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The Preppy Watch, the Lacoste Skirt & the Sconset Terah Large Tote

Gant Univerisyt Watch Collection

Is there really such a thing as a ‘preppy watch’ in your mind? We’ve not yet determined there is such an animal. Above is an image of the forthcoming Gant University Collection, due for launch later this year from the good people at Gant Time. They are supposed to showcase ‘traditional American university colors’ with retro logos and such. Hhhmmm…we have not yet decided on these. Are they Prepalicious? Probably not as they seem to be a bit over the top in our humble opinion, but then so much of what is “fashionable” these days seems to fall in that category. You may want to toddle on over to Gant.com and bone up on your Gant history though, as it’s certainly more fascinating than The Princess knew. According to the company backgrounder, Bernard Gant originally made shirts for Brooks Brothers and J Press. Fun facts to know and tell over tea at the Plaza. The oh-so-wonderful-now-that-it-is-reopened-Plaza. Absolutely back to what it once was, only better. But don’t take our word for it, stop in and take a peek at the Oak Room as well as the ballroom. A vast improvement. Vast.

Speaking of watches, TP thought the whimsical Lacoste watch in pink seen below looked rather divine, and perhaps a tad more ‘preppy’ if such a thing is possible. And yes I know the title of this post says Lacoste skirt and we are getting there, truly we are, but bumping into the watches on the way to the skirt was not in the original plan. Having seen said watches I’m sure you now understand the reason for the detour. Quite. The first watch pictured is the Tiebreak model in pink, and the second is the Slice model (named for my golf swing I’m quite sure) in rose, also available in that classic Lacoste green. In fact, glance at the rest of Lacoste’s watches, all of them, and see if you don’t find them more than appealing, with the majority appearing a bit more, well, restrained let’s say.

Lacoste Watch Lacoste Watch rose

Whoops, we did mentions Lacoste skirt, didn’t we. It truly is not that big a deal, but this little gem of a tennis skirt caught our eyes. In addition to its classic lines, it is made of that wicking fabric so popular for athletic apparel these days. Here is the icing on the cake: the skirt is machine washable! Can you imagine? How very easy it will be to simply have the housekeeper take care of it!

Lacoste Tennis Mini skirt

We will have to fly through this next item, lovely as it is. The Elaine Turner Sconset Terah Large’  Tote at Nordstrom is such fun, and so functional too! It is definitely roomy; a “Large Tote.” If you are not yet familiar with the Nordstrom handbag sizing system, in NordieSpeak “Large Tote” translates into enough capacity to hold at least a magazine, water bottle, full-size wallet & sweater. (We do love their system, it’s so practical!) All this for only $195 plus a detachable zip-top cosmetic bag. This is why every Princess needs more than one tote – they’re so fabulous and so fun!

Sconset Large Tote Sconset Tote #2

Sconset Tote #3

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