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J. Crew’s Exclusive Tennies, Preppy Sales Continue

Happy day to everyone, as we all continue making our way through the week. Here at the Prepatorium we are grateful to be careening toward the end of February!

We start today with a look at the delightfully cute Jack Purcells made exclusively for J. Crew by the designing minds at Converse.

PHOTO: Courtesy J. Crew via High Snobiety

PHOTO: Courtesy J. Crew via High Snobiety

The sneakers are in the distressed material currently popular, and they are available online and at the Liquor Store in blue as well as white.  This is unisex sizing again, women are advised to order 1-1/2 sizes smaller than their normal size.

Some readers may be familiar with the Converse One Star collection at Target.  An FYI, many of the Converse pieces are marked down significantly, like the Men’s Track Jacket, Originally $34.99 and now priced at $13.99.

Courtesy Target

Courtesy Target

We thought the Toddler Girl’s Oxford Pink was cute. (It is not on sale, still at its $17.99 price point.)

Courtesy Target

Courtesy Target

Polo Ralph Lauren continues to promote their Last Chance Sale, touting “Up to 75% Off” original prices.  The Women’s Skinny-Fit Polo is now $49.99, a markdown of about 33%.

There are scads of wonderful bargains to be found at Ralph Lauren in every line, including the Home collection.

Tommy Hilfiger still has substantial amounts of merchandise at 75% off, and the markdowns also continue at Brooks Brothers.

Speaking of sales and clearances, J. Crew’s “Final Sale” is offering “free shipping” to those spending $100 or more online; the coupon code is SHOPNOW.  This promotion runs through Thursday, the 19th.


Forbes Online reports on the latest survey detailing “America’s Most Popular Stores” and the news is basically positive, with increases in the Customer Satisfaction Index for many retailers.  Where do shoppers like buying the most? Nordstrom maintains its ranking in first place, with Kohl’s close behind.  Below, a few more stores and comments from the story:

Target was flat, neither scoring higher or lower than last year.

Wal-Mart moved up on the scale, scoring a 72.

“The reason Wal-Mart appears so low in the index, despite its current financial success, is because it is a pure price competitor, Fornell says. While price does play a role in customer satisfaction, shoppers are happier snagging an item they really want along with an enjoyable shopping experience. “Many of the customers who frequent the discounter would not be doing so if they had a bigger wallet,” Fornell says.

What stores dropped in their scores? Dillard’s, Macy’s (said to “… rank among the worst…”) and Sears:

“In every division, Sears is failing against its competitors, Fornell says. While it remains flat with a score of 72, the department store is struggling to hold on to shoppers, with low scores across the board and an increase in customer complaints.”


Fashion Week continues; we thought we would close with a few looks from this fall’s collection by Lauren Pierce.

PHOTO: Pasha Antonov

PHOTO: Pasha Antonov

The eco-friendly line is designed by Lauren Bush, a niece of the former President. The ultimate customer for this line is described in the following way on the Lauren Pierce website:

“She is socially conscious and cares about the world she lives in. She doesn’t dress according to passing trends. She views her clothes as natural extensions of who she is inside and out.”


PHOTO: Pasha Antonov

Yes, it is the woman whose significant other is David Lauren of Ralph Lauren fame.  This is the point at which TP always asks the same question: “So, if they get married will her name be Lauren Lauren?”

Honestly.  (Silly Princess.)


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Gifts That Will Make A Man Weep With Joy & Being Thankful=Swag

Hello again, friends.  The Princess Consort is stepping mike-side to entertain you for these short minutes.  The Princess is in training for her Black Friday mission.  I know nothing of where she is going but she keeps talking about “Zero-dark Hundred” and the sudden need for a tactical web harness to carry her credit cards.  I see no good coming from this…

But there is a tremendous amount of good in what I want to share today.  The tumultuous markets may be playing havoc with your income/retirement.  Take heart – you can always dream.  Let’s spend some time fantasizing about how we’d spend unlimited funds this holiday season.  Since I am apologetically male the list will have a male slant.  I can’t help myself.  It’ll still be fun and might take our minds off the drudgery that is our new economic reality.

Let’s start with some basic hand tools.  Or, to be more precise, 1,470 Craftsman hand tools.


Our friends at Sears have built a lofty reputation on their handtools.   Speaking from experience I can say they are fine for consumer use.  This conglomeration of tools covers everything from small specialty tools to impact sets.  Overkill?  I think not.  The most important tool invariably is the one you need and don’t have.  This tool set on steroids resolves that problem. With a price tag of about $8,600 it should solve any number of problems. If the complete set is too much or is a duplication of tools then you can pick and choose what suits you best.  Check with your local Sears for more information and, for the love of God, don’t even consider having the entire set shipped to your house.  That expense would just be wasteful in today’s economy.  Have your staff pick it up at the Sears store.

You’re going to need a place to store that monstrous set of Craftsman tools.  Consider this: You’ve just spent thousands of dollars for tools.  You need to keep them in something that can handle the load.


This 53″ stainless steel tool chest from Kobalt is the answer.  Sixteen drawers, a Pioneer sound system, an onboard refrigerator, power strips and LED lights offer sufficient space and amenities to solve the housing crisis in several small cities.  A bargain at $1,600.  You might need two.  Check out your local Lowes home improvement store.

Now you have these great tools stored in an over-the-top tool chest.  You want a project.  Here you go:


Ah, yes.  The Aston Martin One-77.   This car, according to our friends at Luxist.com, will sell for more than US$1,498,701.10 (approximately).  That $1.5 Million dollars, friends.  Unless you were totally insane this car is not likely one you’d tinker with in your garage. Even with your fancy tools.  It has a V-12 engine, top speed of 200+ mph and goes from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.   Only 77 will be made to individual buyer specifications.  Great.  I want a towing package on mine so I can pull my boat.  There’s a statement.

Here’s another statement.  Make sure you leave a comment here about something you’re thankful for and you could win some wonderful swag from www.PreppyPrincess.com.  The Princess will announce the winner on Thursday.  C’mon and enter.  You must be thankful for something…

I’m thankful for your willingness to indulge me and I say good-bye until we meet again.  Now please enjoy the musical efforts of The Remains.  They’ll be here all week.

Photos: Sears, Kobalt Tools, Aston Martin


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