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Is J. Crew Discounting Too Much? And the Free Preppy Goodies – Enter Now!

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

Most readers have seen this email alert from J. Crew.  As many are no doubt aware, it is just one of many promotional efforts from the retailer that have hit our electronic in-bins recently.  And the company is not alone in its aggressive promotional moves; we are hard-pressed to come up with any retailers not currently promoting some sort of discount or sale to customers.  (If anyone is not aware of the discount shown in the photo above, it offers 20% off full-price sweaters and ends Thursday night at midnight; the promo code needed at checkout is SWEATERS.)

However, elsewhere on the J. Crew site one finds this:

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

… and this sale is not a discount or promotional price that ends tomorrow at midnight, as with the sweaters. This is an ongoing sale offering very deep discounts, especially for a retailer of Crew’s caliber, with items like the Men’s Patchwork tartan vest that originally sold at $228 now offered at $59.99.  The Princess is no mathologist, but it seems to us that is almost 75% off the original price.

And the site is full of merchandise on Sale, not all at this level of markdown, but a hefty amount nonetheless.  Why are deep discounts, other than the obvious appeal they hold for most of us, an issue? Because they make investors in the company’s stock nervous.  From Thomson Financial News:

“Shares of the preppy clothing company run by Wall Street darling and former Gap Inc CEO Mickey Drexler fell 14 percent to their life-time low of $11.90 in morning trade.”

The article cites a memo written by a stock analyst:

“…’The worst is yet to come for J. Crew, which has continued to reel under a weak economy’ …analyst Eric Beder wrote in a note to clients…”

“…surveys and store tours have shown J. Crew is becoming “more and more aggressive,” to clear out inventory….

While TP is always excited to see merchandise offered at more fiscally friendly price points, Crew cannot be making much profit on this Cashmere Sequin Shell being sold for $49.99, roughly 70% less than its original price of $158.

The story also quotes the analyst:

“We do not believe the J. Crew business model works at the current levels and depth of price cuts,” he wrote.”

J. Crew Group’s stock closed at a new all-time low this afternoon, $11.64 per share. Ouch. We wish we were a bigger and better person Ladies, but let’s face it: their pain is your gain.


A quick reminder on the Great Preppy Giveaway: enter to win this Scout Zip ‘n Tuck Market Tote by leaving a comment before midnight tonight telling us one thing about America you are grateful for.



…just anything at all about the United States that you are thankful for, and you are entered to win the tote! And if you mention the giveaway on your blog, then you will automatically be able to send the Preppy Princess Madras Photocards to anyone you choose! And we pay the shipping on everything!



Tomorrow we will reveal the lucky winner(s)! And don’t forget we’ll be starting a new Thankful Thursday Giveaway tomorrow too, so pop in and say “Hi” when you have a spare nanosecond. We’re always glad to see you!


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The Preppy Princess Great Giveaway! Win a Preppy Tote or Madras Cards!

Hello-hello and thanks for popping in for a visit here at the Prepatorium!

Aren’t you ready for some just plain fun? The Princess most assuredly is, and hopes you are as well.  That’s why we are starting our new “Thankful Thursdays” giveaway posts, giving away sublime goodies from the Preppy Princess.  Our first week’s primary prize is this fabulous Scout Tote in the Diamond Jane pattern.

PreppyPrincess.com Scout Tote

PreppyPrincess.com Scout Tote


Our Scout bags are essentially indestructible, and the perfect thing to replace plastic and/or paper bags at the market.  They are collapsible, super lightweight and water-resistant, very easy to wipe clean.

How does the Great Giveaway work?

  1. Simply leave a comment on this blog specifying one thing about America for which you are thankful. One thing you appreciate, or are grateful for, related to the United States.  (And yes, by all means list more than one thing, but be aware multiple posts will not improve your chances of winning.)
  2. One needn’t be from America or be a U.S. citizen to enter.
  3. One must have a valid email address so we can contact you.
  4. The comment must be left on the Preppy Princess blog between today, Wednesday, November 6th at 4pm EST and next Wednesday November 12 at 11:59:59pm EST. Any day in this week is fine, take your pick.  Write early, write often.
  5. There is a BONUS: if you write about or mention this giveaway on your blog and you are the winner, you can designate a recipient for a secondary prize, shown below.
  6. International Primary Gift winners are required to pay actual shipping expenses over and above $7 USD. If winner chooses a secondary gift recipient residing outside the Continental U.S., they are responsible for all shipping expenses.

This week’s secondary prize is from the Preppy Princess Paper Collection, an excellent boxed set of Holly House Madras photocards, just perfect for this time of year! So remember, if you posted about the giveaway in your blog before next Wednesday’s 11:59pm deadline and you are the winner, you can select someone to receive the madras Holly House photocards!

PreppyPrincess.com Holly House cards

PreppyPrincess.com Holly House cards

A week from today, Thursday, Nov. 13th, we will announce our first Great Giveaway winner! And we pay the shipping on everything as well, unless it is headed out of the Continental U.S.

This is TP’s first giveaway and we are crossing all our fingers and our toes it goes well!

Grins and Giggles to all!


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It’s Time for Totes Pt. 1: Longchamps, Lilly & Pucci Prints!

If we are going to converse on the topic of totes, then we must come out with it and admit we lust after one (truth be told, it’s actually more than one) from the generally-not-considered-preppy Longchamp line, their Lumiere Tropicale Handbag in the Shades of Green colorway. At only 10″ square we consider it something akin to a Baby Tote, but it is 5″ wide, making it tote-like, yes?

Longchamps Lumiere Tropciale at Magnums

Then there’s also Longchamp’s Lumiere Tropicale Tote, in their Shades of Orange stripes, also a looker. And don’t let it be said The Princess isn’t into practicality these days, as this one is larger than our previous example and could easily double as a carry-on if one is forced to travel in Economy Class on holiday. (Oh dear, what a dreary thought.)

Longchamps Tropicale Lumiere Oranges at Magnums

Additionally we are in love with this fabulous offerings seen below from Roman Savell, dubbed the Resort Tote. When you click on the link, be sure to go through all six additional images so you can see the thermal insulated bottom, simply a divine addition to a tote! Whilst the majority of Savell’s Handbags and Mom Bags would not be considered ‘preppy,’ TP thinks this one fits the bill perfectly. (The Princess is also fond of Savell because the logo bar is mercifully small by today’s standards.)

Roman Savell Blue Tote Roman Savell Red Tote

And then we simply have to show one of our favorites, the Pucci Sundial Canvas Beach Bag exclusively at Net-a-Porter. (We simply lovelovelove all Pucci prints and can’t seem to get enough of them.) When you buy this one, you’re also doing something for a good cause; all net proceeds go to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer® Worldwide. Besides that, you have to love a bag when its only logo is inside on the magnetic snap, other than the hidden signature on the fabric, a la Lilly.

Emilio Pucci Sundial Canvas Beach Bag Tote Emilio Pucci Sundial Canvas Tote Interior CU

Speaking of Lilly, it just doesn’t seem right to talk about totes without mentioning one of hers. In fact, we’ll do one today and another one in out Tote Part Two, coming tomorrow. Here is the kinda’ wacky, kinda’ wow, kind of PVC-ish pair of Lilly Pulitzer Beach Totes from Horchow. (TP had no idea they carried Lilly!)

Horchow Collection Lilly Beach Bags

Frankly, we much prefer the large Lilly Via tote, available almost anywhere you find Lilly.

Lilly Pulitzer Via Tote



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The Goyard Tote Part 2

Pink Goyard bag from iauction

We have been looking around at some of the ‘sexier’ or hotter bags being carried, at least in terms of ourselves and other Prepaholics, and have become even more convinced that if forced to bypass our standard tote, the Goyard version is near the top of the list as a replacement carry.

Bill Cunningham Goyard story from NY Times

After our initial posting on the divine bag (see photo below), a wonderful little birdie told us about an interesting story in the Times from back in December of 2006, a quick glimpse at the bag’s popularity. It’s one of those fascinating “On the Street” features looking at a specific item or trend and what’s actually happening with it on the street, not what a PR firm or designer tells you is going on. Author and photographer Bill Cunningham (if you don’t read him, you really should think about looking at some of his stories, both online from the paper and also his web pieces designed specifically to air online, *very* cool) noted that the Goyard had become the most popular bag “… on luxury mile, Madison Avenue and 57th Street. Of lacquered linen and cotton, the bags don’t shout status and there are no waiting lists at Goyard…”.

Business Week Luxury Bag story - Goyard pic

After that great tip we did a little looking around and found this intriguing post from Imran Amed at BusinessofFashion.net, (*always* a great place to stop by for fabulous perspective and insight) from April of 2007 that compares the Tory Burch flat and the Goyard bag. But then there is a cautionary story, also from the Times, looking at the simply enormous problem of counterfeit bags, with part of the focus on the Goyard.

Hope this wasn’t too tedious for everyone; I can’t seem to stop myself once I get going!

Photo Credit: Top – unknown, Middle – Bill Cunningham/The New York Times, Last – Business Week

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Ralph Lauren Polo Preppy Tote. Awesome.

Ralph Lauren Polo Preppy Pink & Green Tote for Moms Day

This just landed in our digital Inbox from the fashionheads at Ralph Lauren Polo, and boy do we like it! Some of you may have seen it in person at a Polo store, but it’s been ages since we’ve been in one, simply eons. Probably at least two months. Okay. Maybe six weeks. Possible less. But just look at those colors!

Ralph Lauren Polo tote in Natural & Newport navy, Mom\'s DayRalph Lauren Polo tote in Baldwin Blue/Caribbean Blue

At any rate, how preppy looking is this? Quite IMHO. Yeppers. Of course, it is one of their Ten Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and technically I’m not a mother, but I do believe our kitty and our dog would say “Buy it Buy it Buy It!” if I wanted it. Obviously I would struggle with ginormous logo, but the colors are killers. And there are other colors. This presents even more evidence that God truly meant for email to be invented.

The tote is a great cotton canvas, with a cell phone pocket inside, along with two oversize pockets and a zippered leather compartment. It runs $115, which seems a tad steep for a cotton tote, but then there the Polo mystique which, of course, is priceless.

Ralph Lauren preppy Polo Tote in Green & Blue, Mom\'s Day gift

The Princess hopes you have a stellar weekend and enjoy a touch of Spring!

Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Ralph Lauren


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The Pink Patent Tote – but is it Preppy?

Fearragamo Pink Tote Ferragmo Pink Tote

Perhaps sunglasses should be standard issue with this bag. Is it bright? Well…yes, perhaps a little. Shiny? But of course, it’s patent. Put it this way: TSU (The Spousal Unit) made it clear he would not be party to any public appearances that included this bag. His suggestion was that it be somehow attached to the buoys in Boston Harbor to help guide in lost ships. I told him I was laughing inside. Really. Then he felt compelled to add a comment about matching pink patent pumps and possible uses for them and the conversation degenerated from there. Use your imagination.

At any rate, we felt this beauty deserved a mention: it’s the Salvatore Ferragamo Patent Tote from Sak’s. Do we consider it to be ‘preppy’ by definition? No, but we do find it to be Prepalicious. Do your part in making the world a brighter place by carrying this baby all over midtown (Manhattan) and see if that doesn’t raise some eyebrows. Look at it this way: if it is simply “too too,” you can always use it as a weapon, sort of a personal protection device in a non-standard color. Frankly, I think the chances of being mugged go down exponentially if you are carrying this one. Trust the Princess.

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The Preppy Watch, the Lacoste Skirt & the Sconset Terah Large Tote

Gant Univerisyt Watch Collection

Is there really such a thing as a ‘preppy watch’ in your mind? We’ve not yet determined there is such an animal. Above is an image of the forthcoming Gant University Collection, due for launch later this year from the good people at Gant Time. They are supposed to showcase ‘traditional American university colors’ with retro logos and such. Hhhmmm…we have not yet decided on these. Are they Prepalicious? Probably not as they seem to be a bit over the top in our humble opinion, but then so much of what is “fashionable” these days seems to fall in that category. You may want to toddle on over to Gant.com and bone up on your Gant history though, as it’s certainly more fascinating than The Princess knew. According to the company backgrounder, Bernard Gant originally made shirts for Brooks Brothers and J Press. Fun facts to know and tell over tea at the Plaza. The oh-so-wonderful-now-that-it-is-reopened-Plaza. Absolutely back to what it once was, only better. But don’t take our word for it, stop in and take a peek at the Oak Room as well as the ballroom. A vast improvement. Vast.

Speaking of watches, TP thought the whimsical Lacoste watch in pink seen below looked rather divine, and perhaps a tad more ‘preppy’ if such a thing is possible. And yes I know the title of this post says Lacoste skirt and we are getting there, truly we are, but bumping into the watches on the way to the skirt was not in the original plan. Having seen said watches I’m sure you now understand the reason for the detour. Quite. The first watch pictured is the Tiebreak model in pink, and the second is the Slice model (named for my golf swing I’m quite sure) in rose, also available in that classic Lacoste green. In fact, glance at the rest of Lacoste’s watches, all of them, and see if you don’t find them more than appealing, with the majority appearing a bit more, well, restrained let’s say.

Lacoste Watch Lacoste Watch rose

Whoops, we did mentions Lacoste skirt, didn’t we. It truly is not that big a deal, but this little gem of a tennis skirt caught our eyes. In addition to its classic lines, it is made of that wicking fabric so popular for athletic apparel these days. Here is the icing on the cake: the skirt is machine washable! Can you imagine? How very easy it will be to simply have the housekeeper take care of it!

Lacoste Tennis Mini skirt

We will have to fly through this next item, lovely as it is. The Elaine Turner Sconset Terah Large’  Tote at Nordstrom is such fun, and so functional too! It is definitely roomy; a “Large Tote.” If you are not yet familiar with the Nordstrom handbag sizing system, in NordieSpeak “Large Tote” translates into enough capacity to hold at least a magazine, water bottle, full-size wallet & sweater. (We do love their system, it’s so practical!) All this for only $195 plus a detachable zip-top cosmetic bag. This is why every Princess needs more than one tote – they’re so fabulous and so fun!

Sconset Large Tote Sconset Tote #2

Sconset Tote #3

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