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Social Climbers, Polished Preppy, New Tory Burch Eyeglass Line

Hello-Hello everyone….

With Mother Nature dictating TP spend more time inside than out, we thought we might solicit input on a few books to see if any of our cherished readers recommend them.  We’ll start with Social Climbers:

This is the first novel from author Beth Dunn, described on the book’s cover this way:

“Beth Dunn grew up and attended Etiquette school on Philadelphia’s Main Line. At 18, she’d changed from a private girl’s school uniform into a debutante ball gown.”

“Sick of cliques, cruelties and mean girls grown up, Beth Dunn was motivated to write about them.”

The book is self-published through AuthorHouse.  Ms. Dunn has two blogs, Social Climbers, dedicated to promoting the book, and then what looks like a more personal site, Social Climbers Blog. The first shares a good bit of information on the book, chapter titles, tips on being a social climber, etc. Has anyone read this one yet? Is it time well spent?

Our other inquiry involves a book released several years ago, Fashionistas.  Reading the news that a movie based on the book is now confirmed, we were  reminded we never read it!


With everyone still bundled up in their warmest clothing, comments on this look for Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick caught our eye:

Photo Source: US Weekly

“Ed is wearing a gorgeous Italian Cashmere over coat over his suit. He exudes confidence and has a great sense of authority.  The black gloves are of course more for function than style but he manages to really make the look flow.  His pink shirt and tie offer a burst of color which really compliments the grey.  He should have incorporated his trademark scarf with this look, though this is still one look to gossip about.”

That philosophy comes via PhatGuru, a site probably much too cool for TP!

Speaking of places far too hip for The Princess, retailer Aeropostale has teamed up with DoSomething.org for this year’s Teens for Jeans campaign.

The marketing whizzes working behind the scenes managed to get Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford to be the face of the campaign. Here is how it works:

“Just drop off any pair of your gently worn jeans to any Aéropostale store between January 26th and February 22nd and we’ll make sure they get donated to a local homeless shelter or charity. To say thanks, Aéropostale will give you an additional 25% off your next pair of jeans.”


We have news today that teen singing star Taylor Swift is launching her own line of clothing.  WWD reports in this story that Ms. Taylor has signed an agreement to do a collection of sundresses.

“The result is a one-season collection of colorful cotton spring dresses called L.E.I. Sundresses by Taylor Swift, shipping to Wal-Mart stores on Feb. 1.”

Talaya Centeno

Photo: Talaya Centeno

The sundress is a signature look for the star, worn frequently onstage and in videos.  The sundresses will come in three styles, all priced at $14, bound to be a hit with shoppers.  Not TP’s look, but we are so fond of Ms. Swift, and find her so talented, we just had to mention the story.


Tory Burch fans will be no doubt be pleased to learn the designer is launching an eyewear collection. This tidbit also comes via WWD (in this story), with retail price points running $145-$190.  The line will include prescription frames and sunglasses. Ms. Burch explains some of her reasoning in planning a launch at this point in her brand’s lifecycle:

“I feel people are drawn to accessories now in general, and it’s a category we want to continue to evolve and develop,” Burch said. “With what’s going on in the economy, it’s something new and exciting and it’s opening at a specific price point that will be accessible. Plus eyewear is an easy way to update a look.”


We’ll close with two pink items, the first an exercise in “When Pink Goes Wrong,” from French designer Romain Kremer’s runway show.

We really can’t say anything that will add to your viewing experience, so there you have it.  However, on a “Pretty in Pink” possibility for you, we offer the MSI Microstar Windbook:

MSI Microstar Windbook in Pink

MSI Microstar Windbook in Pink

Not only is this available in a splendid pink, it is only $430 at J&R online. And while we are all about the iMac and Apple products here at the Palace, when it comes to electronics we have long stated it is also all about the cute factor.

Grins and giggles!


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