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Lilly is Pink & Green & Golden (Anyone Looking for A Limited-Edition Lilly Pulitzer Jeep Wrangler?)

Happy-Happy and Hubba-Hubba! Did everyone enjoy their weekend? We hope so.

Lilly Pulitzer James Bradbeer Jr.

Of course, the happiest of all greetings go out to our Lilly Pulitzer, recently hospitalized for almost a week, but bound and determined she would be at The Breakers (Palm Beach) last Friday for the big bash honoring Lilly Pulitzer’s 50th Anniversary. And she made it, as seen in the photo above, looking just fabulous! (Pix compliments of the good folks at the Palm Beach Daily News.) Lilly is also seen in the photo just below, with company co-owner and President James Bradbeer.

Lilly Pulitzer & Jim Bradbeer

There are big plans for the brand we all love, and while The Breakers party was used to thank the company’s bigger customers, it was also clearly the launch pad for some of the more exciting plans to recognize the ‘Jublilee Celebration.’ The evening was a vision in pink and green, truly it was. Just look at guests dancing the night away; you could spot those dresses anywhere!

Guests at Breakers Lilly Pulitzer party

As a rule, pianos are for playing music, or practicing scales, oui? However, at times they may be used to meet other needs, perhaps serving a more decorative purpose. In fact, The Princess has long thought a pink and green piano would be a marvelous addition to the Prepatorium, and now look…there is going to be just such an instrument! Steinway and Sons will be making the official Lilly Pulitzer 50th Steinway piano you are gazing at in the photos below. Isn’t it divine?

Pink & Green Lilly Pulitzer piano Steinway & Sons

Lilly Pulitzer Steinway 50th Anniversary Lubliee Piano

And how about a pink and green car or SUV? Isn’t this what Daddy really meant to give you as a graduation present instead of that dreary Honda? Of course it is. 70 of these limited-edition Lilly Pulitzer Jeep Wranglers have already been pre-ordered; at about $25,000 each they seem like a great deal to us! The vehicle (shown in the photo below) is hypothetically available through Lilly Signature store owners we believe, and available this Fall.

Lilly Pulitzer limited edition Jeep Wrangler.

But here is the one that is TP’s favorite: a Lilly Monopoly game! How cool is that? The word is that Hasbro will introduce a Palm Beach version of its Monopoly game called “Lilly-opoly.” (Why do we see zillions of these wrapped and parked under a few Christmas trees this holiday season?)

There are loads more ways the company plans to celebrate (perhaps better spelled “sell-ebrate”) the anniversary, but we’re just out of time. We’ll get more of the information to you in the next few days.

Also in Lilly news…the new Madison Avenue store has opened! And only in New York at a party celebrating such an occasion would you have so many LBDs contrasting with the famous Lilly prints! Just below you’ll note the stunning new “Gillian” pink sheath worn by Gillian Miniter. The name is no accident – this new design from Lilly is actually named for Ms. Miniter, a philanthropist and socialite.

Gillian Miniter in Lilly Pulitzer dRess named after Her!

Lilly New York opening

Now, rumor has it TP asked Mr. Princess to approach the man in the turquoise paisley jacket and attempt to purchase it on the spot so that she might wear it. Furthermore, it is said that if the response to that request was negative, she wanted Mr. P to then physically accost him and rip the jacket from his very body! (L to R: Rick Sabag, Steven Stolman, Frank Rico, and Victor Basile) Of course, The Princess denies *all* of this, calls it poppycock, and suggests people get in touch with her press person or publicist if they have any more questions. Honestly. (BTW, does anyone know the name of that particular print seen in the turquoise jacket?)


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Unusual Sales at Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom; Shorts at J Crew, The Usual Sales at Vera Bradley, etc.

You are aware The Princess is loathe to discuss the “M” word (as you know, it’s just so crass and, well, common), but it seems that economic realities are forcing the issue, at least if we are to let you know about some unusual sales and higher-than-normal markdowns at a few of our favorite retailers. Let’s start with Brooks Brothers which has so many ‘specials’ running, it would be incredibly tedious to list them all, so here are a few highlights:

Online Only, Ending Sunday June 8 (until they extend it again…or not) markdowns to 60% Off, somewhat unusual for Brooks, LOADS of Father’s Day specials and Women’s Shoes & Handbags are 25% off.

Brooks Brothers Home Page 60% Off Online Only Sale

One quick little promotional announcement from The Preppy Princess that is also of the saving variety, a reminder to use the code BLOGDEAL to receive 10% off the PreppyPrincess.com site until June 30, including these fab aprons (can you say great hostess gift?):

Me Too Apron Teal/Chocolate Preppy Princess Meadows Apron

Over at Vera Bradley, that Sale continues as well, with 25% off Retiring Colors, and you know how quickly these can fly out the door. (Or off the site, so to speak.)

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley Capri Blue Cosmetic Purse Vera Bradley mesa Red eyeglass case

The Princess has always been partial to Capri Blue, and may snap up this little cosmetic case in that pattern. Or the Mesa Red eyeglass case? There are oodles of other sale items, including decorative accessories, lamps, and more soft goods like the microfiber lightweight luggage pieces, including this Garment Bag. There’s also tableware and stationery items, like the Citrus Loose Notes shown below.

Vera Bradley Microfiber Luggage Vera Bradley Loose Notes Citrus

One of the more unusual sales is found at Nordstrom, where there are two oddities from TP’s perspective. The first is that the Shoe Sale and Apparel Sale do not cross paths. As of now however, they do, which brings us to oddity number two, the amount of the discount or markdown: it is generally no more than 40%, but now it is 50% online & in store on select women’s apparel & shoes. More power to them. (In reality it would seem that it is more power to you and your Nordstrom card.)

J Crew Shorts sale

The J Crew Sale continues apace with one addition: selected summer shorts are 25% off, please note this is online only. Now we thought we might take this opportunity to remind everyone the J Crew sale includes their absolutely to-die-for Crewcuts line for children and the Boys and Girls sizes as well.

J Crew Crewcuts sale

Speaking about children’s clothing reminds TP that one of our favorites, Garnet Hill, is having their incredible Semi-Annual Kids’ Sale and Clearance. If you have shopped this before, then you already know. If not, then stop reading and get going, because the merchandise is better than top notch, the styles are beyond delightful and the prices are killer. There are several pages of Kids’ items below $10, always helpful for the pocketbook. Of course, The Princess is always helpless before a bucket hat, especially when it’s for a child and on sale for $6, and Alligator Sandals for Toddlers and Little Boys from ECCO are just too cute, not to mention good for their feet.

Garnet Hills Kids Bucket HatGarnet Hills Kids ECCO Alligator Sandals

Moving away from the ‘standard’ or annual/semi-annual type sale to the rather unexpected, we move to the Neiman Marcus situation. Mind you, as we write this we are not complaining whatsoever about the opportunity to save a few pennies whilst making our contribution to the bigger economic picture, not at all. We just dislike an unhealthy economic outlook from a global perspective.

In a story published in yesterday’s Dallas Morning News, CEO Burt Tansky said that business was so rough last quarter Neiman’s did some unusual things, like extending markdowns from a “One Day Only” Men’s Sale into a second day. Ouch. And he also told the paper the company is buying less Fall merchandise, somewhat unusual in and of itself. But here’s what shoppers want to know: he also told the newspaper the store will be adding more sales in upcoming months, and they are going to have to be more promotional. “More Promotional” is code for sales, or more aggressive markdowns, or both and this is sounding like both to us. At any rate, their Designer Sale is in its ‘Final Days’ at 35% off, and at the Last Call Online Clearance the bargains continue with discounts up to 65%.

Neiman marcus Designer Sale

Neiman Marcus Last Call

While we’re talking upper end department stores, how about Barneys? Yikes! This is unheard of!

Barneys New York Sale Jpg

Really. This just doesn’t happen. The Princess realizes that if you don’t have cause to follow the retail scene or shop here, this truly is one big yawn. Understood. However, it ceases to be a yawner when one gazes upon that hideous orange and realizes that Barneys is doing 40% markdowns, and then furthers gasps, saying, oh my, they’re including Men’s, Baby, Shoes, and Home! I mean, look at this darling little Malina dress for Infant Girls of some of the softest 100% cotton you will ever (I mean, ever) feel. There are some good to great deals on Men’s Zegna dress shirt, A couple of FYIs on the online sale: There is a lot of men’s merchandise, including a lot of Prada, Zegna, while we would recommend skipping the Home Gift section unless desperate as it is slim pickings – in store offerings are much better on that front from what we are hearing.

Barneys New York Malina Infant Girls Dress on sale

PRADA Degrade Ballet Flat at Barneys Sigerson Morrison Mirror Metallic Sandal

Additionally, there is a significant group of Women’s Sale Shoes, with something for everyone (trust The Princess on this), with a good number of Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Miu Miu, Lanvin (including the Satin and Flower Ballet Flat!), Marc by Marc Jacobs, CO-OP by Barneys New York, Robert Clergerie, Fendi, Chloe, Jil Sander, Derek Lam, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Michel Cazabat, Sigerson Morrison, and Henry Cuir. We show the Prada Degrade Ballet Flat way above on top, and the Sigerson Morrison Mirror Metallic Sandal, way above on bottom. Now here is what’s known as a tease: you may want to make particular note of the Sigerson Morrison sandal, as our next post will involve Sigerson Morrison and your favorite discount store. Yep. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle…um, never mind.

Essentially, everyone is having a sale, including Chanel, with their private sale running through tonight, and then their one-day public sale running tomorrow. Talbots has taken an additional 20% off their clearance merchandise online only, so click here if it tickles your fancy, although TP has found very little there of late to get excited about. Net-a-Porter continues their Spring ’08 Sale, with new reductions taken.

Ann Taylor Special Capri eal

We start to wrap up with J. Press, continuing with their sale both online and in their stores, always worth a stop, and then we have Ann Taylor with a Deal of the Week with 25% off Select Pants & Capris Online Only, as well as their ongoing Clearance with prices starting at 19.99. Ann Taylor Loft is offering 30% off select dresses & skirts online only and also 25% off maternity + free returns; use code JUNEMOM for the free returns. Also at Ann Taylor Loft their Clearance continues with new markdowns as well as other deals too numerous to mention.

That is as many as we have time for…happy hunting!


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“Defining Scandinavian Preppy” & New Ivy League Cashmere Line

Here is one that caught The Princess completely flat-footed: a Swedish company called Boomerang.

Boomerang Scandinavian Preppy

The company’s site is very user-friendly, and pops up in English. In the catalog, the following aesthetic is found:

“Since the very start of Boomerang and the first collection in 1976, the designer’s task has been to define and redefine ‘Scandinavian Preppy’.”

And while our photos do not demonstrate this, the shop carries as much, if not more, women’s merchandise as men’s. The site feels very J Crew to TP, and while you can’t order online as best we could ascertain, you may request a catalog while visiting the site.

Boomerang Sweden

From the crisp clean feel of the beach to the more constrained in-town look of the Ivy League, we offer a peek at the new line of cashmere sweaters from 2108 Vintage, whose slogan is “Wear more cashmere.” The company’s first collection of cashmere sweaters is just making its debut, with several Ivy League schools available, including Dartmouth, Yale and Penn.

2108 Vintage Cashmere

The sweaters come in three version: a men’s and women’s v-neck, and a unisex crewneck, all in cashmere with the school logo appliqued on the chest; prices run from $180 to $200.

2108 Penn State Cashmere Sweater2108 West Point Sweater

2108 Vintage Cashmere Sweaters About Page

Plans call for adding Brown, Columbia, and Harvard this Fall, along with UCLA and the U.S. Naval Academy.

And while on the topic of Ivy League schools, the two co-founders at the oh-so-chic Azalea Boutique are Ivy League girls, both from Cornell. Which might explain why this Sonia Rykiel sweater has a certain preppy panache to it that makes it a must for your wardrobe.

Sonia Rykiel Preppy Sweater

The Princess is absolutely swooning over this one, and it’s not even our colors! It has to be the style, and perhaps the fact that it is (ssshh!) on sale!

Sonia Rykiel Preppy Sweater at Azalea Boutique

Besides the to-die-for sweaters and other fashions, the Boutique carries loads of great accessories, including Toms shoes. Why does The Princess love Toms? Because they are absolutely wonderful to look at and *very* easy on the feet; plus, for every pair purchased, Toms donates a pair to a child in need.

Toms Ramsey shoes at Azalea Boutique

How cool is that? To learn more about the shoe donation program, you can click here; or you can also go to the Toms site. In either event you can get to the link very easily for video on YouTube of the South African shoe drop, which is pretty amazing.


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You Can Now Remove the Polo Pony from the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt!

It’s almost shock and awe here at The Prepatorium, truly it is. What you see below is the way one stops acting as a free billboard for the Ralph Lauren companies.

Polo Ralph Lauren Country Club Stretch Polo Create Your Own PromotionPolo Ralph Lauren Create yOur Own Skinny Polo

Polo Ralph Lauren Make Your Own Polo

The ‘Create Your Own Polo’ promotion is sheer brilliance.The majority of the details are obvious: you select the style of the shirt, the color, and then the fun begins. Are you sitting down? Good. You now have options. On a Polo brand polo shirt. Actual choices, and they start with this (the source of so much pain and agony for The Princess): the Polo-playing pony that has come to symbolize the Ralph Lauren Polo brand.

Polo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own Polo

But, here is the good news of the day – the guy on the horse galloping across your bazooms can now be removed from the chest. Note we did not say that complete polo purging was an available option, as it is not. Total eradication is not currently available, however, the choice you have is simply this: if you would like to get him off your chest (so to speak) and put your own initials on that location, you may! You can even select the thread color for the embroidery, as shown below.

Polo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own Polo

Of course, there is the lingering issue of the man…on the horse… and where his new home will be… on the shirt you are considering acquiring for the approximate sum of $79. If you select the embroidered monogram at the chest, then the matching pony is re-located to the hem. If you elect to keep the Polo logo, then it stays where it is and another kind of logo (yes, you now have the addition of second brand marking) is placed at the hem. It consists of Mr. Lauren’s initials and the year the shirt was manufactured, presumably to imbue it with a collectible or possibly vintage feel down the road; we have an example below..

Polo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own CYO Initials & Year

The Princess recognizes she may have been the last individual on the planet to discover the “Create Your Own” Collection, but to enlighten any other lost souls who may not have known of the promotion, here they are: the Create Your Own Hat, and Create Your Own Oxford Shirt for Men. There is also the Create your Own Silk Tie Boys 2-7, and Create your Own Silk Tie Boys 8-20 program, with lots of fun colors and motifs.

Polo Ralph Lauren Boys 2-7 Create Your Own Silk Tie

Boys Create Your Own Silk TieBoys 2-7 Ralph Lauren Create your Own Tie


We would presume they are fiendishly popular, although some may balk at the prices. We leave with you images of a few of the hats as TP might have them done.

Polo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own HatPolo Ralph Lauren Create Your Own Hat

BTW, don’t forget the Free Shipping Promotion if you are purchasing more than one Polo.

Polo Ralph Lauren Free shipping

We wish warm and wonderful, bright and sunny weekends for all! Toodles!



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Wow! We Are 100+ and We’re Celebrating with a Preppy Deal for You!

The Princess is more than aware of the inappropriateness of emotional outbursts. We have known since an early age (actually I think this is somehow transmitted into the womb) they’re simply not done. Très mauvais comportement. However, TP has been known to acknowledge that on occasion, circumstances conspire to nudge, nay, provoke just such unacceptable behavior. Prepare to be offended.


Of course, you can now envision the adult version of the little madras-clad child you always see in the photo up at the right when visiting the blog, simply horrified at her improper behavior, her face a flaming (actually, it’s closer to fluorescent, but who are we to kick ourselves when we’re down?) fuchsia in color, carefully smoothing the non-existent wrinkle from the skirt of her Oscar daydress, gloves in left hand, clutch tucked under her arm. She is mortified. But she lifts her chin and says “We can’t just crawl under a recycling bin on Park Avenue, we must go on. We have posts to write, discounts to offer readers, and oh-so-chic Princess merchandise to move.” In other words, “Buck up Girl!”

Now we understand many in the Blogatorium celebrate their 100th post, and originally we intended to do the same. But here’s the part illustrating one reason why we spent our career doing television and not something requiring math skills: this will actually be our 102nd post, not our 100th! (Okay, we can add, we just weren’t very diligent in monitoring the number of posts.) And because that coincides with the Grand Opening and Soft Launch of our online store The Preppy Princess, and because we want to prove that we can too count over 100 (heh-heh-heh), have we got an offer for you! All merchandise at the Preppy Princess is 10% off from now through the end of June! That’s right, starting today and ending at 11:59pm EDT on June 30, 2008, we are more than happy to take 10% off your purchase at The Princess! All you need to do when you get to the checkout process is use coupon code BLOGDEAL, type it as all one word with no spaces, upper or lower case doesn’t matter, and 10% is deducted from your total purchase (not including tax and/or shipping of course), so how fun is that? We’re so excited, we’re hauling out The Offical Prepalicious Seal of Approval!

Prepalicious Seal of approval

Now for those who may not be regular readers, The Princess offers merchandise and goods that add just the perfect touch to your life, and the lives of those you love. You know, the proper table linens for distinctive entertaining, both casual and more formal. Or the ideal stationery and note cards discreetly making your personal style statement, or those that don’t call for a monogram for sharing as a superb gift.

Many have a nautical theme because that’s TP’s background and life…

Anchor Wheel Napkin Rings at Preppy Princess.com

Hope Note Cards Red Ticking Anchors PreppyPrincess.com

PreppyPrincess.com Seaside Kitchen Towels

And naturally you will see a bit of madras and seersucker at The Princess…

Blue \'Make Mine Madras\' Placemats Preppy Princess

There are also lush, plush and oh-so-posh towels…

Plush Posh \'Windward\' Turquoise Towel Set Preppyprincess.com

Towels Green & Pink Stripe \'Summer Blooms\'preppyprincess.com/summerbloomstowelset.aspx Set PreppyPrincess.com

Plus some great tote bags that are simply perfect for the farmer’s market , the grocery or bakery – you won’t need to use up plastic bags! (But you knew The Princess was always green, with a big old splash of pink!)

PreppyPrincess.com Blue Awning Stripe Tote BagpreppyPrincess.com Striped Set Charlevoix USA Totes

As you would expect, lots of things are done in bright, vibrant colors; your design needs are what we are here to meet! Everything is made using only the finest materials, with the level of craftsmanship you expect and appreciate… and you deserve. Each and every single item is inspected by The Princess before it is shipped.

So please come by for a visit, we would absolutely love to see you. We are so excited about our merchandise we will be sharing some more goodies in the next few weeks. And thank you for stopping by our blog! We’ll chat more later! Happy-Happy!


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Shoes @ Burberry, Selma Hayek’s Brother @ Target, LL Cool J @ Sears, Men @ Hermes

Burberry Shoe Boot at Nordstorm

The Princess is beyond mystified at this juncture by the ups and downs, the little vagaries of the retail world, so without editorial comment here’s what we can report about the varying ‘marriages of commerce’ recently announced.

Burberry Stud Plate Bootie at Nordstrom Available for pre-order  Burberry \'Armor Plate\' Buckle Flat

First off, the numbers are in, the data never lie, and the shoe sales at Burberry are more than sizzling, they are on fire. Therefore the luxury retailer plans to expand this segment of their business tenfold, and accomplish that massive task in five years time. The Princess loves capitalism. Really. Above you see the company’s ‘Stud Plate Bootie’ (left) available for pre-order at Nordstrom, and the Burberry ‘Armor Plate’ Buckle Flat (right), also from our good friends at Nordstrom. Those who think The Princess is merciless in her criticism of this firm for their commercialization of the brand should note the second shoe shown above, as it is a style perilously close to “cute,” also something we might actually purchase and wear! Egads! Not to worry. Our keepers will ensure that doesn’t happen.

Also Wednesday, word from everyone’s favorite discounter, Target, they have another limited-edition collection on its way, this time from Sami Hayek, brother of Hollywood actress Salma Hayek. The line will feature contemporary furniture, bedding and stationery. Prices will run the gamut, with a low of .99 cents to a high of $149.99 for an office desk.

Sami Hayek™ for Target® Floral Comforter Set Sami Hayek™ for Target® 220-Thread Count Sheet Set - Pink Star

The collection is aimed at college students and according to Le Boutique, it will be done “with minimal packaging that is designed to be reused or recycled, making the items both stylish and practical.” Hayek is quoted as saying the Target collection reflects his “core design beliefs, which include structure, humor and a commitment to sustainable design.” Below you see the Sami Hayek™ for Target® Striped Comforter Set in Brown on the left and the Reversible Coverlet Set in Gray/Tan on the right.

Sami Hayek™ for Target® Stripe Comforter Set - Brown Sami Hayek™ for Target® Reversible Coverlet Set - Gray/ Tan


The snooze news release goes on to say that “Anyone who values function and practicality housed in great design will gravitate toward Hayek’s product.” Of course; we were thinking just that. When one does a search at the Target site for ‘Sami Hayek,’ 17 results are returned. We do know there are pieces also available for purchase in the stores, we just don’t know how many or what kind of merchandise they are. Have any of our fearless readers spotted any Hayek pieces yet? Anyone with early reviews they can share? As best we can ascertain, this clearly isn’t the Whim line from Cynthia Rowley, but then it’s not intended to be. Some of the pieces appear to have bright colors that pop and reversible fabrics – and you know we like reversibility!

And now for some truly significant discourse. I know, I know, you have been very patient these past months and previous 99 posts, wondering if we might ever engage in some kind of meaningful conversation about life, man’s inhumanity to man, that kind of thing. Well, that time has arrived, and to whom do we give our thanks for initiating the dialogue? Eddie Lampert* and his gang of goofballs at Sears. (This is definitely a candidate for the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” list.) Evidently LL Cool J is going to save Sears, with a casual clothing line for juniors & young men, girls’ & boys’ that is supposed to hit stores starting this September. The price points will be at the higher end of the spectrum for Sears, $22 for a graphic tee and approximately $50 for a pair of jeans, according to Women’s Wear Daily. What greater topic for meaningful conversation than this?

LL Cool J LL Cool J for Sears

According to WWD “The collection of casualwear for juniors, young men’s, girls’ and boys’ will roll out to 450 of Sears’ 900 stores in September and could generate as much as $100 million to $150 million in its first year, sources said.” A 40-year-old hip-hop star at Sears? I dunno’. Apparently he’s at Macy’s (See reference below) with a different line, and has been for a few months. BTW, we don’t know about the hyphenation of hip-hop, and that is causing us all sorts of aggravation…. guidance from any of our, well, our hipper readers? 

LL Cool J for Sears look #2 LL Cool J

Think of all the other old dullards like TP learning what LL Cool J stands for: Ladies Love Cool James. Oh. Duh. Did everyone but yours truly know that? Huh? I mean, I might have walked into a Sears to learn that fact (doubtful), maybe (not) looked more closely at an ad, perhaps (please call Sister Mary Hand Grenade as this whopper is getting bigger and bigger) watched a TV commercial more closely if I had the time. Or not. Gone into a Sears to return a Lands End purchase gone bad? In a heartbeat. But then, we are not, most assuredly not the demo Sears is after. Not even close. And as mentioned above, we are a raging capitalist at heart, and nothing would be better than to see this little endeavor go great guns. 

Now, The Princess does know celebrity lines are what it’s all about in terms of branding and buzz for retailers. Think Vera Wang at Kohl’s. Or the upcoming Avril Lavigne at Kohl’s. Can we talk about Jessica Simpson? Martha Stewart? Hello? It is not as though this is unheard of. But it is also not as though Sears hasn’t tried this. Repeatedly. Again. And. Again. And Again. The Chicago Sun-Times covers Sears quite well, they have to – the company is practically in the paper’s backyard. And according to an article in Wednesday’s paper, Sears has been down this path 97 times:

“Sears previously launched 97 multicultural concept stores in its stores, and has offered African-American-themed items in its catalogs. It also has sold labels by Latin TV star Lucy Pereda, as well as well-known designers Liz Claiborne and BCBG’s Max Azria.”

“Meanwhile, analysts expect another dismal quarter at Sears when the Hoffman Estates-based retailer reports earnings on Thursday.”

Where the Princess becomes completely confused is this: no one seems to mention in any of today’s coverage that LL Cool Jay just launched another line of clothing this spring, the Todd Smith line! (The star’s real name is Todd Smith.) Nor do we see mention of Smith’s 2006 apparel line; this link takes you to a 2006 MSNBC story that makes interesting reading. The photos below are datelined March 8 of this year with a caption reading “LL Cool J Debuts His New Clothing Line ‘Todd Smith’ at Macy’s Department Store,’ so TP is most confused. Why start an additional line, arguably competitive line?

LL Cool Debuts Todd Smith Clothing Line at Macy\'s Culver City

We leave this confusion behind for the time being, and move on to the news that Hermes will open its first stand-alone Mens shop in New York sometime this fall. The success of its men’s and women’s apparel lines has been explosive, and added emphasis on menswear has been in the works for some time. The luxury goods seller wants to continue raising its mens ready-to-wear profile; the heavy focus on men’s products at its Financial District Boutique that opened earlier this year is proof of that. Below, a few looks from the Hermes Spring and Fall 2008 RTW Collections.

Hermes Spring 2008 Hermes Fall 2008

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate our 100th (or 101st, we have to check!) post and chat about the competition Hermes will face from another upscale mens retailer also planning to open a store on Madison Avenue. 








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Preppy Seersucker: “Save those Bucks for the Country Club”

One of the great joys of ‘officially entering the Summer season’ is that for those of us from an era that adheres firmly to certain fashion guidelines, it’s the time of year when we get to have certain favorites walked out of the walk-in. More succinctly, we’re down with the seersucker.

Oddly enough, we’re not the only group appreciative of the fabric’s finer points. A few other establishments and members of the media have caught on as well; we thought it a good day to share some of their observations and links to their original stories should you like to peruse them at your leisure.

We start with The WSJ’s ‘Ask Teri’ feature from last Thursday, the 22nd, in which a college student wonders what is appropriate attire for a summer internship in Washington, D.C. With a little help from a friend, Michael Macko, men’s fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, here is a portion of the response:

“Why not consider today’s more urbane take on seersucker, as in black-and-white or dark-gray-and-white seersucker suits?”

“Save your white oxford bucks or white loafers — without socks — for the country club.”

We’ll move on to this month’s issue of GQ with its snappy feature entitled “An American in Shanghai” and the subhead, ‘In the old city of China’s most booming metropolis, nothing catches the eye like an expat in a new-look seersucker suit.” There is an online slide show that you can start or stop at your pleasure with outstanding photos by Peggy Sirota of some great… and not-so-great seersucker suits. A few fashion tips are provided, such as ‘Know your Seersucker’ and the reader is advised that seersucker doesn’t need to be splashy. (Really? Noooooo! But we generally prefer ours to be splashy.) The first is this Polo by Ralph Lauren; the shirt, tie and pocket square are also Polo by Ralph Lauren.

Polo by Ralph Lauren Seersucker Suit GQ Gentleman\'s Quarterly

A higher contrast stripe is shown in the next suit, Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers with a shirt also by Black Fleece and tie by Banana Republic.

Seersucker Suit Black Fleece by Brooks Borthers GQ Feature

Before we move completely away from GQ/Men’s Style, they have another feature on ‘Building Your Perfect Wardrobe for Spring/Summer ’08‘ and they show the following, another Polo by Ralph Lauren seersucker suit, this time with a Gap shirt and tie/pocket square duo from Robert Talbott.

Polo Ralph Lauren suit seersucker

Of course, we know it isn’t all about suits and it most definitely is *not* all about menswear. How about these simply divine blue Seersucker Golf Club Head Covers from the good folks at Club Contessa.

Seersucker Golf Club Head Covers Contessa

Or the absolutely sweet Gingham Checked seersucker striped dress for your little girl, complete with pink grosgrain ribbon? This treasure can be found at Kule, a delightful little shop online from Nikki Kule; you can even host or attend a trunk show if you want to see the goodies in person. (And who wouldn’t want to from looking at them online!)

Pink Check Seersucker Dress at Kule with Pink Grosgrain Ribbon

Or this precious Florence Eiseman Seersucker Dress in a deep aqua stripe, for Sizes 3-9 Months, 12-24 Months, and 2T-4T. The Princess asks, how can you possibly resist, especially since it is on sale at Neimans? (I mean, look at those cute little flowers…..oh my!)

Florence Eiseman Seersucker Dress Neiman Marcus Florence Eiseman Neiman Marcus Seersucker

Of course, seersucker can also be simply outstanding for home decorating purposes, as evidenced by these Seersucker Window Panels in Pink Plaid or Aqua Plaid (actually The Princess would call these madras plaid seersucker…yes?) at everyone’s home-away-from-home, Le Boutique Tar-szhay.

Target Aqua Plaid Seersucker Curtain Panel

If you aren’t going to wear it or hang it from the walls, one location you should definitely think about for seersucker is your table. As in dining room table, breakfast bar, kitchen island, wherever one has Cook serve their oatmeal and morning papers. (Or perhaps where you give Junior his Fruit Loops and sippy cup; you get the drift.) The pink Seersucker Pod placemats from the Preppy Princess are precisely what you need to enhance your summer dining experience, or to give as a luscious gift with the coordinating napkins. (Of course they’re a Princess design! You knew that the moment you saw them!) <grin.>

Preppy Princess Pink Seersucker Stripe Pod Placemats Preppy Princess Pink Seersucker Pod Placemats

And because the Times felt compelled to mention seersucker in their amazing story on the swimsuits at Parke & Ronen, we thought we should share it with you as well, just in case you missed it in Thursday’s paper. The story, part of the Times’ Critical Shopper series that TP simply adores, is entitled Swimsuits Make the Man. We must acknowledge that information was news to us. At any rate, it is a most entertaining read. If you are in need of a gentleman’s swimsuit and wanted to see a Parke and Ronen version in seersucker (and on sale!), just click here.

Orrie King for The New York Times Photo of Parke & Ronen bathing suit

Now some of you may know we spent the better portion of the last few days looking at fashions from Sex and the City as worn by Miranda (and personally styled for Book Mamma) as well a McMommy version of Charlotte’s aesthetic. We are now left with only one question: would any of the four primary characters have any seersucker apparel or accessories in their closets? If you answered in the affirmative, then it would seem you have a moral obligation to leave a comment telling us which character, and what on earth she could possibly own in seersucker? Oh, good. We so hoped you would do that.

It is clear to us there is so much more to be done on seersucker, but sadly, that shall have to wait for another day. Board meetings, flowers, Spousal Unit, Vet, just too-too much happening! But Happy, Happy Day to all! Speaking of happy and the vet, here’s one of the household who does her best to make us happy: Tilly, our little rescue bulldog about to celebrate her second anniversary with us. She asked if she might say “Hello” to Mummy’s friends; it didn’t seem right to deny her that opportunity as you know how we feel about good manners and children learning as they grow and learning by doing. (Of course the vet believes Miss Tilly is fairly ancient as English Bulldogs go, but as we always say, it is never to late to learn good manners.)

Tilly\'s Big Smile

Tilly in her School Sweatshirt Before the Tailor Alters it


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