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Brooks Brothers + Mad Men = Limited Edition Suit

Hello-Hello and happy Thursday!

We are attempting to get things back to normal here at Princess InterGalactic HQ following yesterday’s little hiccup. That incident is going to require more time and attention (there are many items no longer as frozen as they once were), thus we shall be brief today.

How are we all feeling about a Don Draperish suit for the man of the house? It seems there will soon be an opportunity to acquire one: Brooks Brothers and Mad Men costume director Janie Bryant have collaborated on a men’s suit.  WWD describes the look as “…inspired by Draper and the other well-dressed cads at fictional ad firm Sterling Cooper”.  We don’t know about you, but ‘cad’ is one of our alltime favorite words.

The limited edition suit will be available online and at 10 Brooks Brothers stores beginning October 19 through the show’s final episode November 8, but one can’t speculate how long the inventory will last, as only 250 of the Brooks suits have been made. Fans may recall that Ms. Bryant is an Emmy winner for her direction of the show’s costumes, we really are quite intrigued, and eager to see this creation.

As we’re talking about the Drapers, how did everyone like Betty’s updo for her romantic dinner with Don during their “Roman Holiday”?

Carin Baer/AMC-TV

Carin Baer/AMC-TV

We also liked the earrings Betty wore, oh-so-60s!


Our next tidbit is also related to a television show, but in this case the focus is on an actress from the show, Kelly Rutherford of Gossip Girl. Monday’s Droolicious post is titled “Kelly Rutherford and Hermes Go Preppy“:



From the story:

“Well aren’t they a preppy site? Gossip Girl mom Kelly Rutherford was spotted in Manhattan strolling with her almost three year old son Hermes. With her tan Hermes handbag (the other Hermes), tweed coat and LL Bean boat bag, Kelly totally goes for that collegiate look. And for son Hermes? He pulls his own preppiness and rides in a plaid detailed Maclaren stroller.”

‘Pulls his own preppiness’ is a phrase we’ve not heard previously.


It’s time for a big thumbs-up to the young men at the helm of Smathers and Branson, Peter Smathers Carter and Austin Branson. The two made Inc. magazine’s “30 Under 30” list of young entrepreneurs.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

It is likely their products are more recognizeable than their faces, with gems like the Pink & White Houndstooth Coin Purse, today’s Pretty in Pink.

Of course that is but one example of their fabulous needlepoint merchandise, many might find their traditional needlepoint belts to be more familiar.


We do adore their products.

With that we say g’bye until next time, may your afternoon and evening be calm and soothing.


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The Preppy Princess Turns 500


Happy Tuesday to everyone, and apologies for yesterday’s whineathon of a post, it was most unbecoming. We promise to be a better Princess today. In fact, today’s post is all sweetness and light. Seriously.

Because today marks our 500th post!

And to mark the occasion we are going to do something we’re not very good at: talking about ourselves (all of us, each and every Princess…heh-heh-heh), in a manner of speaking. More accurately, talking about life on the Preppy Planet as seen through the eyes of our little blog.

Our very first post was back on February 10, 2008, titled Prepalicious Alberta Ferretti. We looked at an outstanding collection from this designer (perhaps better known for her Philosophy line), but not one generally considered to offer a preppy aesthetic.

Our single most popular post? It is titled Gossip Girls Haunt the Hamptons & Here’s One for the Military:



“… this would be actor Ed Westwick, a Brit who plays a rather slimy fellow named Chuck Bass. There were other celeb sightings: we were told that any females in the vicinity of actor Chace Crawford tend to swoon, or get a bit giggly, as seen in the photo below. You know, teenage, pre-teen, post-teen, tweens, you name it, almost any female breathing in and out could be susceptible, at least from from what we understand.”


Our second most popular post has to have the longest title ever created: Summer Olympics Fashion Focus, Ralph Lauren Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms Reactions, and Who Was “Preppy” Dressed Team?

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Other hot topics include Tiffany Eyeglasses….

Courtesy Tiffany

Courtesy Tiffany

Goyard totes,

Courtesy Goyard

Courtesy Goyard

…along with all manner of apparel and accessories, especially of a preppish design.

Jim Young/Reuters

Jim Young/Reuters

And when those styles intersected with politics and/or celebrity (let alone darling little girls), that only seemed to heighten the interest. Sketches have also been popular.

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

J. Crew proved especially adroit at maximizing marketing opportunities in this arena.

Occasionally we let a little of our LogoPhobia (a little?!) rear its head, and we have delighted in sharing felt obligated to report on those newly named to the Anti-Prep Wall of Shame.  We have also loved finding things that are Pretty in Pink, discovering Argyle Adventures, not to mention sharing anything nautically inclined, adorned with grosgrain ribbon, or done in a seersucker or madras motif.

The goings on here at the Prepatorium have also been topics for discussion, as well as our little trips to visit TQM (The Queen Mother) and other royalty, along with cataloguing the travails of getting that drawbridge over the moat up and down when we’re at the mercy of such a testy group of gnomes.  Don’t you find that getting good help is so hard these days?! (This is where one inserts the smirk.)

Classic prep retailers, clothing with a Lilly label (let alone our Lilly Pulitzer stationery collection), spring and fall Fashion Weeks, Grand Slam tennis, nothing is safe it seems, especially if The Consort is doing the post! And we’ll probably keep it that way, unless you direct us to do otherwise. (Although some might be surprised at what we consider our favorite post, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with preppy style or fashion.)

Because we follow your lead; the very best part of all this bloggage has been our treasured readers. By far.  We consider ourselves more-than-fortunate to have made so many friends via this medium, we really are blessed. So if there is something you want to see more, or hear less about, anything at all, do tell! We always want to know your thoughts.

After this there really isn’t anything we can say other than “Thank you”.


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A Sign of the Times We Could Do Without

Hello and Harrumph.

Yes, we realize how inexcusably rude a greeting of this nature is; we are more than a little cranky this morning.  Pourquoi ça?  Because we have multiple SOTTs (Sign Of The Times) in today’s post, and we don’t like them.

And because the world just shrank. Again.

We are going to be forced to say goodbye to a longtime friend, legendary in the field:


Gourmet is going away. After almost 70 years of publishing, Conde Nast is closing the magazine. Below, we have a snippet from the internal memo with today’s announcement:

Gourmet magazine will cease monthly publication, but we will remain committed to the brand, retaining Gourmet’s book publishing and television programming, and Gourmet recipes on Epicurious.com.

Most insiders thought Bon Appetit would be sacrificed to save the storied Gourmet brand, the news this morning caught many by surprise.

Also being shuttered by the publishing giant: Elegant Bride.


And Modern Bride.


Filling out the quartet of closures: Cookie.


As a businessperson we completely understand the circumstances leading to this morning’s grim news. Two food magazines in this environment is one too many. Three bridal books consolidated into one, we comprehend this decision. But it doesn’t mean we have to like any of it. (Yes, the Princess is pouting.)

A few related points that may be of interest:

  • The November issues of Gourmet and Cookie will be their last; Fall Elegant Bride is that magazine’s final printing and the October/November issue is the last for Modern Bride
  • To ‘offset’ the end of Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, Conde will boost the frequency of Brides; it becomes a monthly.
  • the Cookie and Gourmet.com sites will be up through the end of the year

If this carries a familiar sound familiar it may be the recollection of Conde announcing the Portfolio and/or Domino closures, the end of Golf for Women, or the news that Men’s Vogue would be ‘incorporated into’ Vogue.


A quick reminder for fans of Gossip Girl and Tory Burch: those two are combined on this evening’s episode.


CW/Giovanni Rufino/Landov

In the photo above of Ms. Burch with actress Blake Lively it may appear the scenes were shot on location at the designer’s office; that is not the case.  A special set was constructed to replicate that site.

In a People magazine story Ms. Burch was asked to put together looks for two of the program’s main characters: Serena van der Woodsen (Ms. Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester). Below, the styles selected for ‘Serena’.

Courtesy Tory Burch via People.com

Courtesy Tory Burch via People.com

Next, the choices Ms. Burch came up with for ‘Blair’.

Courtesy Tory Burch via People.com

Courtesy Tory Burch via People.com

Fortunately we follow meghandono from (Wit & Whimsy) on Twitter, or we never would have remembered about tonight’s episode.


Before we fly, a quick query for our fellow Mad Men fanatics: did everyone notice where Joan is working now? For those who are not addicts fans, here is a clue.

We’re not sure how we feel about Pete Campbell describing Bonwit Teller as “The Republic of Dresses”.  BTW, what does everyone think about Betty’s Junior League ‘project’?

With that deep thought (hee-hee-hee) to ponder we shall say ‘g’bye until next time!


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