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Ralph Lauren + Downton Abbey (Really) and Those Candy Corn Oreos

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Friday.

In the interest of some Friday fun we share just a few tidbits, the first in the form of some splendid news for a favorite television program here at the Prepatorium, Downton Abbey.


That news looks like this:

Ralph Lauren

Yes, believe it or not, he is riding to the rescue in a manner of speaking. It turns out Ralph Lauren will be sponsoring Masterpiece on PBS, that is where Downton Abbey airs. It is the first television sponsorship for the brand, spots will begin airing September 30th with Upstairs Downstairs.

As the Daily Mail reports, it makes sense:

Commenting on Mr Lauren’s design aesthetic Vogue’s Mark Holgate said: ‘That era and locale has been one of the mainstays of Lauren’s career, turning the shooting parties and the candlelit dinners under the family Gainsboroughs into tweeds and Fair Isles, jodhpurs and hacking jackets.’

For those curious about Downton Abbey’s Season 3 premiere in the US, it is January 6.

Our other morsel (pun intended) involves these:

Serious Eats

Have you heard about the Candy Corn Oreo cookies? We had nary a clue about them until yesterday, when we started seeing blog posts and news stories.


There have been taste tests galore, although most stories begin with a disclaimer about candy corn as a food item in general, in recognition of its ability to polarize people into pro and no- candy corn. From Serious Eats:

I’m a proud member of the pro-candy corn underground, and even if I accept that the stuff is objectively terrible, I just can’t stop eating it. So candy corn haters, this is not the review for you. Seek out your disaster stories elsewhere.

As far as the verdict from Serious Eats?

Candy corn fans, I’m sorry to let you down. But this is not the hybrid cookie you’re looking for.

Hmmm.  Well, the Today show did a little test as well.

Like the iconic candies that inspired them, these Oreos got mixed reviews.

“What you can’t see is how these smell,” said Savannah, who also concluded that they were “not that bad.” Natalie passed on them entirely, but only because she’s not a fan of candy corn to begin with. Al was a little more direct, pronouncing them, “Just wrong.”

This is becoming rather negative. Next stop, the Huffington Post:

The Huffington Post

From the review:

Although these Oreos look like candy corn and smell like candy corn, they don’t really taste like candy corn. That doesn’t mean they’re bad, though. A die-hard candy corn lover might be disappointed, but your average Halloween party-goer will love these cookies. And judging from the already half-empty Target shelf I got these from, the Candy Corn Oreos are going to sell.

From reading all the stories and reviews it seems perhaps the biggest issue is the scent…er, the Eau de Candy Corn (ewww) smell that permeates the room after opening the package. We shall have to investigate and report back to you. In the interest of science.

May everyone enjoy a stellar weekend.



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