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Cartier & Saks Light Up, Ultimate Preppy Girl’s Christmas Sweater

Hello busy blog friends!  We’ll simply share a few ‘quick hits’ today as we are off shortly for an all-afternoon volunteer shift.

In a Pretty in Pink special we just fell onto this darling sweater at Best Dressed Child.  Are you ready for the full name of this sweater? Meet the Glorimont Girls Hot Pink Preppy Christmas Trees Cardigan.

The sweater is available in toddler sizes, and imagine this: the trees are removable so it can be worn much longer than most holiday-themed clothing! Bets of all, it is on sale for only $27, marked down from $54.

Best Dressed Child

Best Dressed Child

If seeking something special for the young master of the household, how is the Glorimont Boys Green Check Longall?

Here at the Prepatorium, we are simply ga-ga over the vintage station wagon that adorns this little outfit.

If the name of the shop sounds familiar, it is one of the retailers TP suggested readers check with if hoping to buy the Biscotti Precious Jewels Christmas Dress worn by Malia Obama on election night.  (If still desirous for information on the Biscotti dress and/or the Gerson & Gerson dress worn by Sasha Obama, click here.)

Fun, fun, fun last night as Tory Burch helped Saks turn on the holiday lights for the season at their Fifth Avenue store.

Scott Gries/Getty

PHOTO: Scott Gries/Getty

The designer along is seen with her two boys at last night’s annual Snowflake Spectacular and window unveiling, accompanied by designer Zac Posen.

Also unveiled to the public yesterday, the Cartier windows. A rotund fellow named Santa was assisted by Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos in unveiling the windows.

Peter Kramer/AP

PHOTO: Peter Kramer/AP

All of the excitement is a good reminder for us to remind you about entering the Great Preppy Giveaway contest, with free goodies from PreppyPrincess.com! Just leave a comment on this or any post and tell us something you are grateful for…that’s it! You’re in!

Here is a sampling from a few we have already received:

Jessica at the oh-so-fun Gifting Gumshoe shares:

“I am thankful for my wonderful husband, family, friends and sweet Shar-Pei, Gilligan!”

From Amanda:

“I am thankful that my 87 year old grandmother is still alive and kicking and that I get to see her in January.”

And the irrepressible McMommy wrote:

“I’m not gonna lie to you, Princess….. I am thankful for my vino every evening.

I love, love, love this giveaway!!!!!!! You have no idea how much I’ve been craving a new apron!! I’m hoping and praying I win!”

We have learned what Brooks Brothers is planning for Black Friday: 15% off all purchases, and we are told this even includes Black Fleece items from TP’s favorite designer, Thom Browne.

If seeking substantial markdowns, we recommend heading over to the Brooks’ website to look at the Black Fleece merchandise currently on sale, as there is quite a bit. For example, the Women’s Cashmere Morning Coat that was $2900 is now $840, and the Men’s Cashmere/Cotton Canvas Reversible Coat is discounted by almost 75%, now $1050 from the original selling price of $3500.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more on J. Crew’s situation and the rest of the Black Friday information.  (We are receiving so many inquiries about J. Crew or Banana Republic Black Friday info that is currently posted, just click here if you need it.)

Until later!


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Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Kate Spade & J.Crew Sales, Black Friday Ads Already!

What a bright and sunny day we are enjoying here at the prepatorium. It is just bliss.

Regular readers know of the continuing coverage (that’s an understatement) this column has dedicated to the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Collection, and its designer, Thom Browne. There has been much speculation about the company opening a store dedicated to this part of the brand exclusively, and now the good folks over at The Life Vicarious shed a little light on the matter in a recent post:

Courtesy The Life Vicarious

Courtesy The Life Vicarious

Barely visible in the photo is the sign that says “Opening Fall 2008.” The blog also shares:

“… it only makes sense we check-in and follow-up on Black Fleece Bleecker Street. We’re pretty proud of our track record of not being wrong yet on breaking food and shopping news, but how long it takes for validation sometimes! We don’t know what’s going on inside here, but the first signs of life are finally showing and as we promised, they’re still predicting a fall opening.”

Since we are talking about Brooks Brothers, a reminder:

And since we are doing reminders, Lord and Taylor is doing their part to help shoppers out with their Friends and Family sale, underway today through Sunday.

And really, who can resist a Radley ‘Tear Away Mer‘ portrait handbag at L&T when it is on sale?

Not to be forgotten, Garnet Hill is also sharing some love, with their oh-so-snuggly Paintbrush Flannel sheets on sale….

As well as merchandise throughout the store with their October Sale.

The Kate SpadeFriends and Family’ sale gets underway today with 25% off everything in the store with the exception of merchandise already on sale. TP is beginning to feel like she suddenly has quite a lot of friends and family members.

The J. Crew Fall Sale continues…

Not be left out, Polo Ralph Lauren has added more items to their sale.

TP is always happy to see Saks in on the activity with their sale.

Also today, we continue helping to protect your pocketbook this holiday season; we thought it wise to share the news that the Black Friday website is up and active. The site acquires copies for ads that will run starting the day after Thanksgiving. In an online story about the site from Sign On San Diego, there is already information on the Ralph Lauren sale:

“A link on the BFAds site connects to Ralph Lauren’s site, where shoppers are invited to “join us after your Thanksgiving dinner” to get 20 percent off purchases of $150 or more at its outlet stores, most of which will open at the stroke of midnight.”

The story also notes:

“But the deals could come sooner than Black Friday.”

“According to BFAds, several retailers “have mentioned that they will be having competitively priced sales in the weeks before Black Friday. It looks like, once again, some of the best deals this year may be had before the doors even open on November 28th.”

In the Sydney Morning Herald this week a story a story in the Executive Style column posits that “Menswear is having an aristocratic moment,” according to reporter Rachel Wells.

“…classic menswear looks inspired by the English upper classes have flitted in and out of fashion. Of course, there are some sub-cultures – think of England’s Sloane Rangers and America’s preppy set – who have always looked to the aristocracy for fashion cues. And designers such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Paul Smith have built multibillion-dollar businesses on these classic looks.”

The article continues:

“After several seasons of skinny silhouettes, the return to aristocratic looks – complete with structured blazers, chunky knits, textured tweeds and wide-legged trousers that add bulk to the frame – comes as a somewhat seismic, not to mention, surprising, shift. Aristocratic style for the threadbare?”

An intriguing theory.

Next, everyone knows The Princess is more than obsessed interested in needlepoint. Doing it.  Looking at it.  Sitting on it and holding it. Therefore, we share news about an exquisite exhibition, Brigid Berlin, Needlepoint, now open at the John McWhinnie Gallery.  Many of the pillows in the show are from Ms. Berlin’s ‘Breaking News’ series.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Ms. Berlin was actually raised as quite the Prep.  As the brochure for the exhibit describes her background:

“Though raised in elite social circles, Berlin became a self-described “troublemaker” and spent most of her life reacting against, and sending up, the social conventions of her youth.  She met Andy Warhol in 1964 and was soon drawn into the downtown social set centered at the Factory. Berlin became a member of Warhol’s inner circle and a personal confidante.”

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

The show runs through November 22nd.

Back later!


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Victoria’s Secret Pink Preppy Blazer, Thom Browne Show. Oh Dear….

Hello-hello and aren’t we dragging into the end of the week almost?!

We start with the much sought after blazer seen on model Chanel Iman (No, she is not supermodel Iman’s daughter, and aren’t we dopey for thinking she was!) several times this week: the Victoria’s Secret Pink® Prep Blazer, seen here in the ‘Preppy Navy’ colorway. It is also available in Heather Gray with navy trim; both are made of a cotton/polyester blend, the jacket is sized XS-L.

Although someone at our advanced age couldn’t possibly wear it, the blazer looks über-cute and we know so many of you would look darling wearing this.

We do have good news for Bloomies fans, with word of several new store openings. Bloomingdales is opening three of its little Mini-Bloomies as we call them, modeled after the SoHo store, but officially referred to in the snooze news release as SoHo-type stores. The lucky locales getting the new stores? Southern California of course, where the old Macy’s at Santa Monica Place will be relaunched as a new Bloomingdale’s, but also TP’s most favorite of places in this country, Georgetown.

Folks at Santa Monica Place are trying overhaul the mall, and we’re just not sure if it will embrace an upscale luxury shopping mecca. Perhaps our intrepid correspondents, like Miss Muffy Martini or the delightful Kate at Nautical by Nature can enlighten us, as we haven’t been there for several years. The existing Bloomingdale’s store there closes next February, and they’ll get to work on creating the new store. The good folks in the PR department are also counting the to-be-remodeled-and-expanded Westfield Valley emporium as a ‘new’ store. (That’s what we call “PR Math.”)

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Westfield

And there is also the new Neiman’s that just opened in the valley at Westfield Topanga (seen above, this one is actually on the site of an old Nordies!), plus the new Nordstorm that just opened at the Oaks. My, one could shop until they drop! But then there is this….

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

And this…

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Yes, these are as they appear, photos from the most bizarre showing at Fashion Week thus far into the runway shows. This is something The Princess doesn’t even know how to describe, menswear designer Thom Browne’s showing of his Spring 2009 Collection.

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Regular readers know of our fondness for fashion writer extraordinaire Suzy Menkes; here we share some of her comments in yesterday’s story critiquing the show:

“The kindest thing to say about Thom Browne‘s menswear collection, which opened with hunky guys in polo shirts traced with blood red and knee-high socks patterned with tennis rackets, is that he let Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray go to his head.”

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Ms. Menkes goes on to say:

“But Browne’s collection, fueled by his role as creative designer for the classic men’s store Brooks Brothers, seems to be more a shriek for a shrink than a coherent vision of a new man with a newly filled closet.”

Ms. Menkes’ column adds this final note:

“Was there anything to covet in this mix of overwrought tailoring, where a check shorts suit is decked out with formal shirt and necktie? Broken into individual pieces, a sharply cut blazer (even decorated with tennis racket emblems) was appealing. But most of this tennis court inspiration was far too literal to seem anything but a cry for a psych from a designer who could contribute so much to dressing the peacock male.”

The look generating the most comments was the tutu, as seen below. We found the expression on the model’s face most revealing; inside he must be saying “It’s a show, this is only a show, it’s not my closet.”

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

We found some insight in the Q&A session with Mr. Browne that Women’s Wear Daily posted:

Will we see guys in bridal tulle walking down the street?
I don’t know! It’s just fantasy.

How much of the show is wearable?
Eighty percent of what you see is what people are sold and what people will buy.

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

So jackets with tutus are the wave of the future?
The shape of the jacket without the tutu under it is most certainly a new shape that works really well.

When you sell it in stores, does it have a tutu?
I sell it both ways. It’s removable.

Thom Browne Spring Collection 2009

Thom Browne Spring Collection 2009

You had pants being worn hip-hop style with the boxers showing. How did the pants stay up?
They’re buttoned to the boxer. They’re sold that way … It’s a whole take on how kids wear their trousers down here. I always wondered how they kept it up, so I wanted to figure a way how I could give that to my guy.

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

Thom Browne Spring 2009 Collection

FRankly, we think the Thom Browne’s Men’s Tutu will become as ubiquitous as the Maria Sharapova Tuxedo dress for Wimbledon. Remember that one? Presumably some of this look will be carried over to Mr. Browne’s Spring & Summer 2009 collections for Brooks Brothers. Some of this aesthetic is evident in the Fall 2008 Black Fleece Collections for Women and Men currently in stores and also on line. Below, a few of this Fall’s looks for Men.

Some of the pieces in both Men and Womenswear are simply stunning and appear to be fabulous invetsments for the walk-in. But there are also many that will most likely be on sale at some point before the end of the year. Below, a few looks from the Black Fleece Women’s group this fall.

Last year’s pieces are on sale now, almost all with major markdowns in price.  Heaven knows what we’ll see from Mr. Browne for women come next Spring, but we will require the presence of another adult as we too terrified to look at it all alone…who knows what we’ll see!

Do tune in tomorrow for an early look at the Ralph Lauren Menwear Collection for Spring 2009. In our most humble of opinions you will like what you see.

EDITOR. NOTE: This version of the post has a corrected version of the first paragraph, rewritten to accurately reflect Chanel Iman’s biographical info.


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Happy Preppy 4th! The Coolest 4th of July Wedding Cake!


Thomas Paine

July 4th Fireworks over the Potomac

July 4th Fireworks over the Potomac


Simone de Beauvoir

July 4th Fireworks Spectacular Hollywood Bowl

July 4th Fireworks Spectacular Hollywood Bowl

Remember the post where we referenced Love Story to say “I’m sorry” to Thom Browne and Brooks Brothers (about the Black Fleece thing from way back) and used a lame photo of the book cover? It was really The Princess at her tackiest; we didn’t even use the original cover, ours was from a reprinted edition. Honestly. Think how much better it would have been if we had only known to use this completely and totally TDF cookie from the Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia!

Love Story Cookie

Love Story Cookie

The fabulous 4th cake you see up top is also from this divine establishment, an absolute masterpiece by Zoë Lukas, a wedding cake created for two actors who play Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross in Old Town Philadelphia. And for those who just have to know (like yours truly) the top two tiers are chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, and the bottom tier is vanilla buttermilk cake with lemon buttercream (the applied decorations are paper.) As TP is frequently wont to say, how cool is that? You can also see see Zoë’s fine hand in these incredible cookie maps of London and Paris.

If you would like to feast your eyes on more of Zoe’s incredible creations, just click this Sweets by Zoë link to view her Flickr photos. Now Fair Warning: these are so luscious you’ll be bug-eyed; there are rumors about people who stared too long at the yummies they actually started gnawing on their keyboards. True story.

We leave you with this incredible photo from the Grucci Family. We have been fortunate enough to experience their work a number of times; they are also artists and masters of their craft.

State of Liberty Fireworks

State of Liberty Fireworks


Moshe Dayan

Happy Freedom 4th!


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Brooks Brothers & Thom Browne Decision, & First Look at Ralph Lauren US Open Collection

Love Story Book Cover

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Those old enough to remember the 1970 film Love Story will surely remember that classic line; those not familiar with the movie must take our word that this is actually one of the ultimate ‘preppy films,’ with a plot revolving around a Radcliffe music student (Ali MacGraw) and a Harvard Law student (Ryan O’Neal) named Oliver Barrett IV. How’s that for a character’s pedigree, at least in a movie?

Brooks Bros Black Fleece Embroidered Knee High Socks

Black Fleece Brooks Bros Women\'s Navy BeltBlack Fleece Brooks Borthers Women\'s Spectator shoes

At any rate, The Princess begs to differ with this insipid statement, for the time has come that she must stand up tall, reach up to re-adjust the tiara, and say loudly and clearly for all to hear: “I am sorry. I was wrong” to designer Thom Browne and retailer Brooks Brothers. There you have it. ‘My bad’ as is said these days, I believe…?

Brooks Brothers Logo

For those not familiar with the saga, Thom Browne is a gifted fashion designer, a professional with many years in the industry and far too many honors and awards to mention. Mr. Browne is also the first individual retained by Brooks Brothers to be a ‘Guest Designer,’ asked to create a Collection for the company’s upscale Black Fleece line. As Brooks’ agreement with Mr. Browne was nearing its end, we did a little speculating in a post back on June 5th that the arrangement would not be renewed and the two entities would part company. This is where we were quite mistaken, with word today that Brooks and Mr. Browne have not only renewed their agreement, Mr. Browne will be with the firm through the Spring 2011 season. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa and congratulations to both parties!

Brooks Brothers Fleece IMage

In fact the company is so pleased with the micro-brand’s performance they are moving ahead with plans to open a freestanding Black Fleece store! Woo-hoo! (Calm yourself Princess.) As seen in the artist’s renderings below, this will be a new stand-alone Black Fleece shop in Greenwich Village!

Brooks Bros New Black Fleece Space

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

Now just to be clear, we do stand by our comments regarding Mr. Browne’s design taste and talents as detailed in our May 29th post entitled “When Preppy Goes Wrong (How Thom Browne Helps Brooks Brothers Make the Cut)”. If you missed that particular day’s mindless meanderings thoughts on the topic, we were far kinder in our comments about the Women’s Collection than we were when discussing Mr. Browne’s designs for the Men’s line. Oddly (or not, knowing TP), this is completely out of step with actual sales numbers, which were lower than projected in Women’s, and higher in Men’s. Below, a few reasons why we find positive signs on the Ladies’ side of the store:

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Button Back Tennis Skirt

brooks brothers Black Fleece Cricket Sweater

On the left we show a Black Fleece Women’s Button Back skirt and on the right the women’s Cricket Sweater, both of which we find to be quite fetching, although we would throw up a question here: how does the Black Fleece ‘Cricket Sweater’ differ from the Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collection Cricket sweaters? (We show those below.)

Polo Ralph Lauren Linen Cricket Sweater

Ralph Lauren Polo Wimbledon Cricket Sweater

We raise the issue acknowledging that when approaching this from a classic design perspective, there is little room for substantive alteration to the original. It just struck us as odd here at the Prepatorium; perhaps a simple case of too many tennis/cricket sweaters!

Also seen in this post, way, way, way up top we show a few Black Fleece women’s accessories: a pair of Knee-High Embroidered socks, a Navy Leather Belt, and a pair of Women’s Wingtip Spectators, all of which happen to be on SALE!

Since we have dragged Ralph Lauren into the conversation we’ll just move ahead with some early photos of the US Open Collection, available sometime in July, possibly as soon as tomorrow. All of the pieces are Limited Edition (ahem) items; most are constructed of very high-tech fabric that is just fabulous. Our ‘ahem’ is aimed at the ‘Limited Edition’ notion. I mean really…hhmm. We’ll do everyone a favor and slug back a Prozac Latte and save this topic for another day, but honestly… (Imagine the alltime big-big-biggety-biggest sigh ever heard being sighed here at the office. The weight of the world is on the shoulders of one small, old, Logophobic, cranky Princess. Imagine that sigh being sighed again. Sigh.)

Polo Ralph Lauren US Open Lineswoman Polo

US OPen Polo Ralph Lauren Lineswoman Polo

US Open Lineswoman Polo

Above we show the US Open Lineswoman Polo in stretch microfiber.

Now just below is the Official limited-edition US Open Ball Girl Skirt

RLX Ralph Lauren Tennis US Open Ball Girl SkirtPolo Ralph Lauren Ball Girl Skirt US Open

RLX Tennis Ralph Lauren US Open Ball Girl Polo

Ralph Lauren RLX Tennis US Open Ball Girl Polo

And finally we show the Official Limited Edition US Open Avondale Track Jacket, described as being made of “soft cotton jersey, knit with a hint of stretch for ease of movement on the court.”

Ralph Lauren RLX Tennis US Open Avondale Jacket RLX Tennis Ralph Lauren Official limited-edition US Open Avondale Jacket

And for trivia fans wondering about that insipid line in Love Story, it was actually spoken twice;

once by Jennifer when Oliver is about to apologise to her for his anger. It is also spoken by Oliver to his father when his father says “I’m sorry” after hearing of Jennifer’s death


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