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The New Tiffany Concept Store, Luxury Magazines Update


Most readers have struggled with the challenge of shopping at upscale jewelry boutiques, in particular the inability to pick up an item and examine it more closely unless assisted by an employee.  And for those who prefer looking at things sans a sales associate, the new Tiffany is a dream come true.

Located in the Americana at Brand complex in Glendale (if the name sounds familiar we did a little preview before the shopping/condo complex opened), the shop showcases a new concept store for the company – the items are not locked away or inaccessible.  As an article in Monday’s edition of WWD explains:

“… a comfortable, airy environment meant to exemplify the opposite of buttoned-down selling. Customers are encouraged to try on the jewelry, with entry and middle price points ranging from $80 to $42,000 and averaging $200 to $5,000. Engagement rings and statement pieces, the steepest-priced category, aren’t available.

Jewelry is openly exhibited on mountings, under glass that’s not fully enclosed and in drawers that customers are invited to open. “What it becomes is an evolution of the jewelry box,” said Canavan.”

Tyler Boye

PHOTO: Tyler Boye

According to the story, Tiffany even considered re-naming the store something other than the standard Tiffany; it was referred to within the company as “collection store.”

PHOTO:Tyler Boye

TP has noticed some new additions in the catalog, like the Elsa Peretti bangle bracelets.


We just know that Muffy Martini, with her finger on the pulse of all things shopping and style in SoCal, will be able to provide us with an update on the store in the not-too-distant-future. And it goes without saying that she will also be able to tell us about the new St. John store that just opened.

Courtesy St. John

PHOTO: Courtesy St. John

You may recall our earlier post showcasing some of the merchandise for the new St. John concept store. Located at the fabulous South Coast Plaza, the store is actually called St. John SoCa.  Here is the Colorblock Stretch Cotton Dress at Nordstrom.

The second ‘SoCa’ store will be in Palm Desert, but merchandise landed in most stores on Friday.  Retailers expected to carry the line include Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. Below, the Beaded Jersey Shell, also at Nordstrom.


Is the current economic situation a challenge for magazines that cover high end and luxury brands? According to Folio magazine:

“While they aren’t recession-proof, necessarily, the super luxury segment tends not to take as big a hit in tough economic times as other magazines do.”

But apparently there is a rumor the ultra-lux Robb Report is about to sold.

Robb Report

Robb Report

However, word today that 02138, the magazine targeted at Harvard alumni, is folding. (The number is the school’s zip code.)

The magazine’s publisher, Manhattan Media, released a statement Friday:

“Manhattan Media has decided to suspend publication of 02138…. the current economic environment has made it too difficult to proceed at this time… “

According to a story in the Yale Daily News, Manhattan Media planned to expand upon the 02138 concept:

“The publisher of 02138, Manhattan Media, had hoped to start a similar magazine at Yale, but the idea has now been suspended indefinitely …”

And finally, a few quick updates from our ongoing efforts to keep wise shoppers to date on markdowns and sales. First, the Neiman’s sale continues:

Even Frette, one of the great luxury brands, is having a sale on their lush linen offerings.

Also, the good folks at ShopBop are thinking of your pocketbook!

In fact, today’s Pretty in Pink photo we share the Coconut Lips tote by Tory Burch, now on sale in a shocking pink cotton canvas print.

The wacky print of two-tone lips and large logo combine to make this one a bit over the top for us, but it is fun nonetheless for one more youthful and relaxed in outlook.


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