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Opening Ceremonies & Most Popular Polo Ralph Lauren Item?


Matt Dunham/AP

Welcome to a special Saturday edition of the Princess blog.

It was night filled with spectacular lighting and breathtaking visuals.  We gasped when the snowboarder exploded from the Olympic rings.

Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty

And adored the bear.

Jerry Lampen/Reuters

It was also a night marked by sadness.


The Georgian delegation had eight athletes competing in the games as of Friday morning.

Leon Neal

The group was only seven strong last night, and a world away a family mourns.

The sense of loss was clearly shared.

Tony Gentile/AP

And marked in several ways at the Opening Ceremony.

Mike Blake/Reuters

Perhaps the parade of nations was not as exuberant as in previous years, but the evening still held excitement and joy for many.

Some nations send large delegations, like Britain.

Amy Sancetta/AP

And Russia…

Charlie Riedel/AP

While others are not so big, like South Africa.

Amy Sancetta/AP South Africa

And Pakistan.

Mark Baker/AP

The oldest athlete led Mexico’s delegation, 51-year-old Hubertus Von Hohenlohe.

Mark Baker/AP

Bermuda’s shorts surprised…

And we loved the pants worn by the Czech Republic.

Cameron Spencer/Getty

A crowd favorite: Jamaica’s Errol Kerr.

Charlie Riedel/AP

The American delegation was welcomed warmly by our Canadian neighbors.

David Gray/Reuters

Team USA was led by Mark Grimmette.

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Mr. Grimmette is participating in his fifth Olympics, a jaw-dropping accomplishment.

The NY Times was live-blogging the event; here is a snippet from Inside the Rings, a NY Times Olympic blog:

“A huge roar from the crowd came as the United States delegation walked in, looking dapper in red jackets and white pants from Ralph Lauren. Mark Grimmette, a luge athlete, is waving the American flag as he leads the group. — Juliet Macur”

David J. Phillip/AP

“But this year, the march was a little more decorous, if still joyful — although a few still snapped some souvenir shots…. American officials have worked in recent years to instill in the athletes a sense of dignity of the moment. — Katie Thomas”

Snowboarder Shaun White reveled in the moment.

Sandra Behne/Bongarts/Getty

As did fellow snowboarder Kelly Clarkson.

John Gichigi/AP

The Polo Ralph Lauren uniforms looked good.

Jamie Squire/Getty

Right down to the boots.

Chris O'Meara/AP

For those interested in the Team USA opening ceremony uniforms, a reminder that most of the components are available for purchase at the Polo Ralph Lauren site, in Women’s, Men’s, Girl’s and Boy’s sizing.

Fair warning: it appears one of the most popular items may be sold out.

Polo Ralph Lauren

The Fair Isle Knit Hat is no longer on the PRL website but everything else seems to be available. If interested in purchasing what our athletes will wear in the closing ceremonies, sooner might be better than later. Below, the Shawl Collar Cardigan.

Polo Ralph Lauren

For more on the uniforms, click here to see our post detailing the designs.  The PRL site is loaded with other Olympic content, including athlete profiles.

As tradition dictates, the last team into the stadium is the Host nation.

David Gray/Reuters

The Canadian team was a sea of red, greeted with an enormous ovation.  Their uniforms are created by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Courtesy Hudson's Bay Company

Waiting to enter the arena.

John Gichigi/Pool/Reuters

Growing up across the river from Canada afforded us the luxury of visiting regularly; multiple excursions later in life to Toronto, Montreal and other parts of the country have sown a deep respect and affection for our neighbors to the north.

David J. Phillip/AP

Last night only enhanced these perceptions.

Seeing #99 with the torch was splendid.

And that little mechanical crisis hiccup detracted not at all from the evening.

Jae C. Hong/AP

From beginning to end…

David Gray/AP

It was a night to remember.


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