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The NY Times Looks at Lilly: “Hilarilously Preppy” & “Terrifying”

Hello-hello, and welcome to another sodden April day here at the Prepatorium, the downpour glorious in its own right for what we know will ultimately follow.

Regular readers know our fondness for the Critical Shopper columns in the Times, a fabulous feature critiquing retail establishments in the city. Today’s column is loads of fun, a look at the Lilly Pulitzer Mother Ship on Madison from writer Cintra Wilson.

Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times

We love the way Ms. Wilson described her own apparel as she entered the store:

“When I visited the newly refurbished two-story shop on Madison Avenue, I was, as usual, dressed entirely in black, which doesn’t make me self-conscious in most New York locales. But here, it was a bit like attending a children’s birthday party in a latex ski mask.”

Here is the portion referencing ‘hilariously preppy’:

I was charmed by a device invented for the vintage rack: pristine Pulitzers of bygone decades (most around $200) with printed tags reading “If This Dress Could Talk,” and mini-questionnaires below, on which previous owners have handwritten the who-what-where of a memorable moment in the garment’s past. These tend to be unintentionally yet hilariously preppy:

“Summer of ’69 … Sailing on the bay … Mitzi and Tripp … Sunny afternoon.”

“1975 … Martha’s Vineyard … My true love … Champagne and bike riding.”

It sounds like the previous owners of those frocks were in perfect settings for a little Lilly, oui?

Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer

Ms. Wilson appears a tad puzzled by the men’s section of the store:

“The second floor was also home to some absolutely terrifying sport jackets for men. I imagined it was what Anita Bryant’s linen closet would have looked like after Hurricane Andrew: violent mangos, pinks and aquamarines starched into jackets of such female bedspread intensity they might cause even Ricardo Montalbán to run toward the volcano.”

We’re not understanding; things like this are too bright?

Above left we show the Peter Blazer in Shorely Blue Bizzy Little Fizzy, and above right, that Blazer in Daiquiri Ten Ton Bouquet.

We have a little more from the Times story:

“How does one become as polished, poised, cheerful and sane as Jackie O, while living a life as bent, backward and whitewater-intense as anyone else’s?

The answer might lie in matching the print on your chemise to your daughter’s pedal pushers, your son’s swim trunks, your husband’s Bermuda shorts, your father’s bow tie and your paper cocktail napkins.”


Next, a quick glance at something that surprised us: the Marimekko fall collection.

The photos are via WWD, we simply had nary a clue the firm did ready to wear.  The fall collection was just shown at Danish Fashion Week, but Marimekko has been doing fashion styles for quite some time.  And here we thought it was all about pillows and aprons and cute jackets!

Below, a look from this spring’s collection in silk and linen, we’ll say it’s today’s Pretty in Pink.

Here is the Pixie Dress in a jaunty black, white and pink print, rather appealing IOHO.

We are huge fans of almost all everything the Finnish company creates, but primarily thought in terms of the brand’s iconic prints on household goods, like the Unikko Bed Linens or Unikko Tea Towels.

What a delightful discovery, that puts a smile on our face!


We close with Monday evening’s Dressed to Kilt event hosted by Sir Sean and Lady Connery.

Above we see actor Sam Waterston and NBC’s Al Roker modeling their kilts at the annual fundraiser.  Beneficiaries of this year’s event include the Wounded Warrior Project and Paralyzed Veterans of America.  Below we see Miss Scotland, Katharine Brown.

Andy Barr/The Scottish Sun

Also on hand, Kelly Bensimon (we believe she is a housewife on one of the many ‘Real Housewives…’ shows?) and singer Kellie Pickler.

Vets also walked the show, no small accomplishment for many of them.  Below, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Dan Nevins, injured in Afghanistan.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Some may remember last year’s event featured Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick.

PHOTO: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

He was not a participant this year, but G2 designer Eric Daman took part in the festivities.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

With that we say G’bye until next time!


  • Marimekko Fall 2010: Johnny Kangasniemi/WWD
  • Dressed to Kilt: Lucas Jackson/Rueters
  • Dressed to Kilt: AP Photo/Peter Kramer


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Kate Spade Sneak Peek & Gossip Guy in a Skirt (Honest.)

Earlier this week we promised to share a couple of the Kate Spade Fall 2009 looks, and then were derelict in our duty! As we mentioned previously, this collection is vital for the designer, as it includes her first foray into the clothing market.  NOTE: All photos by Kyle Ericksen & Women’s Wear Daily.


Many pieces display the classic lines and tailoring associated with Kate Spade designs.


The presentation used both models and mannequins to showcase the fashions.  From what we were able to glean there are hits and misses, as one expects in a first effort.


In keeping with the Spade tradition, there are also outstanding accessories in this fall’s collection.

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

These appear to be pretty much in keeping with previous collections, in lush, rich colors, along with a touch of whimsy.


Clearly many items for serious consideration this fall!


Most fashionistas know today is an enormous date on the fashion calendar.

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

The nation’s first Topshop is now open in Soho.

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

The often over-the-top emporium is an awful lot of fun to browse though, and we cannot wait to pop into this one, hopefully in May.  This story from WWD explains the retailer’s pricing strategy:

“In another break from retail tradition, Topshop will have none of the ubiquitous markdowns seen everywhere in retailing. The company stages only four sales a year and otherwise won’t price promote, though the store will be offering students a 10 percent discount.”

And for the men, there is Topman. The UK version of GQ recommends the nautical styles from Topman:

Courtesy Topman.com

Courtesy Topman.com

The trendy British store carries a very successful line from Kate Moss, who is in town for the opening. Below, Ms. Moss arriving at the store Tuesday.

PHOTO: Splash

PHOTO: Splash

Also taking part in festivities surrounding the store’s grand opening, teen actress Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl notoriety.

PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP

PHOTO: Evan Agostini/AP

Observant readers may have noted the skirt worn by Ms. Momsen is not being showcased in today’s Pretty in Pink.  It seemed a trifle short for someone of TP’s advanced age and tedious taste.

As we appear to be awash in G2 news (and we’re not talking about London) today, has everyone heard that Chace Crawford is likely to take Zac Effron’s place in the remake of the film Footloose. It seems Mr. Crawford had a particularly solid audition for the role Mr. Effron decided was not right for him.


Tracey Lomrantz at Glamour.com has a fabulous post about men in kilts, including another of the Gossip Guys, Chuck Bass.

PHOTO: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

PHOTO: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Of course we’re talking about Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick.  The occasion was the annual Dressed to Kilt fashion show hosted by with Sir Sean Connery; the event is a fundraiser for the Friends of Scotland.

PHOTO: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

PHOTO: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

We thought you might get a kick out of the Daily Mail comments on a wedding gown adorned with tartan plaid bows that was worn in the fashion show:

“While many of the stars suited their kilts, Miss Scotland Stephanie Willemse, 20, made a fashion faux pas with her catwalk outfit.

Strolling down the aisle in a white dressed covered in tartan bows, the beauty queen looked like a toilet roll cover with her huge skirt.”

AP/The Daily Mail

AP/The Daily Mail

The photo caption referred to it as a “Meringue Moment”.  That sounds a little harsh…no?


A few sales at “preppy retailers,” we wanted to share, including the Polo Ralph Lauren Friends and Family sale.

Offering 30% off, the sale runs through April 14. To receive the discount use promo code RLSP2009 at checkout.  As we have been chatting about both Gossip Girl and Ralph Lauren, this seemed an appropriate item to highlight: the Cotton Cricket Sport Coat.

Another retailer whose classic lines many preps enjoy, Tory Burch, is offering up to 60% off original prices.

Tory Burch


Today we close with an Adventure in Argyle, as worn by First Lady Michelle Obama.



Oops.  Not a look we favor, but then, we are just stuck in our ways and cannot remember any daytime occasion where sequins might be deemed appropriate.

The press has been brutal in their comments on the asymmetrical argyle sweater by Japanese designer Junya Watanabe. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, TP is more than fond of many Watanabe creations, they are just fabulous.  Let’s take a peek at what the Daily Mail has to say:

“… a garish golf-style cardigan… would have looked more at home on the golf course, like the jumper worn by Nick Faldo in 1993…

Even the Huffington Post was negative, as seen in an unusually acerbic Bonnie Fuller column on yesterday’s look for the Buckingham Palace social call as well as the argyle sweater:

“Sadly, the First Lady’s first fashion messup wasn’t a random event. It now appears she’s on a losing streak. New photos of her in an argyle cardigan and hip-extending blue prom skirt on her second day in London indicate we have a nuch bigger problem on our hands.”

Ouch. All of this after two shocking events on Wednesday:

  1. The shocking etiquette breach when Michelle Obama put her arm around the Queen. (One doesn’t touch Her Majesty. Gasp!)
  2. Even more amazing than #1 is the fact the Queen then put her arm around Mrs. Obama! (Double gasp.)

To be honest, the Palace has made it clear no one is disturbed by the ‘breach.’  We’re thinking Europa Fox and/or Queen Bee Swain will be able to shed more light on these developments.

And on that note dolls, we’re off!


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