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The Princess Gets Back to Basics

Happy-Happy almost-weekend everybody! Here at the Prepatorium we finally have something resembling normal temperatures: we might hit 75 degrees today. Calm yourselves, it has not yet happened, it is merely a prediction made by the Weatherologists on teewee, so there’s just an itty-bitty chance they could be wrong.

Regular readers are aware we feel strongly about the virtues of basics upon which one can construct a meaningful existence: basic decency towards others, basic recipes, basic apparel and accessories.

One such elementary item is a simple watch on a classic ribbon band.  Today we bring you a new entrant to this sector of the market:

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones

The new watch from Bobby Jones is just out. It has a stainless steel case and comes in two additional striped ribbon patterns, as well as a solid black ribbon for those preferring a more understated look. (TP’s father wore a plain Timex with a plain black ribbon strap as far back as she can remember.)


The movement is by Seiko, so this one isn’t just a pretty face. It is available now at the Bobby Jones Shop.


We have several other opportunities for you to make contributions to the economy, all of them fiscally-friendly, of course.  Bergdorf Goodman is having their Designer Sale with “Prices as much as 40% Off” on items like the D & G Pumps(L) and the Tory Burch Megan flat (R).


Another emporium offering substantial savings: J. Press. Their Blue Silk Herringbone jacket is an excellent investment for the MOTH (Man of the House) in your life.

J. Press

J. Press

Classic stalwart Banana Republic also has scads of goods with revised price points. Below, the Cotton V-Neck Sweater, now $39.99 for most colors, but only $24.99 in white.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Not to be left out, Brooks Brothers is promoting some solid discounts on Men’s merchandise for Father’s Day.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers


Our next company covered is assuredly not known for helping one save their pocket change; we quite respect that policy. We’re talking about Hermès.



The luxury firm has opened a seasonal store in East Hampton. The shop is located right on Main, will be open until Sept. 20, and will carry some limited edition goods.

PHOTO: Skot Yobbagy/WSJ Magazine

PHOTO: Skot Yobbagy/WSJ Magazine


In another SOTT (Sign of The Times), word from P&G that Max Factor cosmetics will no longer be sold in the US.



Today’s story in WWD about the planned phase-out quotes an unnamed P&G executive:

“It’s a shadow of what it once was. Domestically it’s just so competitive. They have lost considerable real estate over the years and certainly over the last two years. It’s actually long overdue.”


Because we adore The Queen (we more-than-adore our own TQM but today we speak of the one on the far side of the pond,), we thought we would close out the post with this photo, perfectly suited to be today’s Pretty in Pink.

PHOTO: Phil Noble/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Phil Noble/AFP/Getty

The picture of HRH and Prince Philip dates to late May, and we think she looks faboo.

Enjoy the weekend, dollfaces, we’ll chat again soon!


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The Preppy Man’s Guide to Grown-up Watches

My lovely bride, known to you all as The Preppy Princess, is taking a day to rejuvenate her mind and soul. She has requested, and any married male will recognize the tone, that I publish some thoughts in her stead. This is a great opportunity to discuss some things that have been percolating for some time. We’ll be focusing on time. While Stephen Hawking has some brilliant thoughts on the subject my intentions are easier to grasp. It all begins with the question: What watch should a man wear and when should he wear it?

GQ magazine has published a comprehensive article on this very subject and we thank them for many of the photos you’ll be enjoying. Let’s get started.

Photo: Davies + Starr; Bettmann/Corbis

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner – This is one of the all-time classic watches. Good enough for Che Guevera, it should be good enough for any capitalist. It’s water-resistant to 330 feet. But that raises the question of water-resistant versus waterproof. Common sense should answer that. Also, at $5,175, what would be your frame of mind when your Submariner falls overboard and is last seen dropping to the bottom of a very deep body of water?

Photo: Davies + Starr; Bettmann/Corbis

Omega Speedmaster – My thought is that if this watch is good enough for Buzz Aldrin and the crew of Apollo 11 than I can probably work with it. The Speedmaster is good-looking, durable, accurate and, at only $3,000, affordable. A rare treat in today’s marketplace. Sometimes you get more than what you pay for.

Photo: Davies + Starr; Branger/Hulton Archive/Getty Image

Cartier Santos – Oh, my. Where do I begin? In 1904 Louis Cartier himself designed this watch for a Brazilian aviator. This gold-and-steel watch pictured is a modern version of Cartier’s original vision. Self-winding, accurate, tasteful. With a $4,200 price tag it is a true statement of gentlemanly restraint.

Photo: Davies + Starr; Everett Collection

TAG Heuer Monaco – Steve McQueen has been called the King of Cool. We won’t debate that because there is no debate to be made. McQueen wore this blue-faced watch in the 1971 film Le Mans. First produced in 1969, you can capture your inner McQueen with this water-resistant classic for a mere $3,195.

Photo: Davies + Star

Movado Museum – Recognize the watch? Of course you do. The epitome of understatement and minimalism. Perfect with a suit; mandatory with a tuxedo. The next time you’re in the Museum of Modern Art’s design wing look for this watch. Since 1947 this classic, with only an hour hand, minute hand, and that discreet dot at twelve o’clock, has held a place of honor. This watch is also very accessible because of the modest $995 price point.

Photo: Traserh3watches.com

Traser P 6500 Type 6 – Enough with the dress watches. This is a watch that can take more of a beating than you’ll ever want to absorb. The type 6 is an authentic US-military watch designed and built according to government specifications. There is a whole gamut of technology inside the watch. Thousands of these watches are being worn today by the men and women of our Armed Forces. The only difference between the military version and the civilian watch is that your timepiece will have a date window. Price? There is one place to get this watch in the United States. If you have enough spine to wear this watch then you can make the call yourself.

According to GQ, here’s a quick rule for watches: With contemporary watches [those made after 1985], platinum trumps white gold, white gold trumps pink, pink trumps yellow. And all of those trump steel. Vintage watches are an entirely different story. We can get to that in another post.

Another reminder: A sports watch should be worn while participating in sports. You rarely wear a suit while playing a sport. Why would you wear a sports watch in the office?

A last thought… diamonds do not determine the value of a watch. Don’t get sucked into that sales pitch. It’s all about the attention to detail inside the watch. You can’t go too far wrong selecting a Swiss-made watch. Precise, elegant and worth every dollar you’ll pay. But always remember what you’re expecting from your watch. My father, one of the most “comfortable in his skin” men I’ve ever met, would go to the corner drugstore each year and buy a $12 Timex. It kept accurate time and he’d toss it after a year. All he wanted from a watch was a quick answer to the question “What time is it?”. There’s something to be said for that.

And with that I say thank you for your time.


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The Preppy Watch, the Lacoste Skirt & the Sconset Terah Large Tote

Gant Univerisyt Watch Collection

Is there really such a thing as a ‘preppy watch’ in your mind? We’ve not yet determined there is such an animal. Above is an image of the forthcoming Gant University Collection, due for launch later this year from the good people at Gant Time. They are supposed to showcase ‘traditional American university colors’ with retro logos and such. Hhhmmm…we have not yet decided on these. Are they Prepalicious? Probably not as they seem to be a bit over the top in our humble opinion, but then so much of what is “fashionable” these days seems to fall in that category. You may want to toddle on over to Gant.com and bone up on your Gant history though, as it’s certainly more fascinating than The Princess knew. According to the company backgrounder, Bernard Gant originally made shirts for Brooks Brothers and J Press. Fun facts to know and tell over tea at the Plaza. The oh-so-wonderful-now-that-it-is-reopened-Plaza. Absolutely back to what it once was, only better. But don’t take our word for it, stop in and take a peek at the Oak Room as well as the ballroom. A vast improvement. Vast.

Speaking of watches, TP thought the whimsical Lacoste watch in pink seen below looked rather divine, and perhaps a tad more ‘preppy’ if such a thing is possible. And yes I know the title of this post says Lacoste skirt and we are getting there, truly we are, but bumping into the watches on the way to the skirt was not in the original plan. Having seen said watches I’m sure you now understand the reason for the detour. Quite. The first watch pictured is the Tiebreak model in pink, and the second is the Slice model (named for my golf swing I’m quite sure) in rose, also available in that classic Lacoste green. In fact, glance at the rest of Lacoste’s watches, all of them, and see if you don’t find them more than appealing, with the majority appearing a bit more, well, restrained let’s say.

Lacoste Watch Lacoste Watch rose

Whoops, we did mentions Lacoste skirt, didn’t we. It truly is not that big a deal, but this little gem of a tennis skirt caught our eyes. In addition to its classic lines, it is made of that wicking fabric so popular for athletic apparel these days. Here is the icing on the cake: the skirt is machine washable! Can you imagine? How very easy it will be to simply have the housekeeper take care of it!

Lacoste Tennis Mini skirt

We will have to fly through this next item, lovely as it is. The Elaine Turner Sconset Terah Large’  Tote at Nordstrom is such fun, and so functional too! It is definitely roomy; a “Large Tote.” If you are not yet familiar with the Nordstrom handbag sizing system, in NordieSpeak “Large Tote” translates into enough capacity to hold at least a magazine, water bottle, full-size wallet & sweater. (We do love their system, it’s so practical!) All this for only $195 plus a detachable zip-top cosmetic bag. This is why every Princess needs more than one tote – they’re so fabulous and so fun!

Sconset Large Tote Sconset Tote #2

Sconset Tote #3

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