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Exactly what did Vice-President Cheney Buy at Nordstrom at Tyson’s Corner? Also, Andy Roddick’s Latest Lacoste Look.

Hello-hello and happy Thursday…The Princess is finding herself ever-so-glad it is the Thursday before a holiday weekend.

Let’s start with more news about politicians and their wardrobes, more specifically higher-end suits being chosen by those running for office, and those about to leave office. We have news just in to Intergalactic Headquarters of the Preppy Princess: we have learned that Vice-President Dick Cheney did some shopping at Nordstrom last Tuesday. For suits. He bought them off the rack and he bought American, thank you very much. Upscale, understated elegance by Hickey Freeman.

Hart Schaffner Marx

Hickey Freeman 'Madison' Suit

As it turns out, Mr. Cheney didn’t buy just one suit; he bought five of them, all five of them off the rack, and all by Hickey Freeman. The Vice-President selected the Madison model in gray, shown above; a two-button, single breasted suit in 100% Lora Piana Tasmanian wool, a fabric we are familiar with that is simply TDF. To. Die. For. What a marvelous choice by the Vice President.

Some of you may remember our story from last Saturday with the scoop that Senator Obama was being fitted for a navy Hart Schaffner Marx suit, and we wondered if it might be ‘The Suit’ he would wear for his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Sen. Obama Hart Schaffner Marx

Hart Schaffner Marx

As it turns out, TP guessed correctly at precisely which model most resembled the suit likely to be picked by Senator Obama, as shown above; as his was bespoke, or custom made, the photo only serves as an approximation. And as we mentioned in Saturday’s post, the Senator was making a wise choice; Hart Schaffner Marx is not only an American company, it is a Chicago-based firm. Both the Senator and his wife Michelle are wearing apparel this week from Chicago-area companies. And as any politician knows, when running for office one does want to be attired in clothing that says “Made in the USA.”

Chicago Tribune photo by Bonnie Trafelet

Chicago Tribune photo by Bonnie Trafelet, June 2008

For those not familiar with the two companies, they are actually ‘siblings,’ both owned by ‘parent’ company Hartmarx. So in a sense, Vice President Cheney and Senator Obama have the same taste in business attire! Who’d a thunk?!

Not so fast little Miss Princess.

For openers, the Senator’s navy blue power suit is a much more contemporary look, essentially an Italian cut, hugging the silhouette more closely. Another distinction? Mr. Cheney’s suits are off the rack; Mr. Obama’s suit was custom tailored specifically for him. One similarity? When it comes to cost, they are both about the same price. The Senator’s suit would run approximately $1500 at a store like Nordstrom, according to HartMarx spokesperson Lisa Wells, and the online price we found for the Vice President’s selection is $1395, so they are within $100 of each other.

Photo REUTERS/Mike Segar

Photo REUTERS/Mike Segar

There is also some distinction is size. Senator Obama is a 40 Long with a Size 33 waist while Vice President Cheney is a 44 Regular. But here’s the big news: the tailor at the Nordstrom store at Tyson’s told our source that a year ago the Vice President was a Size 48! Evidently dropping from a 48 down to a 40 is roughly a 40 pound loss, so it would seem that someone has been doing *extremely* well on their diet! Perhaps that should have been our headline: Vice President Loses 40 Pounds!

We think not. But it is an excellent selection by both gentlemen. Many a prep has grown up in Hickey; it is the oldest tailored clothing company in the country.

Enough on that topic, don’t you think? (Until we feel the need to address it again, of course.)

Let us contemplate an always interesting topic: the US Open and tennis fashions. For starters we begin with something not designed by one of the big sporting goods companies. It’s actually the creation of what we believe many term a “supermodel,” Heidi Klum. The Heidi Klum US Open Tee Shirt is bright and vibrant, and better yet, it is made of 100% organic cotton and it’s for a good cause. Proceeds from sales of the tee go to the USTA’s (US Tennis Association) efforts to take care of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, home to the Open.

Let’s talk about this latest Andy Roddick look from Lacoste. Historically whatever Mr. Roddick wears at the Open sells out within days, but TP wonders how popular a zip-front shirt will be to men.

However one likes it or doesn’t, Mr. Roddick has won his matches at the Open, including his first round match against of Fabrice Santoro of France as fiancee Brooklyn Decker watched.

Then we have Roger Federer’s look, truly an interesting style, or more accurately, color.

Photos courtesy US Open

Photos courtesy Getty Images

To the Princess, it looks like chocolate! But that is probably just wishful thinking. A rather muddy ensemble it seems… what do you think? Perhaps it will look better in the morning.


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Inside Story on the Candidate’s Suit, Bobbi Brown’s Plans in Denver & Other Style Stars

This just in to Princess HQ from a source deep inside Hart Schaffner & Marx: details on at least one well-tailored suit we can expect to see on The Presumptive Nominee as the race for the Presidency intensifies. And the word is we’re talking about one of those wonderful worsted wool 2-button suits from Hart Schaffner and Marx. The color? Why, it’s navy blue. You know, the navy blue that is oh-so-friendly-to-TV-cameras? Precisely that color. It would make perfect sense for Senator Obama to go with HSM; they are an American company and their headquarters are still in Chicago unless we’re mistaken.


Now, we were told only that such a suit is being made and, that after many canceled appointments for fittings apparently things worked out in such a fashion that the Hart Schaffner Marx tailoring folks were able to connect with the Senator, perhaps as a result of the candidate finally being home in Chicago. No retail stores were involved, this was handled strictly between the Senator’s staff and the people at Hart Schaffner and Marx.

Here is an example only of the basic Hart Schaffner Marx Navy Worsted Suit in the 2-Button style as shown on their web site. And loathe as we are to discuss anything to do with the ‘M’ word, as it is simply so uncouth, we accept that the question will be asked and rather than making things difficult for everyone, it is easier to say the suit shown in the photo below retails today at $695.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, The Princess Consort has more than one version of the HSM 2-button suit like the one shown, one in the navy and another in the charcoal pin stripe. TP thinks there are more, quite a few more in fact than just the two cited, he vehemently denies it, and we’ll leave it at that. However, both do agree one would do well to have at least one (if not several) of these in the walk-in, as they are simply divine, of superb quality and outstanding craftsmanship. And, as you already know the cost, you can see that they are *extremely* economical.

Now is it the model shown above that is being tailored for the Senator? We have absolutely no idea. There is one other Navy Blue suit on the Hart Schaffner Marx website, and it is a 2-button worsted wool, but it is a style we presume to be a summer weight, as it is on sale. It was also $695 but is now $486.50, quite an opportunity should you be in the market! The case is easily made that if this were to be worn in Illinois, oh say…today, that summer weight is ideal. Or that if one were considering wearing it in a place like, oh, Denver next week, their climate is summer-like, quite warm indeed, and a suit of this weight would be more than acceptable, it would be stylish. (But one can’t be too stylish you know, that’s not good either.)

So there you have all that TP can currently share about the inner machinations of one of America’s finest tailored clothing houses, and their role in helping a Presidential candidate look his best. As soon as we receive any updates, we promise to let you know. (The Princess can almost hear it now, “….I come to you today….in a suit made right here in America… in my home state of Illinois…made by American men and women… working men and women…”)

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown will also be in Denver, serving as a delegate with the New Jersey delegation. Ms. Brown hosted two fundraisers for the presumptive nominee and was asked by NJ Gov. John Corzine to serve as part of the delegation. In a story reported by WWD online, Ms. Brown shares more about of her thoughts about the Senator:

“I was an early Barack supporter and I’ve done Michelle’s makeup,” said Brown in a telephone interview from her Montclair, N.J., home, adding that her oldest son will be a page at the convention. “Barack is incredibly smart and he is the guy who will make the changes that need to be made.”

WWD also reports that in addition to providing Bobbi Brown samples to every Democratic delegate when they check into their rooms, all delegates are invited to the Bobbi Brown counter at the Nordstrom at Park Meadows shopping center. TP can attest to Park Meadows being a fine locale for cosmetics, Nordies, or just about any little thing you might need. It isn’t exactly close to all the happenings downtown, but then, everybody needs a break from the convention every now and again.


  • Sen. Obama: REUTERS/Jim Young
  • Suits: HSM
  • Bobbi Brown: Courtesy photo

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