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St. John Launches a New Line, Runway to Change & Those Timmy Woods Political Purses

Hello-Hello and happy day! The Princess was delighted to learn today that St. John is launching a new line.

“SoCa” will hit stores in November. Aimed at a younger, hipper customer it will primarily feature a contemporary casual collection. St. John says the new line will be operated entirely separately from the existing brand. In fact, there are actually going to be separate freestanding SoCa stores, with the earliest opening in California at South Coast Plaza (in Orange County, one of TP’s Top Five Shopping Destinations) and in Palm Desert.

TP considers this is a sharp move by St. John; it will help the continued recovery from previous missteps the company made in trying to reach a younger demo. This line is targeting women aged 35-55 and is a clear departure from the company’s signature brand.

Here’s a bit more specific information from today’s WWD story:

“The line also will be available in 125 stores and displayed alongside brands such as Tory Burch and M Missoni in Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. Retail prices range from $195 to $295 for tops and pants, and $395 to $695 for jackets and dresses.”

With the exception of the shorts and sequins above left (it just looks a bit…um… well, it looks a little ‘tarty’ for our taste) the pieces are solid, but also edgier, exactly what the doctor ordered to help in recovering the audience driven off by St. John’s previous efforts in this arena. Muffy Martini may want to check her social calendar for November 14th; the line will be part of a a charity fashion show benifiting Music for the Cure in Laguna Beach.

This announcement about the new brand comes on the heels of the launch of St. John’s renovated website. The rehabbed style is vastly improved in appearance and ease of use; it has what is called a “seamless link” to the Neiman-Marcus online store providing the site’s backbone for the time being.

Next year St. John will launch its own e-commerce site with a substantial social networking component. Things to look forward to!

As many of you are no doubt aware, TP has made, and will continue to make, every effort to keep partisan politics out of this ever-so-humble blogging endeavor. However, when appropriate events dictate we have, and will, feature relevant content, like today’s Runway to Change. As has been evident throughout the summer, the Obama camp has outmaneuvered the McCain-Palin ticket on mobilizing some of the fashion industry.

Designed by Tracy Reese

Designed by Tracy Reese

Readers may have seen some of these, as the official kick off for the effort was during New York Fashion Week. Runway to Change is a fundraising endeavor (well, “duh” as the younger generation is wont to say) selling items created by notable designers supporting the Obama-Biden ticket. The most publicized tee is probably the Tracy Reese design seen above, with a close-up of the logo below.

At the launch party many commented on the Nanette Lepore Hope Anchor tee with attached pin, below.

Designed by Nanette Lepore

Juicy Couture’s “Dude, Where’s The Hope?” was a crowd favorite at the party.

. Designed by Juicy Couture

Designed by Juicy Couture

Derek Lam’s Obama Flower Tote Bag has been a strong seller…

Designed by Derek Lam

Designed by Derek Lam

Along with Diane Von Furstenberg’s Obama 08 Love Tote

Designed by Diane von Furstenberg

Designed by Diane von Furstenberg

On the Republican side of the aisle there has not been an effort with this level of creativity or cache. There is a broad selection of tees, caps and the like, such as this Students for McCain tee….

Or this one, with “John McCain is my Facebook Friend” on the front and on the back it simply says  “Seriously.”

One thing we like about the McCain-Palin store is the following:

Which is a surprise for TP, but we do appreciate the technicalities being spelled out.

“This store is operated by an independent, for-profit company. Proceeds from sales of merchandise do not benefit, and should not be considered a contribution to the John McCain 2008 campaign.”

There is also an Eco-Friendly product category.

Of course, if one seeks a more noteworthy and distinctive style statement, there is always the Barack Obama inspired purse, as created by the renowned Timmy Woods.

According to the website, the Obama bag is a ‘Limited Edition” of 100 and was added to the Woods Collection in late August. You remember Timmy Woods…the Sex and the City movie? The Eiffel Tower bag? Nordstrom has it, but only in the clutch or wristlet version which we have not yet seen in person. It is shown on the Woods website in a version covered with 6,300 Swarovski Crystals.

Well, she has also come up with the Democratic bag at $325…

Or the Republican Bag, also at $325.

If you don’t want to wear your vote on your sleeve, there is always the Flag II bag

The chances one would you ever spot The Princess carrying one of these are slim and none; none is actually looking good as of this writing. However, *if* forced to name one as a favorite, we would select the following, because after all, we are all about the love. This is the Bipartisan Bag, at $315.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a redacted version of the original post, corrected to reflect a gender error on our part.


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Gossip Girls Update, Carrie’s Sex in the City Purse, & The SATC Quotes Tote

NY Mag Gossip Girls cover story

If you want to get an inside scoop on Gossip Girls, run to the nearest newstand and grab this week’s issue of New York magazine. Declaring G2 the “Best. Show. Ever.” on its cover, the story is loaded with details on off-screen romances (or lack thereof,) discussions about who is or isn’t gay, and reasoning for its cover declaration about the show.

NY Magazine Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls shot

Once inside the magazine, the feature is actually titled “The Genius of Gossip Girl” with a subhead “How a wunderkind producer, seven tabloid-ready stars, an army of bloggers, and a nation of texting tweenagers are changing the way we watch television.” The Princess recommends this one as a “must read” for reasons we won’t bore you with. (Let’s just say that after our 17 year television career we still love some of the basic theory, y-a-w-n!) Generally TP’s issue arrives in the mailbox today or perhaps Tuesday, but in this case we read the entire story on NYM’s website. You will enjoy it too – whether it’s online or by hard copy; it ‘s simply Prepalicious!


Timmy Woods Eiffel Yower Bag

Perhaps you have all seen this already and we are relaying the obvious. (Gosh no, the Princess a tad late jumping on a hot fashion or cultural trend?! Moi? Duh!) At any rate, we saw these photos of the Eiffel Tower bag as worn by ‘Carrie’ in the new SATC movie that’s been filming in New York. It’s another Timmy Woods Beverly Hills creation in all its glory, the Eiffel Tower Bag with roughly 6300 Swarovski crystals. According to Mr. Wood’s website, the bag is worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in some of the film’s opening scenes. It’s only $2750, so we ask, how could you miss? Should that seem a bit over the top, there is also a non-crystal Eiffel Tower style, same lines and idea, just no Swarovski crystals, and a lower price tag of $415. If you adore this style of bag you absolutely must visit Timmy’s site – he has bags shaped like everything from your lovable Lab to peace symbols, Santa Claus and much more. OF course if you are looking for something Sex and the City that’s more casual, HBO is selling a tote covered in SATC quotes.

HBO SATC Quote Tote

Photo Credits:
NY Magazine Gossip Girls story: Jessica Dimmock
Eiffel Tower Bag: TimmyWoods.com
HBO Quote Tote: HBO.com

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