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The Mascara Wars Round 3, **Today Only** (Kind of…Sort of…)

Happy-happy & hubba-hubba. It is The Princess back with you, once again thanking The Princess Consort for his wit, wisdom & wisecracks as contained in yesterday’s post.

We must be fast and furious as our primary topic contains a “Today Only” element that would be rather pointless to read about at midnight or later. So here we are with Chapter Three of The Mascara Wars, ohmygoodnesscanyoufeelthetensioniamsoexcitedicanhardlystandit! Indeed.

Without further ado, we present for your oohing and aahing pleasure Lancome‘s entry in what is fast becoming a crowded cosmetic Smackdown, the Lancôme Oscillation mascara.

Have we all recovered from the excitement? Then we’ll go into a few details for you on this pre-launch launch… or would this be a micro-launch? A nano-launch? A non-launch launch? We’ll just go with the pre-launch and leave it at that.

If you want to be the first girl on your block to have the latest and greatest, but need to see it to believe it, you can acquire the mascara at a few select emporia:

• Atlanta: Macy’s at the Lenox Square Mall
• Orange County: The Lancôme Boutique at the Brea Mall
• Costa Mesa: Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza
• Chicago: Macy’s on State Street and Bon-Ton at the Yorktown Mall
• Dallas: Dillard’s and the Lancôme Boutique at NorthPark Center
• Houston: Neiman Marcus at the Galleria
• Miami: Macy’s at the Dadeland Mall
• Manhattan: Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s Herald Square, and the Lancôme boutique on Columbus Avenue
• San Francisco: Macy’s Union Square
• San Jose: The Lancôme Boutique at the Valley Fair Mall
• Short Hills: The Lancôme Boutique at the Short Hills Mall

Actually, TP finds this to be a lovely list of sites for retail therapy. (On the West Coast we must admit partiality to South Coast Plaza, it’s simply divine.) Forget the mascara, go early and go often for relaxation, a healthy stroll at a fast clip, lunch, tea, whatnot!

If those locations aren’t convenient you can still purchase the oscillating wonder online at Sephora, or at the Lancome Online Mother Ship. Regardless of where you buy it, the price is $34. This is available today only, July 31, 2009. The mascara does not return to the internet or stores until November or later. Here is Sephora’s note on the topic:

For this premiere a limited quantity will be available while supplies last. If you’ve missed this sneak preview, please sign up below and we’ll notify you of the Lancôme mascara revolution in December 2008.

Now as a refresher course in the first two rounds of this little tempest, we had both of our previous entrants launch their opening salvos on July 25, just last week. Those two participants are Chanel with its non-vibrating or non-powered, other than by your hand and fingers, Exceptionnel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara priced at $28.

Then there was/is Estee Lauder, with the Electric Vibrating Turbolash “…turn on the power and feel the buzz…,” reasonably priced (if it works for you) at $30, once they have it back in stock. It sold out in hours. Hhmm…. either a substantial number of us *simply must have* the latest thing, or an equally enormous number of us believe if it moves, we groove. Or something.

So there you have it. Three are in, two battery-powered, one out of stock, it’s just all so much to keep track of; it’s time to have the sosch (social secretary, god lover her) help me keep it all straight. BTW, TP is not referring to this as a serious “Limited Edition,” for it is not. We’ll be back later to talk about this increasingly popular and increasingly erroneous use of the term in the fashion world. (Oooooohhhh, do you sense a Princess rant impassioned plea for sanity in the next 24 hours? We do.

We’ll toddle along now. It’s possible we may succumb to the Lancome.


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