns to 60% Off, somewhat unusual for Brooks, LOADS of Father’s Day specials and Women’s Shoes & Handbags are 25% off.

Brooks Brothers Home Page 60% Off Online Only Sale

One quick little promotional announcement from The Preppy Princess that is also of the saving variety, a reminder to use the code BLOGDEAL to receive 10% off the PreppyPrincess.com site until June 30, including these fab aprons (can you say great hostess gift?):

Me Too Apron Teal/Chocolate Preppy Princess Meadows Apron

Over at Vera Bradley, that Sale continues as well, with 25% off Retiring Colors, and you know how quickly these can fly out the door. (Or off the site, so to speak.)

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley Capri Blue Cosmetic Purse Vera Bradley mesa Red eyeglass case

The Princess has always been partial to Capri Blue, and may snap up this little cosmetic case in that pattern. Or the Mesa Red eyeglass case? There are oodles of other sale items, including decorative accessories, lamps, and more soft goods like the microfiber lightweight luggage pieces, including this Garment Bag. There’s also tableware and stationery items, like the Citrus Loose Notes shown below.

Vera Bradley Microfiber Luggage Vera Bradley Loose Notes Citrus

One of the more unusual sales is found at Nordstrom, where there are two oddities from TP’s perspective. The first is that the Shoe Sale and Apparel Sale do not cross paths. As of now however, they do, which brings us to oddity number two, the amount of the discount or markdown: it is generally no more than 40%, but now it is 50% online & in store on select women’s apparel & shoes. More power to them. (In reality it would seem that it is more power to you and your Nordstrom card.)

J Crew Shorts sale

The J Crew Sale continues apace with one addition: selected summer shorts are 25% off, please note this is online only. Now we thought we might take this opportunity to remind everyone the J Crew sale includes their absolutely to-die-for Crewcuts line for children and the Boys and Girls sizes as well.

J Crew Crewcuts sale

Speaking about children’s clothing reminds TP that one of our favorites, Garnet Hill, is having their incredible Semi-Annual Kids’ Sale and Clearance. If you have shopped this before, then you already know. If not, then stop reading and get going, because the merchandise is better than top notch, the styles are beyond delightful and the prices are killer. There are several pages of Kids’ items below $10, always helpful for the pocketbook. Of course, The Princess is always helpless before a bucket hat, especially when it’s for a child and on sale for $6, and Alligator Sandals for Toddlers and Little Boys from ECCO are just too cute, not to mention good for their feet.

Garnet Hills Kids Bucket HatGarnet Hills Kids ECCO Alligator Sandals

Moving away from the ‘standard’ or annual/semi-annual type sale to the rather unexpected, we move to the Neiman Marcus situation. Mind you, as we write this we are not complaining whatsoever about the opportunity to save a few pennies whilst making our contribution to the bigger economic picture, not at all. We just dislike an unhealthy economic outlook from a global perspective.

In a story published in yesterday’s Dallas Morning News, CEO Burt Tansky said that business was so rough last quarter Neiman’s did some unusual things, like extending markdowns from a “One Day Only” Men’s Sale into a second day. Ouch. And he also told the paper the company is buying less Fall merchandise, somewhat unusual in and of itself. But here’s what shoppers want to know: he also told the newspaper the store will be adding more sales in upcoming months, and they are going to have to be more promotional. “More Promotional” is code for sales, or more aggressive markdowns, or both and this is sounding like both to us. At any rate, their Designer Sale is in its ‘Final Days’ at 35% off, and at the Last Call Online Clearance the bargains continue with discounts up to 65%.

Neiman marcus Designer Sale

Neiman Marcus Last Call

While we’re talking upper end department stores, how about Barneys? Yikes! This is unheard of!

Barneys New York Sale Jpg

Really. This just doesn’t happen. The Princess realizes that if you don’t have cause to follow the retail scene or shop here, this truly is one big yawn. Understood. However, it ceases to be a yawner when one gazes upon that hideous orange and realizes that Barneys is doing 40% markdowns, and then furthers gasps, saying, oh my, they’re including Men’s, Baby, Shoes, and Home! I mean, look at this darling little Malina dress for Infant Girls of some of the softest 100% cotton you will ever (I mean, ever) feel. There are some good to great deals on Men’s Zegna dress shirt, A couple of FYIs on the online sale: There is a lot of men’s merchandise, including a lot of Prada, Zegna, while we would recommend skipping the Home Gift section unless desperate as it is slim pickings – in store offerings are much better on that front from what we are hearing.

Barneys New York Malina Infant Girls Dress on sale

PRADA Degrade Ballet Flat at Barneys Sigerson Morrison Mirror Metallic Sandal

Additionally, there is a significant group of Women’s Sale Shoes, with something for everyone (trust The Princess on this), with a good number of Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Miu Miu, Lanvin (including the Satin and Flower Ballet Flat!), Marc by Marc Jacobs, CO-OP by Barneys New York, Robert Clergerie, Fendi, Chloe, Jil Sander, Derek Lam, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Michel Cazabat, Sigerson Morrison, and Henry Cuir. We show the Prada Degrade Ballet Flat way above on top, and the Sigerson Morrison Mirror Metallic Sandal, way above on bottom. Now here is what’s known as a tease: you may want to make particular note of the Sigerson Morrison sandal, as our next post will involve Sigerson Morrison and your favorite discount store. Yep. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle…um, never mind.

Essentially, everyone is having a sale, including Chanel, with their private sale running through tonight, and then their one-day public sale running tomorrow. Talbots has taken an additional 20% off their clearance merchandise online only, so click here if it tickles your fancy, although TP has found very little there of late to get excited about. Net-a-Porter continues their Spring ’08 Sale, with new reductions taken.

Ann Taylor Special Capri eal

We start to wrap up with J. Press, continuing with their sale both online and in their stores, always worth a stop, and then we have Ann Taylor with a Deal of the Week with 25% off Select Pants & Capris Online Only, as well as their ongoing Clearance with prices starting at 19.99. Ann Taylor Loft is offering 30% off select dresses & skirts online only and also 25% off maternity + free returns; use code JUNEMOM for the free returns. Also at Ann Taylor Loft their Clearance continues with new markdowns as well as other deals too numerous to mention.

That is as many as we have time for…happy hunting!


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Au Revoir Dear Yves

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”Yves St. Laurent Hommage from Website

As always here on The Planet, emotional displays are not only not acceptable, they are not done. However, that doesn’t translate into allowing a day to pass without marking the loss of a mind that was as gifted as it was fragile, and as creative as it was critical. Of course, we speak about the death of Yves St. Laurent, and we know it isn’t as though he were actively sketching designs today, coming up with another trapeze dress…

YSL Yves St. Laurent Trapeze Dress Trapeze Collection 1958

Or another line based on an artist’s work, like the Mondrian collection from 1965…

Yves St. Laurent Mondrian Collection

Or creating another incredible wedding gown like the one Claudia Schiffer is wearing from the 1997 Haute Couture Collection…

Yves. St Laurent Obit Claudia Schiffer 1997 Wedding

No, it’s not the loss of Monsieur Saint Laurent actually coming up with these brilliant ideas now, in a contemporary manner of speaking that is difficult. It’s the idea of him not being here to do it anymore that is hard. And there is such a vast distinction between the two.

If there is a wistful tone to the post, it is because there is also the notion that he was the last of the trio that defined fashion: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves St. Laurent. And when one says goodbye to the last of a group that spanned generations, a group that dressed not just TP’s mother, but grandmother as well, then you are saying “Au revoir” to something quite special, something that transcended mere apparel or accessories. Methinks The Princess is showing her age.

Yves Saint Laurent Obit

And leaving teardrops on the keyboard.


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