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Top Ten ‘Social Status’ Brands – Is Yours on the List? And an Anti-Prep Update

Recently The Spousal Unit indicated that at times The Princess might be a bit… well, a tad ‘snarky’ in her posts. Snarky? SNARKY? Moi? Feeling the need to defend my good name and reputation, it became obvious that some research was in order. Below we offer partial results for perusal at your leisure.


Pronunciation: \ˈsnär-kē\
Function: adjective
Etymology: dialect snark to annoy, perhaps alteration of snark to irritate
1 : crotchety, snappish
2 : sarcastic, impertinent, or irreverent in tone or manner <snarky lyrics>
snark·i·ly \-kə-lē\ adverb

We were delighted to find a wealth of information on the topic, with page after page of definitions, discussion and even some debate; it was really quite educational. Frankly, our favorite part of the research involved learning that snark may also be used as an adverb. Right now I’m trying to think of a way to insert it into conversation that way. How do you feel about Snarkalicious…? Oh, TSU was spot on, as always.

Let’s start with an Anti-Prep Update. This was, quite frankly, impossible to resist. As some may already know, Paris is beyond über Anti-Prep. She actually transcends the category, surpassed only by Kim Kardashian and possibly Perez Hilton. And maybe a few others. At any rate, we present Exhibit A, a heartfelt statement from Ms. Hilton on the home page of her hair extensions site, viewable here:

Everyone should get the chance to be me. That’s why I created the world’s hottest hair extensions. Choose from ten fabulous shades and you will be a clip away from hotness.

Paris Hilton

If we had only known that everyone should have that chance. To be her. Darn it. Once again our unhotness has been exposed in all of its stark, naked horror for everyone to see. And I had no idea I had the chance to be her. No. Idea. At All.

Well, chin up, shoulders back and all that, for here at the Prepatorium we do not let little tragedies like this derail us; we move on. We stated we would be discussing the Top Social Status Brands and we will proceed to do precisely that, hotness-like hair extensions or not. Harumph.

This particular list comes as the result of extensive research done by the Luxury Institute, and The Princess is more than gratified to see who is at the top of The List. You may well recognize The Knot clutches below from the Number One brand.

Bottega Veneta Knot Clutches

The Institute polled 1600 individuals with a minimum annual income of $150,000 for the survey, and Bottega Veneta took the top spot. In a story about the poll, Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza notes “Bottega is subtle and inconspicuous — and paradoxically has gotten some press for this…You know it if you’re in the know. It’s for people who aren’t looking to impress others.” Below we show a look from their Fall/Winter 2008 apparel line.

Bottega Veneta Fall Line

Valentino follows in second place, then Prada (landing page at Neimans seen below)

Prada at neiman Marcus

Then Chanel, followed by Hermes in fifth place.

Chanel Logo

Giorgio Armani was in sixth place, then we have Versace (that is a dress from the 2008/2009 Versace Resort line below),

Versace Resort Look

then Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. And there you have the top ten from the list.

Vuitton Bag at eLuxury

BTW, if you were wondering who Anna Wintour might fancy come this fall’s election, here’s a clue: she had quite a role at last night’s fundraiser for prospective First Lady Michelle Obama, at a Manhattan gallery. (Wintour is the oh-so-powerful Editor at Vogue magazine and hypothetically the role model for Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Anna Wintour

Judging from the list of attendees at the function it was quite the place to be.Remember our mentions of Lauren Santo Domingo in previous posts? She was also at last night’s festivities at the Chelsea gallery in a divine Oscar de la Renta frock along with Spike Lee, designers Monique Lhuillier, Georgina Chapman and Nicole Miller. (You know, the Nina Ricci-SJP-SATC-Premiere-Dress-from-You-Know-Where-Nightmare that Lauren wore first?)

Lauren Santo Domingo Michelle Obama Fundraiser 6/17/2008

Speaking of Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon also attended, wearing Calvin Klein Collection. Others in attendance included Lebron James and his girlfriend, and you could see Zac Posen’s “Yes We Can, Obama 08” t-shirt beneath his blazer. Many thanks to Fashion Week Daily for the fab photos!

Cynthia Nixon Calvin Klein Michelle Obama Fundraiser

Lebron James at Obama fundraiser

Zac Posen at Obama fundraiser

Mizrahi & Andre Leon Talley at Obama Fundraiser

We close with this absolutely delightful image from the good folks at Barneys. It was part of an email from them several days ago; looking at it keeps bringing a smile to my face. On an afternoon when some whimsy seems like a good idea, we’ll just leave things here and say “Au revoir.” (It is linked if you feel compelled to click!)

Barneys Louboutin shoes


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Another Sex and the City Soiree, Book Mamma Style (with a Touch of Miranda)

After reading a previous post that we had cobbled together regarding a Sex and the City Premiere party a friend was attending, and the ensuing assemblage of a hypothetical party wardrobe for said friend (who happens to be the one and only fantabulous McMommy), we were asked by another reader for assistance of a similar nature.

This time it’s a wonderful friend of McMommy looking for some fashion guidance (although why anyone would seek help from these quarters remains a mystery to us), and let’s face it dolls, any friend of the McMommy is a friend of the McPrincess, we all know that. It’s also another brilliant blogger, the wonderful Book Mamma, (who has two darling little boys and we just can’t figure out how she has time to blog but we’ll leave that for another day) and she was good enough to provide us with a bit of guidance regarding a SATC character she might model, in this case suggesting it would be the generally all buttoned up legal lady, Miranda. However, it has been pointed out to us that Miranda has also been known to let her hair down just a bit, usually when she is at more relaxed formal functions or very, very casual events. (Pointed out to us because it could be said that we are a bit SATC-challenged…is that a polite way of saying we are essentially clueless about the show, the series, the movie?) We are presuming Book Mamma’s premiere gala falls into just such a category as cited above, the kind where she can relax a bit, and be comfortable among friends.

Barrie Pace Flowing Ruched Silk Dress Barrrie Pace Ruched Silk Dress Detail inset

Now, having taken that into consideration, The Princess is thinking that Miranda/Mamma might be feeling a little well, let’s just say a bit fancy free and perhaps even a tad frisky come Friday, so we are thinking it is possible (we’re only saying possible) that Mamma/Miranda may want to have a bit of bare shoulder action going on. (Oh my!) It is in that spirit we bring you the Donna Morgan Silk Ruched Dress seen above, which has exquisite hand beading at the waist that is oh-so-elegant, and a wonderful girly-girl skirt the Mamma can play with and twirl around in all evening long, totally making the boys crazy! (And making all the other girls just pea-green with envy!) The Book Mamma is smokin’ hot! Now if price should influence your thoughts on which dress the Mamma should select, we want to advise you it is on sale, for only $79.99 at Barrie Pace. Don’t tell me you’re not feeling the love The Princess is sending your way! We so heart your bank statement on your behalf, we can’t tell you!

Donna Ricco Rosette Blouse at Barrie Pace

If that doesn’t light your fire, we offer something in a completely different direction from the Donna Ricco Collection at Barrie Pace, in this case the Donna Ricco Rosette Blouse shown above; it’s 100% silk (of course) and completely lined so it’s also going to look better and wear better as well. It’s paired with the coordinating Palazzo Pant in silk chiffon, fun and floaty, very versatile and a staple you’ll be glad you have in your evening and formal-wear wardrobe.

Because we want you to feel that you are making your dress selection from a broad base of garments, we also included this elegant dinner suit in metallic brocade that makes a great style statement without being loud. We know you loathe loud; we won’t let that happen to you. Not on our watch. So here is the suit by Muse, also at Barrie Pace.

Muse Shimmery Metallic Brocade Dinner Suit at Barrie Pace

Now when speaking of shoes, regardless of which dress you select, we’ll be speaking of heels methinks, substantial, significant, major heels. M-A-J-O-R. Not MAJOR as in say, The AntiPrep type of MAJOR, no, not that sort of MAJOR; just no flats or kitten heels for this little extravaganza, agreed? So here are a few suggestions for your tootsies: We start by suggesting either the Kate Spade ‘Lover’ sandal (what an appropriate name) in black satin with a jaunty little bow, or the Kate Spade Loupe, both with a 3.5″ heel, and both at Nordstrom.

Kate Spade Lover Sandal at Nordstrom Kate Spade Loupe shoe at Nordstrom - Gold & Black

We recognize the party frocks may have been a tad over budget. (I know, you’re shrieking, “a tad…a tad, could you puh-leeze tell us how you define ‘tad’ in PrincessVille or wherever it is you park your pumps at night, hello?” and we are sorry for that, truly we are.) So on the off chance you may be looking to economize on a shoe, here is a suggestion: the Dulce Patent Peep Toe Pump shown below in gold, with a 4″ heel. I think that qualifies as a nicely understated yet substantial shoe…yes? And it is certainly soft on the pocketbook at $17.49! I bet you already know where to find it: Le Boutique Tar-szhay. Of course.

Mossimo Dulce Patent Peep Toe Pumps - Gold

You simply cannot go wrong with Stuart Weitzman, and the final suggestion we offer in the shoe venue is the Stuart Weitzman Trixie sandal, slim and sexy without being well, tacky. We show it in both gold and black because both would be appropriate with any of the outfits shown above and both would be a wise investment. And both have the killer 4″ heel that make you look even sexier than you already are. I beg your pardon? You can’t what? You can hardly walk in 4″ heels? Well dear, we are *so* not wanting to hear about that this evening. You will simply have to deal with it. Tell your besties not to buy the jumbo popcorn, as they are simply going to have to leave an arm free to prop you up with, how is that? And if they say they *really* want their popcorn, what does that tell us about our BFFs?

Stuart Weitzman Trixie Sandal Stuart Weitzman Trixie Sandal - Black

Of course, we’re still practically naked, at least when it comes to accessorizing. Let’s talk jewelry for a moment. We believe some ‘statement type’ bracelets are in order, perhaps a few like these, starting with the Natural Horn and brushed brass followed by another Horn and Brass bangle bracelet, also oversized, both from Target and both less than $20. (Natch.)

Natural Horn and Brushed Brass Bangle Bracelet - Brown Horn & Brass Bangle bracelet Target

Since you’re in the Target Sale section, look at these bracelets and think about putting several of them together to start a look: the 5-row Stretch Bracelet, the Black Triangle Beaded Stretch Bracelet, and the Stretch Beaded Silver/Black Bracelet. Or as The Princess has been known to say, rack ’em and stack ’em.

Target Jewelry 5-Row Stretch Bracelet Target Triangle Beaded Stretch Bracelet - Black Target Stretch Beaded Silver Bracelet

Or pop into Kohls and peek at their jewelry; they portray themselves as something of a price-sensitive retailer, offering goodies like this Daisy Fuentes oversized cuff bracelet at $14, or the Axcess faux antiqued cuff bracelet at $24.

Daisy Fuentes Cuff at Kohls axcess Antiqued Teardrop Cuff Bracelet

Or check out the Nordstrom half-yearly sale online and snag a handful (more appropriately, an armful) of the Tasha Faceted bangle bracelets, the Tasha Organic Metal Resin Bangles, or the Tasha Square bangles with some around $19, others approximately $24, all are on sale.

 Tasha Faceted Bangle Bracelet  Tasha Organic Metal Resin Bangle Tasha Square Bangles at Nordstrom

Handbag. Purse. Yes, we are aware that task has yet to be accomplished. And we *do* want to get it accomplished, as TP is thinking about another statement piece if at all possible. Not necessarily a head-turning, eye-popping piece, but not any wimpy, wuss-bunny, lame-brain, whiny kind of bag either. Nay-nay. Not for this party, on this night, for this movie, in this town.

Now it seems to us that if McMommy had the luxury of perusing and cruising eBay to make an acquisition of this nature, Book Mamma should be offered that opportunity as well, don’t you agree? After all, fair is fair. And would you look at that?! A drop-dead beautiful Antique Beaded Evening bag that can be carried by its short handle or carried as a clutch, whichever you prefer. The silk charmeuse lining in that chartreuse color is to die for!

Antique Beadsed Purse Auction on eBay

eBay Auction ending 6.2.08 Beaded Vintage Purse

But if vintage is not your thing, and you would like something ‘brand new’ from your local or online retailer, here’s a definite ‘statement purse’ that is well worth a look, the Jessica McClintock ‘Disco’ Mirrored Minaudiere in gold at Nordstrom for a relatively reasonable price in our most humble of opinions (and that’s very humble, trust us) of about $98.

 Nordstrom Jessica McClintock \'Disco\' Mirrored Minaudiere

If you don’t want anything quite that flashy, we have just what you are looking for, a bit more conservative, and at a stellar price point. The Merona Pleated Clutch has loads of chic little vertical pleats that you can’t really see very well in this photograph, for only $14.99 at….the envelope please….of course. Target.

Target Merona Clutch Black

We do so hope Book Mamma feels like there are some possibilities here, despite our being somewhat inept and ignorant when it comes to the whole Sex and the City phenomenon. We did have a delightful time locating a few goodies for her to consider; spending someone else’s money is always so much fun! And on that happy note, we’re going to toddle off for a little nightcap. Yes, it would seem a nightcap is in order.


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Gossip Girls Update, Carrie’s Sex in the City Purse, & The SATC Quotes Tote

NY Mag Gossip Girls cover story

If you want to get an inside scoop on Gossip Girls, run to the nearest newstand and grab this week’s issue of New York magazine. Declaring G2 the “Best. Show. Ever.” on its cover, the story is loaded with details on off-screen romances (or lack thereof,) discussions about who is or isn’t gay, and reasoning for its cover declaration about the show.

NY Magazine Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls shot

Once inside the magazine, the feature is actually titled “The Genius of Gossip Girl” with a subhead “How a wunderkind producer, seven tabloid-ready stars, an army of bloggers, and a nation of texting tweenagers are changing the way we watch television.” The Princess recommends this one as a “must read” for reasons we won’t bore you with. (Let’s just say that after our 17 year television career we still love some of the basic theory, y-a-w-n!) Generally TP’s issue arrives in the mailbox today or perhaps Tuesday, but in this case we read the entire story on NYM’s website. You will enjoy it too – whether it’s online or by hard copy; it ‘s simply Prepalicious!


Timmy Woods Eiffel Yower Bag

Perhaps you have all seen this already and we are relaying the obvious. (Gosh no, the Princess a tad late jumping on a hot fashion or cultural trend?! Moi? Duh!) At any rate, we saw these photos of the Eiffel Tower bag as worn by ‘Carrie’ in the new SATC movie that’s been filming in New York. It’s another Timmy Woods Beverly Hills creation in all its glory, the Eiffel Tower Bag with roughly 6300 Swarovski crystals. According to Mr. Wood’s website, the bag is worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in some of the film’s opening scenes. It’s only $2750, so we ask, how could you miss? Should that seem a bit over the top, there is also a non-crystal Eiffel Tower style, same lines and idea, just no Swarovski crystals, and a lower price tag of $415. If you adore this style of bag you absolutely must visit Timmy’s site – he has bags shaped like everything from your lovable Lab to peace symbols, Santa Claus and much more. OF course if you are looking for something Sex and the City that’s more casual, HBO is selling a tote covered in SATC quotes.

HBO SATC Quote Tote

Photo Credits:
NY Magazine Gossip Girls story: Jessica Dimmock
Eiffel Tower Bag: TimmyWoods.com
HBO Quote Tote: HBO.com

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