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The 2008 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, Sales: Polo Ralph Lauren, Vera Bradley, More!

Now, doesn’t Miss Muffy Martini know how to brighten a girl’s day?

She is so sweet to have bestowed this upon The Princess, gratiās, merci, gracias, thank you! Here are the rules of the A+ Blogger Award:

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TP is ever-so-excited to share this with Miss Jewish Girl in WASP’s Clothing, an amazing  writer whose blog touches on brilliance more than she realizes; and Miss I Pick Pretty, possessed of an oh-so-sharp legal mind evident from her delightfully witty posts!

If it is October it must be time for the annual Needless Markup Neiman Marcus Chistmas Book, that wacky collection of insane and imaginative holiday gifts one won’t find anywhere else. Like this:

Neiman Marcus courtesy photo

Neiman Marcus courtesy photo

Now this one starts at $1.3 million, but as we’re not planning a wedding it’s a non-starter. However, *if* there is a wedding in your future and you are thinking west coast, then the Luxury Wedding Experience at The Resort at Pelican Hill (Newport Beach) is something to consider.

“A personal engagement coach to take care of every detail, a couture wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses custom designed by Carolina Herrera, up to 40 private ocean-view guest villas and every detail exquisitely executed from the magical cake to the perfect flowers to the private celebrity entertainment at the reception.”

The life-sized LEGO Sculpture is also an option at only $60,000, but do keep in mind the extra shipping charges.

Does this sort of extravagance make sense in light of the current economic conditions?  Ginger Reeder, the Neiman Marcus spokeswoman for their Direct division, told Reuters:

“In the midst of all this dark and dreary news that’s got us all so sad and down, I’d like to think that somebody could open this book up and smile … I mean they’re fantasies. We’re not saying: ‘You’ve got to rush out and have yourself made in Legos.’ It’s like, wouldn’t that be fun?”

Frankly, TP couldn’t agree more. Besides, as with every Christmas Book from Neiman’s there are loads of far more down-to-earth and reasonable gifts.

Oh, you were wondering what to do for TP this year?

Neiman Marcus courtesy photo

Neiman Marcus courtesy photo

Yes, TP wants to make a fool of herself playing basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters. We realize it is $110,000, but honestly, you know we’ll appreciate it. (Heh-heh-heh.) If this is just a bit over the top there is the always-incredible array of jewelry, furs, clothing and accessories to select from. The Princess isn’t choosy. Well, she is choosy. But not insanely so!

In our ongoing presentation of ways everyone can save some of those trust fund $$$, here are a few more current “deals.”  Polo Ralph Lauren is wisely jumping in to the discounting frenzy with their Create Your Own line of merchandise.

Our favorites from this entire group have to be the infant pieces.

How cute are these kids? The Create Your Own Overall and the CYO Classic Polo shirt are simply precious.

And this doesn’t even begin to touch on the continued sales online and at their retail stores. Naturally Eddie Bauer doesn’t want to be left out of the fun.

And Vera Bradley has some marvelous items on sale.

What won’t you see at Vera Bradley as a markdown, but actually is until October 12th? The Riviera Blue collection, 25% off with coupon code RIVIERA25BLUE; this includes pieces like the Weekender.

And finally, word that Linens & Things will be closing all of their stores.

Reed Saxon/AP

Photo: Reed Saxon/AP

They will not bother trying to reorganize themselves, so the “Going Out of Business” sales appear to be underway at all of the stores.

Reed Saxon/AP

Phot: Reed Saxon/AP

We do hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


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You Can Now Remove the Polo Pony from the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt!

It’s almost shock and awe here at The Prepatorium, truly it is. What you see below is the way one stops acting as a free billboard for the Ralph Lauren companies.

Polo Ralph Lauren Country Club Stretch Polo Create Your Own PromotionPolo Ralph Lauren Create yOur Own Skinny Polo

Polo Ralph Lauren Make Your Own Polo

The ‘Create Your Own Polo’ promotion is sheer brilliance.The majority of the details are obvious: you select the style of the shirt, the color, and then the fun begins. Are you sitting down? Good. You now have options. On a Polo brand polo shirt. Actual choices, and they start with this (the source of so much pain and agony for The Princess): the Polo-playing pony that has come to symbolize the Ralph Lauren Polo brand.

Polo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own Polo

But, here is the good news of the day – the guy on the horse galloping across your bazooms can now be removed from the chest. Note we did not say that complete polo purging was an available option, as it is not. Total eradication is not currently available, however, the choice you have is simply this: if you would like to get him off your chest (so to speak) and put your own initials on that location, you may! You can even select the thread color for the embroidery, as shown below.

Polo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own Polo

Of course, there is the lingering issue of the man…on the horse… and where his new home will be… on the shirt you are considering acquiring for the approximate sum of $79. If you select the embroidered monogram at the chest, then the matching pony is re-located to the hem. If you elect to keep the Polo logo, then it stays where it is and another kind of logo (yes, you now have the addition of second brand marking) is placed at the hem. It consists of Mr. Lauren’s initials and the year the shirt was manufactured, presumably to imbue it with a collectible or possibly vintage feel down the road; we have an example below..

Polo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own CYO Initials & Year

The Princess recognizes she may have been the last individual on the planet to discover the “Create Your Own” Collection, but to enlighten any other lost souls who may not have known of the promotion, here they are: the Create Your Own Hat, and Create Your Own Oxford Shirt for Men. There is also the Create your Own Silk Tie Boys 2-7, and Create your Own Silk Tie Boys 8-20 program, with lots of fun colors and motifs.

Polo Ralph Lauren Boys 2-7 Create Your Own Silk Tie

Boys Create Your Own Silk TieBoys 2-7 Ralph Lauren Create your Own Tie


We would presume they are fiendishly popular, although some may balk at the prices. We leave with you images of a few of the hats as TP might have them done.

Polo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own HatPolo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own Hat

BTW, don’t forget the Free Shipping Promotion if you are purchasing more than one Polo.

Polo Ralph Lauren Free shipping

We wish warm and wonderful, bright and sunny weekends for all! Toodles!



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