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It’s All About the Pink….and Perhaps a Little Green.

Hello-Hello…did everyone enjoy their weekend?

We have not featured a collection of items in the color pink for some time, and today seems like the perfect day to do just that.  Let’s start with something The Princess covets: the Jeffrey for Sperry top-sider leather lace-up in a neon pink patent, also available in an equally vivid lime green. These run $138 at a fabulous little shop, Gimme Shoes.


If these are a tad too bright for wearing to your somewhat shy teenager’s field hockey game (You know, “Mother, I will die! If you wear those to my game, I will be so embarrassed I will just die, I will never forgive you” sort of wailing), how about this Pink Plaid pair, also perfect for sloshing around in the mud.  They come from the oh-so-talented Tamara Henriques, and are approximately $65-$70 depending on the exchange rate for the British pound.

Everyone has at least one cable sweater in their sweater closet. But do you have the cable clog? Here is an opportunity to acquire your first pair, shown in pink but available in many other colors. These are also from the very talented Ms. Henriques and also require what is a reasonably small investment, $65-$70.


In showing this next item we must acknowledge that it would seem a modicum of sanity has returned to Tiffany.  For those who did not have to endure the sad, sorry saga of The Princess and “The Store Formerly Known as Tiffany,” we’ll only say we were aghast at the commercial aspect the company’s merchandise was taking on, believing them to be imperiling the brand itself with some products that violated the fundamental tenets upon which the company was founded.

This is why we are pleased to see the return of a more subdued (and subsequently far more elegant) classic, the Tiffany Purse pen in sterling silver with its pink diamond-textured motif.

Tiffany Pen

Tiffany Pen

Thinking about the holidays and wondering about something a little different for the tree? How about a Lilly Pulitzer Glass Christmas Ornament in the pink “Toile of Two Monkeys” pattern?


Perfect for your little Princess, Best & Co. offers the pink Pleated Sweater Skirt for Girls Sizes 2-12. Remember if the Greenwich store isn’t convenient, you can always stop by the boutique inside Bergdorf Goodman.

Best & Co.

Best carries a matching cardigan with a sweet ruffle on the front. If it’s just “too-too” or “frou-frou,” then consider any or both of the pieces in other colors; they come in cream, brown, navy, or red.

Always an excellent gift, the Cabo Isabella picture frame by Kate Spade is sleek and elegant.

Of course, The Princess is fond of the Larabee Dot Tidbit Plate set, also from Kate Spade. It comes in several colors but you won’t be surprised to know the two we consider to be the “must have” colors:

Here in The Great Midwest we are feeling a little nip in the air; we know that Gap’s fabulous Pink Peacoat will make anyone look great while also warding off the chill.

And this Girly Peacoat in rich raspberry pink will brighten anyone’s day! It is also from Gap and available in Sizes 12 Months to 5 Years.

The variety of childrens’ shoes available in all colors, prices, styles, and quality levels is  overwhelming. We offer this pair from Cienta, in a fuchsia that takes no prisoners, it is that bright. (C’mon ladies, you know you can’t say no to the bow.) These are available in Toddler Sizes, made in Spain; the pair cost $55 at Zappos.

And for the Lady of the House, what could be more snuggly than this pair of pink Madras Igloo Mocassin Slippers by Reef? These are also at Zappos, they run $29 and shipping is free.

And for Mom, this darling pair of Ballerina Flats from one of our favorites, London Sole, a shoe meriting your acquaintance if you are not already fast friends.


On the home front, a perfectly useable style statement for from IKEA, the Snille Swivel Chair in pink.

If all of this isn’t pink enough, consider the pink rooms of the fifties, this one compliments of the cool folks at Crater Ranch.

Crater Ranch

Crater Ranch

Here at the Prepatorium we sometimes must remind ourselves that our worries are really very, very small. Images like this help us put things in perspective. I mean, who would expect to find this pink room in the middle of a battle zone thousands of miles away in southern Baghdad…?

The caption for the photo reads:

“In an odd twist of irony our sniper (SGT G) and his fearsome weapon (the Barett .50 cal) were housed in a pink room….”

God love the men and women in uniform who are looking out for us.


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Preppy Vampire Weekend Going Goth for Cape Cod?

Welcome to another day at the Prepatorium, where we must acknowledge our lack of familiarity with the primary subject of our post, the preppy pop-rockers Vampire Weekend. (Other than our previous post about the band back in April of this year.)

At any rate, their current music video, Oxford Comma, again shows them in their standard fare of buttondown shirts, polo shirts, chinos, jeans, and even a cardigan sweater. The über-preppy former Columbia students worked on their next music video over the weekend and apparently this one is a little different thematically from the previous three. The song they are doing the video for, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, has lyrics referencing Louis Vuitton and Benetton, among other things.

The boys in the band and a whole lot of other folks spent part of the weekend shooting the video on the Jersey shore. According to a report on the VH-1 website:

“the longest shoot we’ve done” — they were decked out in standard-issue VW gear: Polo, Lacoste, Sperry. Even I rocked J.Crew threads. But not for long.

Quite the look, don’t you think? If you are not familiar with the lyrics to the song, here they are, compliments of MetroLyrics.com. Should you desire ringtones, hypothetically you acquire them free at the site.

As a young girl
Louis Vuitton
With your mother
On a sandy lawn

As a sophomore
With reggaeton
And the linens
You’re sitting on

Is your bed made?
Is your sweater on?
Do you want to
Like you know I do

But this feels so unnatural
Peter Gabriel too

Can you stay up
To see the dawn
In the colors
Of Benetton?

Is your bed made
Is your sweater on
Do you want to
Like you know I do

But this feels so unnatural
Peter Gabriel too

Is your bed made
Is your sweater on
Do you want to
Like you know I do

The group has not yet played anywhere on the Cape; when doing their story, MTV asked about that and here’s how they wrote it:

“It doesn’t look like it’s gonna be this summer, and in some ways that serves them right,” Koenig said. “Because we tried last summer for Cape Cod but, you know, nobody wanted us at the time. We hope to get there at some point.”

C’mon, P-town, Wellfleet, Hyannis — get it together!

Now since we mention Benetton, TP just had to pop into their site, which still is not shoppable online. Honestly. However, once inside and comfortably grazing, look what we found:

All we can tell you is its name, the Beatle, and that it is available in four colors: fuchsia, black, lime, and orange. It also comes in four different sizes. The Princess is absolutely transfixed by it. Translated? Whilst in the big city by the large lake this week we may need to go hunting for it and its siblings. There is nary a word about the material from which it is made in the non-descriptive description on Benetton’s site, so really, we’re merely going on an investigatory mission. Nothing more. Honest.


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