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About That Cashmere Sale

Hello-Hello, welcome to the WALD, World-after-Labor-Day, where it is a bracing 50° at the Prepatorium. It is another OTT (One Topic Tuesday), we are out the door shortly for a volunteer commitment.

Today we chat about something we found very intriguing, it relates to one of the flash sales sites many enjoy browsing, Rue La La: on Thursday the site will be offering goods from a major department store. Lord and Taylor will be selling some of its cashmere collection on the members-only (cough-cough) site.

Rue La La

L&T has a reputation for its cashmere line, nowhere near the quality one finds at Loro Piana or our friend Queen of Cashmere, but yours truly can attest to the warmth and durability of the basic pieces, there are actually several in the cedar chest, purchased at least 25 years ago, all in fine shape.  (Sadly, we didn’t expect to think about needing them this soon in the fall season!) Below, several of L&T’s sweaters.

Lord & Taylor

The intriguing part of this sale is that we don’t recall seeing merchandise from a department store’s own label being sold at any of these sites, although it isn’t as if we spend significant amounts of time poring over the daily listings, for we don’t.  There are far too many to keep track of, let alone the varying product offerings at each.  But as best we can remember we haven’t seen any sizable department stores doing this previously.

The other fascinating part of the equation will be pricing. Does Rue La La sell the sweaters below their current sale prices at Lord and Taylor? For example, below we see the Fresh Pastel Cashmere Crewneck cardigan.

Lord and Taylor

The cardigan carried an original Lord & Taylor price of $175, it is now priced at $110.49 (that is before any additional discounts from coupon sales or other promotional efforts).  So will the Rue La La price be lower? The same? We’ve nary a clue, but do plan to take a peek at the sale on Thursday, one never knows what may be discovered, no?

Regardless of anything else, the sale on Rue La La will build brand awareness for Lord & Taylor and its cashmere line, something very valuable for the company. Shoppers at most of the sale sites are not just bargain hunters, but savvy fashion watchers; boosting name recognition with this crowd can pay off handsomely. Many brands have been vocal that the primary reason they sell merchandise at the flash sale sites is that very reason, growing the brand name. Brooks Brothers is in this category, its CEO has stated clearly that is one of the motivators in allowing its clothing and accessories to be sold at the ‘invite-only’ sale sites. (If in need of an ‘invitation to Rue La La, just click here.)

We mentioned the exquisite cashmere offered by Queen of Cashmere, we thought we would leave you with images of two new items. First, the monogramed sweater.

Queen of Cashmere

And the monogramed pillow.

Queen of Cashmere

These pieces (and oodles more) will be available when the Queen’s new website launches. In the interim, you can learn more at the company’s Facebook page, or its ‘Daybook’ blog, see images at Sip with Socialites, or email the Queen directly.

We’ll be back tomorrow, goodbye until then!


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