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She Was Our Silly Tilly Girl

Frequent readers know that we generally eschew posts of a personal nature, but today we make an exception, for we said goodbye to our Silly Tilly.  She made so many friends over the years we thought we would share some of our favorite memories.

It all started when The Consort was a wee young man, 7 or 8 years of age, and he saw a bulldog named Helen; apparently he loudly proclaimed “I am going to have a dog just like that.”  It took a few years (ahem), but back in 2006 when we said goodbye to Phred, our giant schnauzer, we decided it was “now or never” if we wanted to bring a bullie into the mix. Because we had been blessed with ‘good pet karma’ over the years we decided to go with a rescued bulldog; after we were interviewed and approved by West Michigan Bulldog Rescue we were able to bring Tilly home. This is the first photo I ever took of Tilly, it was her second day here at the Prepatorium. At this point she looked rather…noble.

September 2006

Unfortunately Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat thought she was finally going to be Queen of the Hop.  But, once she accepted her reduced status the two were willing to give each other some space, here they are on Day Two.

September 2006

Here is Tilly on Day Three. Yes, yours truly insisted on making a snappy bed, only Marimekko and blue flannel would do. (Because she would know about Marimekko.)

September 2006

She liked to sleep. A lot.

September 2006

She appointed herself to the local Neighborhood Watch team.

September 2006

It was evident that Tilly hadn’t had the medical care she needed, the first surgery she had was for an eye condition. She was stoic in donning the satellite dish.

September 2006

On multiple occasions (and in multiple styles) the poor thing was in the Cone Zone.

Unknown Date

Tilly was exceptionally tolerant of our harebrained schemes of the oddities perpetrated by humans, like the notion she needed to sport a Yale sweatshirt.

February 2007

She really wasn’t in favor of supporting the local University’s Veterinary College by personally participating in the annual dog wash.

April 2007

She was overheard saying, “Sure, it’s all fun and games until someone gets wet.”

But she reveled in the occasional spa day.

March 2007

It was evident Tilly had been abused. Severely. She was hand shy, obviously afraid she was going to be struck by any hand or other object coming near her face. But she was sweet and never, ever aggressive, just terrified to the point it made your heart hurt to see her cowering. We think this was why she felt safer under her blue binky.

Unknown Date

As soon as we gave Tilly the old bedspread for extra padding under her bed (or so we thought) she started finding a way to drape herself in it, wrap all around her.

Unknown Date

It was clearly Tilly’s safe place, but sometimes all you could see was the Tilly tongue.

Unknown Date

Like almost all bulldogs Tilly had serious health issues. In addition to the eye surgery (and many other surgeries) she had severe allergies. We spent a great deal of time at the MSU Small Animal Clinic trying to determine what triggered the skin problems.  Ultimately Tilly was put on a diet of fresh ostrich and sweet potatoes. The ostrich was flown in three times a week (don’t even ask how it smelled when being cooked). Tilly loved it when we made her sweet potatoes (mashed into her ostrich, and fries for snacking), licking the beaters was her very. favorite. thing.

January 2009

Tilly’s next most favorite thing was going for a ride, nothing excited her like being asked “Do you want to go for a ride?”

Unknown Date

She loved being in a vehicle.

Unknown Car

Anything with wheels and she was deliriously happy.

Unknown Date

She was forever climbing into open trucks of any and every kind, she just invited herself on board.

Unknown Date

Sometimes she was a bit of a devil dog, once she knew she was in her forever home Tilly could be a scamp. Here is one of her “Hah, hah, hah, I’m too cute to punish” looks.

December 2007

And here is one of her “Tilly is not amused” stares. (This one might offer a glimpse as to why we would occasionally say “oh look, it’s the devil in her blue dress come to visit!”)

Unknown Date

Much to everyone’s surprise Tilly loved to run, we called her the ‘amazing, flying Tilly’.

Unknown Date

No matter the season, she would take off in a dead run.

February 2007

It was like she was the Forrest Gump of bulldogs.

April 2012

And Tilly loved her yoga, she was the queen of downward facing dog.

Unknown Date

But more than anything she was an optimist.

Unknown Date

In Tillyland it was always a sunny day.

Unknown Date

Even as she became older (no one knew how old she was, but her arthritis was so bad portions of her spine were fused together), Tilly was smiling. She always believed there would be more food.

Unknown Date

More friends to make.

March 2007

More fun to have.

And we will miss her so.


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Ralph Lauren Olympic Uniforms Unveiled, Adventures in Argyle

We are more than ready for a day’s dose of Friday Fun, we thought we would start with the Team USA Olympic uniforms unveiled this week.

Ralph Lauren Courtesy Photos

We have already seen what Olympic and Paralympic team members will wear in the Olympic Village, but these are for the dressier closing ceremonies, not quite as formal as the Opening Ceremonies, but a notch above the Village uniforms. Here is how the Ralph Lauren designs are described at BlackBook:
…the American fashion designer opted for crisp monochromatic white in breezy silhouettes that would work just as well in the Hamptons.

For women, the look features a white button-down with both the team and classic RL Big Pony logos on the chest, paired with a flowing midi skirt cinched with a striped belt. Men will wear a cotton shirt emblazoned with the aforementioned logos, along with white pleated slacks fastened by a striped silk belt. Dapper.

Dapper is a good descriptor.

Jeff Zelevansky for USOC via Inside the Biz

Above you see more of the Ralph Lauren styles on Team USA athletes, the group was on the Today show yesterday as part of the Road to London celebration, the closing ceremony uniforms can be seen on the far right.

Below, a better look at the just-unveiled styles. The term “Gatsbyesque” also comes to mind.

Peter Kramer/NBC Today Show via Selectism

Here is how Vanity Fair described the look:

Wonderful news for sports fans, sartorial enthusiasts, and those elegant and careful enough for white clothing: Ralph Lauren, official outfitter of the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic team attire, unveiled sketches of this summer’s closing ceremony ensembles for the London Games.

They’re comprised of “luxe white cotton sport shirts” and a skirt/pleated white trousers, each held up with a necktie-silk “sporty repp-stripe” belt in red, white, and blue, and paired with matching scarf (unseen) tied at the neck, according to the fashion house.

As a refresher, here is what athletes, coaches and other Team members will wear in the Olympic Village.

Polo Ralph Lauren Courtesy Images

Some may remember the 2008 uniforms for both the opening and closing ceremonies, we showcased them in this post.

Via Guest of a Guest

Coincidentally (cough-cough), Ralph Lauren launched its direct-to-consumer marketing of the Olympic merchandise yesterday  As much as yours truly engages in whineathons of epic proportions on the topic of Mr. Lauren’s logo occasionally chides the company, we must admit some of the styles are wonderful. In particular, this one is sure to peak the Cute-o-Meter in the red zone.

Polo Ralph Lauren Infant Tank Dress

That is the Olympic Tank Dress for Infants, and it couldn’t be any more darling. How precious is that hat? (Sadly, it does not come with the dress.)

There are official Team USA items in almost every merchandise category, we will take a more in-depth look at the offerings at some point in the future. We’ll leave the topic for now with the Polo Ralph Lauren limited edition pins.

Polo Ralph Lauren

All three pin styles are available now, they are $10. There is a nifty 1-minute video on the Polo Ralph Lauren site as well, if feeling a little blasé about the upcoming events, this will get your blood moving.

Polo Ralph Lauren Website


We share another sports-themed tidbit, this one involving golf apparel.

Loudmouth Golf

If guessing Loudmouth Golf, you are correct. We hadn’t shared any of their looks lately (speaking of Olympics, remember these Loudmouth pants on the Norwegian men?!), and thought these would definitely qualify as an Adventure in Argyle.

Some may remember the brand hurtling into the limelight when worn by golfer John Daly, the line has certainly expanded since Mr. Daly was first spotted in the company’s blinding vivid apparel.

Loudmouth Golf

Below we see Mr. Daly and other Loudmouth fans in Augusta at the Masters just a few weeks ago. (To see an amazing story about seven Swiss golfers who love Loudmouth *and* the Masters, click here to visit the Augusta Chronicle’s story on the Flying Swiss Golfers’ Club.)

Via Loudmouth Golf Facebook Page

In fact, Loudmouth actually has an Olympic presence, below we see Team USA athlete Steven “SteveO” VanderWerp at yesterday’s Road to London event, he is in a Loudmouth hoodie.

Loudmouth Golf Facebook Page

It has been such a long time since we visited the Loudmouth site, we didn’t realize they were now making Kids’ clothing for the course.

Loudmouth Golf

There are Boys and Girls choices for those interested in a… well, let’s just say those interested in making a vibrant style statement.

Loudmouth Golf


Finally today, we leave you with something near and dear to our iceberg of a heart.

The Prepatorium

That is Silly Tilly on the left and Tiny Tilly (there’s a word we’ve never used in relationship to Tilly before) on the right, an amazing gift from a dear friend.  The remarkable likeness was created by gifted artisan and sculptor David Lynn of Nova Blue Studio Arts, LLC (or here on Facebook).

Nova Blue Studio Arts, LLC

Mr. Lynn outdid himself on the details, they are perfect, right down to Tilly’s pink and green harness. (He worked from photos our friend provided him.)

Tilly’s Mini Me

While this has nary a link to anything preppish, it does put a smile on our face, we thought it fit under the Friday Fun umbrella. (And we thought it might make you smile too.)

Have a splendid weekend!


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