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OMG! Gossip Girls & Deadliest Catch

Giovanni Rufino/THE CW ©2008

Not to make this look like the TV beat, but it probably is gonna’ look like the TV beat today, perhaps with a Preppy twist. Yawn. (Oh dear, I *am* sorry, that was quite rude.) As many readers know, social secretaries all over the country have been forced to plan around Monday evening’s Gossip Girls” broadcast on the CW network. In case you are somehow not up to speed on this scintillating issue, the show is all about the racy happenings at a fictional UES (Upper East Side) private school, the Constance Billard School for Girls. (Which everyone knows is based upon Nightingale-Bamford.) But, as Blair Waldorf might say, “Game over” for those planning to catch up on this year’s G2 shows at the CW’s site. Beginning with next Monday’s show, that party is over. While the network did allow people to see the series’ initial twelve episodes at CWTV.com, they want to drag people away from their computer and to their TV, especially that coveted demo, ‘young women’. For those worried about Serena’s nasty, naughty behavior, or finding out which character is gay, it’s time to learn how to use your Tivo. Or to call your very BFF and beg them do it for you. Having not seen Gossip Girls, the suspense is simply killing us. It appears we too shall be re-arranging the Monday night calendar.(Photo credits for the pix are Giovanni Rufino/THE CW ©2008 & Timothy White / The CW © 2007)

BTW, if your sweetie is one of the guys who flirts with utter rapture when watching ‘Deadliest Catch’ you may want to think twice about sharing this little tidbit: it appears the reality show may not be as real as they pretend to be. At least not every episode. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for getting some production notes, word is out that footage from two different days was edited together to make it look like one very dangerous day on the ship. Whoops. Well, we must run; we’re off to see if Cook will be on hand Monday to do the popcorn for us!

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