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Mad for Plaid: Summer 2011 Version

Hello-Hello, welcome to the start of a new week.

We are once again brief, beginning with a look at something the folks at FabSugar put together, a look at one of our favorite fabrics entitled “Why Madras is Perfect to Wear Right Now“.

“As far as prints go, madras has earned its stripes as a preppier staple. It makes us think of New England Summers and looks fresh and seasonal on our button-downs, bikinis, and even sneakers.”

The story offers several items in the material, including this J. Crew jacket and this A.P.C. Dress.

Also featured in the piece, the Converse Madras sneakers and a Rugby ‘Erin’ Bikini.

The FabSugar story made us think about how much we do love this textile, and we went off on a search for more. Of course it is an exceptionally good time to add to your plaid collection, many retailers have discounted summer goods significantly. Below left we show the J. Crew Boys Shirt in Teal Madras (was $48, now $29.99), on the right we have a men’s Button Down in Eureka Madras (originally $69, now $49.99).

LL Bean also has some bargains to offer, including this Meetinghouse Plaid Skirt, almost 50% off at $29.99. (Although the cut of the skirt will not be flattering on everyone.)

Back to the gentlemen again, Macy’s offers the Izod Madras Shorts at $34.99 (left), the Nautica Madras on the right are also on sale at Macy’s, now $39.99.

Although we don’t generally think of madras as being pastel, the girls’ sun-faded Jacket and Bermuda Shorts really do look cute, and both are on sale.

Because the ladies seem to get short-shrift when it comes to madras apparel and accessories (notwithstanding specialty boutiques like Cape Madras and Just Madras), your trusty scribe is tempted to buy one of the men’s classic Short Sleeve Madras Shirts at Lands’ End.

There are some cute things at Kohl’s, like the Chaps Plaid Sundress for infant girls, now $16, it was originally $32.

Also darling for your little darling, the Sophie Rose Sundress at $12 from $24, this is from Kohl’s as well.

The Woven Pajama Shorts for Juniors at Kohl’s come in a wonderful array of vibrant colors and plaids, they are now on sale for $7.99.

6pm (Zappo’s discount site) has some madras shoes, including the Vineyard Vines Flip Flops (for men or women) at $31.50 (approximately 30% off MSRP) and the men’s Ralph Lauren Lander.

Because we can’t help ourselves, we share a few more things that could look very cute on your Princess, the Ralph Lauren Madras Top (on sale at Saks for $20.99) and the Juicy Couture Sundress (remarkably free of logos, color us amazed), not on sale at Saks, priced at $98. (Ahem.)

Finally, the perfect gift for yourself, or someone else, the personalized Madras Postage Stamps at Neimans.

Neiman Marcus

They are pricey, $45 for twenty .49¢ stamps, but they are mighty cute as well.


We leave you with a mention of an upcoming ‘style standoff’ (double ahem) at flash sale site Gilt.com, Wednesday’s ‘Preppy vs. Edgy’ event.

"Preppy vs. Edgy" at Gilt.com

We bring it up only because there will be some bargains with a preppish slant, including needlepoint belts by Tucker Blair.

Gilt Groupe

(We also admit to thinking the timing is perfect, Wednesday is the Consort’s birthday (shhh) and he did have a few ‘edgy’ traits at one time, especially when he was riding his Harley.)

With that we say goodbye until Wednesday!


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Not Your Granny’s Talbots & Lilly in Lavender… ?

Hello-Hello and welcome to a very green (and pink, natch) St. Patrick’s Day here at the Prepatorium!

It’s another busy day, we start with something that is not green, but lavender.  Actually, it’s chatter about a myriad of colors in this AP story on flowers as inspiration for fashion designers. We hear from several of our favorite brands in the story, including Lilly design director Janie Schoenborn. And while many of us think of these colors when hearing the words ‘Lilly Pulitzer’…

… the color discussed in the story is lavender, or orchid.

“Coming from a long line of gardeners – her father has a degree in landscape design, mom has a traditional English garden and Aunt Molly’s specialty is tropicals – Schoenborn is trying to keep up the tradition with lilacs and syringas.

So far, she hasn’t done a lilac print for Lilly Pulitzer, but a shade of lavender was just added to the label’s palette so it probably won’t be long until she tries one.”

Here is the Shere Wrap in lavender.

Lilly Pulitzer

While the color may not exactly pop in this photo, we’re guessing any upcoming lilac prints will be more than pretty. But then, we have always liked this color.  The story explains that spring is a “floral bonanza” at Lilly, no surprise for most readers. What might we expect to see in the future?

“We don’t always do an exact replica of a flower. Right now we have an abstract orchid. There’s a Queen Anne’s lace that we hadn’t done but will have for summer. … We don’t discriminate against any flowers, but we like ‘pretty’ so no cactuses, but we’ll even do lemon and lime blossoms.”

We are fond of the Jungle Orchid print, to name only one Lilly pattern with a touch of lavender.


The story also offers the floral perspective of Michael Smaldone, creative director at Talbots‘:

“”I’m a pink guy, but my favourite flower is an orange poppy,” says Smaldone. “I love how they’re both wild – with ugly leaves and hairy stems – and have a beautiful delicate flower.”

Below we see the Floral Bouquet Pencil Skirt (L) and the Peonies Print Skirt.

More about Mr. Smaldone’s designs at Talbots:

“He turned to a brush-stroke floral print for Talbots’ spring line, though, because he thought that approach was very optimistic – something the fashion world needs right now.

Two more florals from Talbots, the Linen Sundress in Cherry Blossom (L) and a Silk Dress (R) with a flower we cannot identify.

We expect the feature story will land in many local newspaper style and magazine sections within the next week, but if eager to read it now, we found it on the Winnipeg Free Press site.


As we are speaking of Talbots, we thought a quick glance at the retailer’s fall line might be intriguing, albeit in an abstract way.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

Mr. Smaldone’s perspective is also cited in this WWD story on the company:

““The brand lost its relevance,” said Smaldone…”

We are guessing many readers concur with that sentiment. But we admit being taken aback to see the store described as “your grandmother’s Talbots,” by the company’s chief marketing officer, Lori Wagner.  (We were merely off by a generation, presuming the retailer was thinking more along the “not your mother’s Talbots” line.) Below we show more pieces from the fall collection.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

Described as ‘country club chic’, the collection is also said to be more on trend without being offensive:

“… as much as Talbots wants to take a more stylish stance, it does not want to alienate its loyal customer base, which Wagner describes as fortysomething women who are partial to American sportswear.”

This is one of those times when one hopes for the best while remaining somewhat skeptical, a result of the company’s not-so-distant forays into bizarre styles and shoddy quality. We have been more than pleased with recent purchases and are happy to see Talbots charting a healthier course.


Also today, good news for those fond of Sperry Top-sider and needlepoint accessory firm Tucker Blair.  Those two companies are collaborating on special-edition products to help promote Sperry’s new retail stores. From today’s story in WWD:

Tucker Blair will produce special-edition needlepoint belts for Sperry’s seven stores that are rolling out this year, including logo and Jolly Roger patterns.

A very savvy marketing move IOHO.  (Is it just us, or do we need to make a ‘collaborations’ category for all of these goings-on?)


We close with a tease for tomorrow’s post, simply saying it involves our biggest giveaway ever (multiple winners, oh my!) with goodies like this…


And this:


Oh yes indeedy, this one will be fun.

On that happy note, we leave you with a picture of our girl out and about in the Princessmobile last week, enjoying the notion of spring and days spent lounging in the sun.


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More Preppy Sales & Discounts: Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Polo Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Tucker Blair

Hello and Happy Friday!

The deep markdowns continue at most of the prep-friendly stores TP is fond of, so we want to do a quick update before the special offers expire.

We start with the Kate Spade Friends and Family Sale, offering 30% off everything in the store now through Dec. 8th. Use promo code HOLKSFF08 at checkout to receive the discount.

Kate Spade & Jack Spade

Kate Spade & Jack Spade

With merchandise like the Gesture heel already 50% off the original selling price of $298 (now $149), how can one resist? (One can’t, really, not when looking at that bow!)

Kate Spade

Kate Spade


Jack Spade is also offering 30% off merchandise; use the code HOLJSFF08. This sale also concludes the 8th.

Jack Spade

Jack Spade

The always-fabulous Vineyard Vines is taking 20% off all merchandise through Dec. 9th.

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines

To receive this discount at the Vines use promo code THANKS08 at checkout.

Another Princess favorite, Tory Burch, has bargains throughout the online Sale section of the store. Bargains abound, including the Graeme Flat in two colorways, now selling at $206, about 1/3 off its original selling price of $295.

TORBUR_MAY 12_SL_33476

Tory Burch Graeme Flat

Tory Burch is also providing free shipping through midnight on Sunday, Dec. 7th; no code is needed for this promotion.

However, a code is needed for the Tory Burch ‘Gift Giving Sale’ that discounts select merchandise by 20%.  The ‘select’ merchandise includes the Slim Card Case as well as the Foldable Cosmetic Case.

tburchslimcardcaseTORBUR_33566_SL_JULY 7_9

If one is seeking an excellent gift this holiday season, the Tucker Blair sale is not to be missed.  Everything on the site is 50% off through December 24.

Tucker Blair

Tucker Blair

Their needlepoint belts are simply luscious, not to mention the headbands, also handcrafted needlepoint treasures.  (TP is wondering why this particular headband makes her think of the one and only Third Coast Preppy…?)  To receive the discount use promo code HOLIDAY08

Tucker Blair

Tucker Blair

Another preppy stalwart, Brooks Brothers, is offering 20% off a purchase totaling $300 or more.  While Brooks will need to take far more aggressive discounts to be competitive with their peers, this does represent a savings, and is certainly nothing to scoff at in this economy.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers

J. Crew continues their markdowns, now taking 20% off purchases totaling $150 or more.

J. Crew

J. Crew

If practicing fiscal austerity this season, the discount can be very appealing with merchandise like the Taffeta A-Line Skirt at $59.99, originally selling at $138. This could be darling when paired with the Cashmere V-Neck Tee, now $99.99.


Use the code GIFTS at checkout for the Crew discount.

Not to be left behind, Boden USA is doing 10% off everything with free shipping and free returns.

Boden USA

Boden USA

We wrap things up with the Friends and Family sale at Polo Ralph Lauren, providing 30% off with the promo code HOL2008.

As always,  happy hunting and an even happier weekend!


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