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Too Many Celebrity Lines? And That Pesky Ralph Lauren Lawsuit

Hello-Hello and greetings from the corner condo here at Princess InterGalactic HQ!

We begin today with a question for our treasured readers: does a celebrity’s association with a brand impact your buying decisions for that brand?

We ask because of the high volume of recent news regarding ‘stars’ doing clothing, accessory, and jewelry lines. Such involvement varies wildly, from work on design and creation of a line to merely licensing the use of one’s name and likeness.  One of this week’s examples involve Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line for Asprey.

Dave Hogan/Getty Images via WWD

Officially debuting this week, the line is called ‘The Protector’. Below, two pieces from the collection.

Courtesy Photo

All pieces in the group showcase a snake motif. Including the sterling baby spoon.

Courtesy photo via WWD

The collection’s arrival comes in tandem with the company’s continued efforts at refining its product line, image and financial performance.  While this particular line is most assuredly not our style, we have long admired the Asprey tradition and commitment to quality.

Courtesy photo via WWD

One can’t quibble with how money made through sales of the line will be used, all proceeds are going to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict; Ms. Jolie co-founded the organization.

Also, word today that Alicia Keys is also diving into the jewelry business, with ‘The Barber’s Daughters’ collection launching Monday.

Courtesy photo via WWD

The designer is seen above with Gisèle Theriault, who cofounded the new line with the talented singer. Below, a piece from the collection.

Courtesy photo via WWD

We don’t generally purchase brands because of a celebrity’s association with a product. In reality we think many preps are disinclined to purchase something if they believe a publicity-seeking star is associated with it, it’s just not done.  (And if ever we should be in the hunt for new jewelry pieces, we are more inclined to visit a smaller, independent artist, like Miss Wendy.)

There’s no reason why we elected to delve into this topic, multiple mentions of all these new lines must have triggered the Crankenstein lurking inside. Hhhmmm.


Moving on, a recent story on the Cityfile site updates the continued Polo Ralph Lauren / US Polo Association spat.

“Since the mid-1980s, Ralph Lauren has been doing his damndest to prevent the U.S. Polo Association from marketing products bearing a horse-and-rider logo. It’s a case that has taken the two sides to court on numerous occasions over the past 25 years, with Lauren suffering a stinging defeat in 2005…”

Photoillustration Courtesy Cityfile

The story explains the latest todo:

“It seem the U.S. Polo Association has decided to branch out into fragrances—and plans to stamp its polo logo on the bottles, naturally—a move that Lauren isn’t all that jazzed about, not surprisingly.”

Below left, the USPA’s logo, and on the right, the Polo Ralph Lauren logo.

As always, we post, you ponder. Indeed.


We have an update to yesterday’s post regarding the scantily-clad Leighton Meester.  Here is what the young actress/singer changed into for her performance:

Albert Michael/startraksphoto

It seems Ms. Meester also added some hair to her look.

There you have it.


In our ongoing Sales & Savings category, Lands’ End offers the following:

And Tory Burch is also deep discounts right now:


It would be inappropriate to let the day pass without mentioning a SOTT (Sign Of The Times), the end of an era really: JC Penney has printed their last ‘Big Book’ catalog.

Courtesy JC Penney

We close with one of the cutest accessories we have seen in a long time, the Bow Hair Pin from Kate Spade.

Courtesy Kate Spade

There is also a Bow Ring.

Courtesy Kate Spade

Ms. Spade also offers a solution to the ‘where’s the mistletoe?” dilemma (you know, that dilemma) with this item:

Courtesy Kate Spade

These three items are some of the cutest holiday goodies we have seen yet.

With that, it is g’bye until next time!


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