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The Times Sends the Critical Shopper to Tommy Hilfiger

Hello-Hello…. are we all sufficiently sodden and soggy at this point? The rain is beginning to seem like an enemy instead of a welcome friend. Waaahhh! (And how long ago was it we were whining about snow?? Indeed.)

Regular readers know we are gaga about the Times’ Critical Shopper column, having been exposed to same in this blog countless times.  In this week’s column writer Mike Albo pays a visit to the Tommy Hilfiger store on Bleecker Street.

PHOTO: Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times

PHOTO: Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times

Mr. Albo’s assessment of any recessionary impact (none) on shopping in this West Village neighborhood is rather humorous:

“… as busy as ever. This little hamlet of cute shops and cupcakeries is not like the rest of the country. It should be rezoned on maps and called the People’s Republic of Carrie Bradshaw.”

The store has been open since 2007, but recently underwent a little updating and tweaking. The column has some positive comments on the merchandise:

“Many of the clothes are bright, eye-catching and playful — almost a parody of what rich people wear. A seersucker suit ($498) hung near seersucker shorts embroidered with little lobsters ($49).”

Tommy HIlfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

We quite like the shorts! But then we have the Clarkston Board Shorts (seen below) for men. They really don’t work for us, despite our fondness for anchors.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

From Mr. Albo’s critique of the store, not everything works for him either:

“Many clothes teeter on garishness. A striped shirt with a bright floral print on the inside cuff and collar ($98) was too in love with its own hidden follies, and a shirt with a white-on-white vine pattern on the shoulders evoked high school prom, Long Beach, 1989.

We’re guessing the Ben Stripe Shirt (seen below) is the first item Mr. Albo references in the paragraph up above. We don’t find the floral trim to be hideous, but the large logo on the pocket proclaiming the brand?  We think not.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

The column continues with other concerns about Hilfiger designs:

A loud button-down shirt with an eye-searing print of orange and red flowers ($49.99) would only be right for the brilliant, queeny comedian Paul Lynde if he were still alive. These garments made me worry that Mr. Hilfiger was still designing for his label’s heyday, a time when it was cool to promenade around the Hamptons with a professional umbrella holder.”

It is just a guess on our part, but it seems possible Mr. Albo might file this under “When Preppy Goes Wrong.”  We find ourselves feeling a tad more charitable. (Yes, you read that correctly, and we do know it is the shocker of the day, almost headline material.)

There are redeeming qualities in some of Mr. Hilfiger’s creations.

And best of all, there is also an online promotion underway, providing an Additional 30% Off Sale Merchandise, bringing some inventory to about 75% off its original selling price.  We are claiming the Women’s Basic Fitted Oxford as today’s Pretty in Pink, especially as it is now available in three colors for $29.99.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

And just to have an Adventure in Argyle today, we’ll share the Men’s Hampton Argyle V-Neck, a nice look for The Consort perhaps.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger


Before we dash,a few quick sale updates, starting with the Summer Sale at J. Crew:

J. Crew

J. Crew

Kate Spade is promoting ‘Up to 75% Off‘, while competitor Tory Burch is offering “Up to 60% Off” with their sale.

And the Alexander McQueen Sale starts next Tuesday, June 2nd. Click on the image below to pop over to the McQueen site to register for the sale, offering up to “40% off original retail prices”.

McQueen fans won’t want to forget the big markdowns on the McQueen for Target Collection, including the Tattoo Print Strapless dress, now selling at $19.98. (Originally marked at $79.99.)

Until next time, may the sun shine upon you and those you love today!


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Budget Prep, SATC Wedding Gown Update, More Preppy Sales

Hello-Hello and Happy (oh-so-happy) Friday! We hope your weekends are going to be filled with fun and frolic, relaxation and perhaps even a break from the chaos of daily life.

We start today with the Sun-Times and a nifty little story they ran this week, Preppy on a Budget. The column is accompanied by a fun slide show called Preppy Shopper. The story by Jessica Sedgwick showcases several shops unique to Chicago as well as national retailers. From their slide show, the Spiegel signature stretch seersucker jacket.


“Those who enjoy rocking their inner Blair Waldorf (“Gossip Girl” queen bee of prep) might think the only way they can get that look is by spending big bucks. Not anymore.”

Collage Courtesy SunTimes.com

Collage Courtesy SunTimes.com

“Retailers such as Kohl’s, Old Navy and even indie-minded Urban Outfitters are unleashing affordable preppy pieces — many adorned with sailor-inspired buttons and crisp seersucker stripes…”

Also showcased in the story, the Unisa TammyLee Ballet Flat at DSW.

And these Chaps Madras Shorts for boys are only $18 at Kohl’s, originally selling at $30.

Chaps Kohls.com

Chaps Kohls.com


Other ‘preppy style’ retailers are discussed at length in an excellent story in yesterday’s Times;  it surveys the competitive terrain at midlevel stores like Ann Taylor and Talbots.

The always-insightful Eric Wilson (a big favorite of TP’s) wrote the story:

“… mainstream retailers like Ann Taylor and Talbots have been hiring new designers and sprucing up their looks to appeal to modern women who are now shopping for style within their means.”

As these stores become “recession destinations,” shoppers are discovering that they aren’t as fuddy as they used to be.”

Here is an Ann Taylor Jacket with contrasting trim.



The jacket is now on sale at $69.99, but with the additional 25% discount the retailer is offering, the price is about $52.

Mr. Wilson’s story focuses primarily on Talbots, Ann Taylor and the new Liz Claiborne line from Isaac Mizrahi. The writer’s perception of the inside of a Talbots store makes for a fun read:

“Walking into the Talbots store on Madison Avenue, with its festive red painted door, homey décor and piles of melon-colored cardigans, bamboo prints and safari suits, the change is only beginning to become apparent. You might think that Michael Kors and Tory Burch had wed in a year-round Christmas superstore.”

And when considering the Talbots Sale is now offering an Additional 25% off reduced prices, you know there are likely to be possible purchases under the red awning. Even ‘wear now’ basics show significant price reductions, and that is before the additional 25% discount.



A good example of the price cuts is Talbots Pima Cotton Crew Tee, on sale at $8.99, in 21 different colors.

The Times story is a fascinating read, well worth a little investment of time, but we want to know your thoughts…? What is making you buy… or not? Has Talbots updated its inventory, do you like what they are offering? How about Ann Taylor? TP is just dying to know your thoughts on this topic.


Hayden-Harnett fans may want to scoot into their Online Sample Sale running through April 5, with bargains like the Margot Eyeglass Case at $10, reduced from$30.




Then we have one more preppish retailer offering price reductions, Brooks Brothers. The company is doing their Preferred Customer Event, taking 25% off prices if one uses their Brooks card or Brooks MonsterCard Mastercard, 15% off for other forms of payment.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers


We have an update for those fond of Sarah Jessica Parker’s wedding gown in Sex and the City.

PHOTO: Diane Cohen/Courtesy Everett Collection

PHOTO: Diane Cohen/Everett Collection

There is (was) a shortened version of the Vivienne Westwood dress available.

However, the shortened version selling at Net-a-Porter was gone almost as soon as it went up on the site.  But do not despair of owning this version, one merely needs to get in touch with Dame Westwood and be willing to part with about $9,900.  BTW, the release date for Sex and the City 2 has been announced; ask your social secretary to mark you as “busy” on May 28, 2010, if planning to see the film its first day in release.


On a lighter note, two young gentlemen have a new take on an old, and much-maligned medium: the Jello mold.  Well, no one actually says the “J Word,” in all honesty. A NY Times story looks at the phenomenon and its creators, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. (Below, the Madrid airport and aircraft in jelly.)

Photo: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Photo: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

The wizards creating these masterpieces are definitely products of an ‘Old School’education, having attended both Eton and University College, London; they refer to themselves as ‘jelly mongers.’

On that creative note we shall take our leave! Happy weekend dolls!


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Spring Fun & Fashions, Who Let the Dogs Out at Gossip Girl?

Hello-Hello, and happy sunshiny day! We are expecting an almost-tropical high temperature of 45 degrees today!

You realize of course, there is no way TP can resist some of the spring fashions we have been seeing, especially those designed for the Young Miss or Master of the house.

Best & Co.

Best & Co.

The Gingham Sleeveless Dress is available in the blue shown above as well as an outstanding pink, both in Girl’s sizing.  Also in Girl’s sizes, there is a Springtime Scottie Sweater that is just TDF, as well as this striped Rackets Sweater.

Racket Sweater

Racket Sweater

Not to mention the twill pants with embroidered little whales.

Best & Co.

Best & Co.

Or the seersucker skirt with embroidered sailboats.

Best & Co.

Best & Co.

There are also darling looks for your Young Man.

Best & Co.

Best & Co.

The striped sweater and button-down shirt are both ready to report for duty, basics perfect for rounding out any young man’s wardrobe.


Best & Company

Best & Company

Truly just in to our email, word that Best is doing a special promotion, offering a 25% discount from their regular prices online and in-store; the promo code to enter at checkout is SPRINGSAVINGS.


And for the youngest family members eagerly awaiting the Easter Bunny, how cute are these?

Courtesy Room Service Home

Courtesy Room Service Home

It may be difficult to discern in the photo, but these precious Snowbunny Snugs have a perky bunny face, whiskers, ears, and more.  Beyond cute, they are available at Room Service Home.

Of course, if one feels the need for their own bunnies, there is an adult version available from the online and catalog retailer.

Room Service Home

Room Service Home


We have yet another magazine cover featuring a star from everyone’s favorite prep school in the sky, the oh-so-popular Gossip Girl.


Blake Lively has landed the cover of April’s UK edition of Marie Claire.  Ms. Lively has been busy when not filming the show in New York, most recently at yesterday’s DKNYMEN Fragrance launch. The actress was sporting a Tory Burch top, but apparently plans to create some fashions for herself in the future, according to this story from USA Today:

“Lively is turning into something of a DIY girl. “I just got a Singer sewing machine and I’m so excited. I’m having a desk built at my house. It’s something I really love,” she said.”

Not to be left out, G2 co-star Chace Crawford is also receiving coverage from a pop magazine, honored with one of Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male awards this week.  Of course.

PHOTO: Matt Sayles/AP

PHOTO: Matt Sayles/AP

Serious fans seeking a glimpse of Mr. Crawford can watch him this evening on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

While not a glossy, the Daily Princetonian is certainly more reflective of contemporary life at an Ivy League school, and assuredly more realistic.  In today’s issue they carry a fascinating story on Laura Breckenridge,



Ms. Breckenridge has the unique distinction of actually attending Princeton while also portraying a character on the Gossip Girl show.  She plays the role of Rachel Carr, a new English teacher at the hypothetical private school on the city’s Upper East Side the show is based on.  According to Preppy, Preppy blog, Preppy Princess, Preppy Princess blog, preppy style, preppy fashions, preppy look, prep senior writer Elinor Flynn’s story, “Spotted: L. drinking coffee in Chancellor Green Cafe,” not everyone on the show was a stranger to Ms. Breckenridge:

“She actually wasn’t a stranger to everyone on set: She and Leighton Meester, who plays the delightfully conniving Blair on the show, knew each other in high school and ran into each other a few times when they both lived in Los Angeles.”

When asked about life on the set, the actress offered an interesting perspective:

“The most striking feature of the “Gossip Girl” set? The number of dogs running around. Meester, Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen — to name a few — all arrive to work with a pup in tow. “All the dogs hang out in the hair and makeup room,” Breckenridge said. “There are always dogs coming up to you. It’s nice.”

The story’s subhead is “‘Gossip Girl’ Laura Breckenridge ’10 on school, acting and kissing Penn Badgley“. We’ll let you scan the article for that information.


We close today with a Pretty in Pink from St. John’s SoCa Collection.

SoCa by St. John at Saks

SoCa by St. John at Saks

And while running a bit (a bit?!) more than we currently have on hand in pin money, we still adore the Silk Taffeta Jacket, now available at Saks. To be honest, it is just making our Spring Fever worse! For some reason, it shrieks Muffy Martini at us, perhaps because it is from the Southern California line. (You know, the younger, hipper line we pretend we can wear…sigh.)

Until next time, ladies, grins and giggles for your sunny day!


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Lacoste ‘Summertime Prep’ Now on Sale & Dust-up over Bridgehampton Polo Matches

If there is one line from Lacoste The Princess has absolutely adored since first viewing, it is the Summertime Prep collection, very light and fun while still incorporating some argyle! Better yet, some pieces in the collection are even marked down to a more favorable price point.

Below we show the Cotton Argyle Vest in a color palette that we love, and the Flat Front Seersucker Short.

Also very high on our favorites list, the Madras Plaid Cotton Short happens to be on sale (originally $120, now $71.99), and it comes in two colorways, the pair shown below left and a darker navy plaid. And then a wonderful piece that tells a little secret about TP: we actually purchase these men’s sweaters for ourselves as they are lush, plush, and ever-so-snuggly against your skin! We’re fawning over the Supima V-Neck Cotton Sweater, available in a delightful array of colors including a soft and gentle pink; this color against your skin is faboo – flattering any face it frames. (This item is also on sale, originally $140 and now $84.99!)

Of course, we suggest you toddle on over to the Lacoste site and take a glance at the goodies yourself, as the selection on the men’s side is quite good, not to mention all of the women’s pieces, especially those on sale.

On a different note, there seems to be quite the dust-up brewing over the real dust created by the ponies in this weekend’s polo matches in Bridgehampton. Two homeowners with property adjacent to the Bridgehampton Polo Club complained at a recent hearing regarding the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge Cup, starting this weekend. They weren’t quite as neighborly as one might hope, complaining about the noise, traffic and dust levels created during the matches at a hearing July 8 before the Southampton Town Board. The Challenge Cup begins this Saturday (the 19th) and runs every Saturday through August 23rd.

During last year’s matches there were no noise or traffic complaints. Alex Rodan, president of the Club said “We will be good neighbors,” while speaking at the hearing, promising to dampen the ground in an effort to control the dust. A final vote on the issue is scheduled for this Friday.

If you would like to attend in a somewhat posh setting as these things go, why not bid on a pair of tickets to the VIP tent? The auction for the tickets benefits charity and you’re sure to be safe from most of the elements. Of course no one is 100% safe from the much-discussed dust kicked up by the ponies; to borrow a popular phrase and mangle it, “Dust Happens” at these events.

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Wow! We Are 100+ and We’re Celebrating with a Preppy Deal for You!

The Princess is more than aware of the inappropriateness of emotional outbursts. We have known since an early age (actually I think this is somehow transmitted into the womb) they’re simply not done. Très mauvais comportement. However, TP has been known to acknowledge that on occasion, circumstances conspire to nudge, nay, provoke just such unacceptable behavior. Prepare to be offended.


Of course, you can now envision the adult version of the little madras-clad child you always see in the photo up at the right when visiting the blog, simply horrified at her improper behavior, her face a flaming (actually, it’s closer to fluorescent, but who are we to kick ourselves when we’re down?) fuchsia in color, carefully smoothing the non-existent wrinkle from the skirt of her Oscar daydress, gloves in left hand, clutch tucked under her arm. She is mortified. But she lifts her chin and says “We can’t just crawl under a recycling bin on Park Avenue, we must go on. We have posts to write, discounts to offer readers, and oh-so-chic Princess merchandise to move.” In other words, “Buck up Girl!”

Now we understand many in the Blogatorium celebrate their 100th post, and originally we intended to do the same. But here’s the part illustrating one reason why we spent our career doing television and not something requiring math skills: this will actually be our 102nd post, not our 100th! (Okay, we can add, we just weren’t very diligent in monitoring the number of posts.) And because that coincides with the Grand Opening and Soft Launch of our online store The Preppy Princess, and because we want to prove that we can too count over 100 (heh-heh-heh), have we got an offer for you! All merchandise at the Preppy Princess is 10% off from now through the end of June! That’s right, starting today and ending at 11:59pm EDT on June 30, 2008, we are more than happy to take 10% off your purchase at The Princess! All you need to do when you get to the checkout process is use coupon code BLOGDEAL, type it as all one word with no spaces, upper or lower case doesn’t matter, and 10% is deducted from your total purchase (not including tax and/or shipping of course), so how fun is that? We’re so excited, we’re hauling out The Offical Prepalicious Seal of Approval!

Prepalicious Seal of approval

Now for those who may not be regular readers, The Princess offers merchandise and goods that add just the perfect touch to your life, and the lives of those you love. You know, the proper table linens for distinctive entertaining, both casual and more formal. Or the ideal stationery and note cards discreetly making your personal style statement, or those that don’t call for a monogram for sharing as a superb gift.

Many have a nautical theme because that’s TP’s background and life…

Anchor Wheel Napkin Rings at Preppy Princess.com

Hope Note Cards Red Ticking Anchors PreppyPrincess.com

PreppyPrincess.com Seaside Kitchen Towels

And naturally you will see a bit of madras and seersucker at The Princess…

Blue \'Make Mine Madras\' Placemats Preppy Princess

There are also lush, plush and oh-so-posh towels…

Plush Posh \'Windward\' Turquoise Towel Set Preppyprincess.com

Towels Green & Pink Stripe \'Summer Blooms\'preppyprincess.com/summerbloomstowelset.aspx Set PreppyPrincess.com

Plus some great tote bags that are simply perfect for the farmer’s market , the grocery or bakery – you won’t need to use up plastic bags! (But you knew The Princess was always green, with a big old splash of pink!)

PreppyPrincess.com Blue Awning Stripe Tote BagpreppyPrincess.com Striped Set Charlevoix USA Totes

As you would expect, lots of things are done in bright, vibrant colors; your design needs are what we are here to meet! Everything is made using only the finest materials, with the level of craftsmanship you expect and appreciate… and you deserve. Each and every single item is inspected by The Princess before it is shipped.

So please come by for a visit, we would absolutely love to see you. We are so excited about our merchandise we will be sharing some more goodies in the next few weeks. And thank you for stopping by our blog! We’ll chat more later! Happy-Happy!


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Preppy Seersucker: “Save those Bucks for the Country Club”

One of the great joys of ‘officially entering the Summer season’ is that for those of us from an era that adheres firmly to certain fashion guidelines, it’s the time of year when we get to have certain favorites walked out of the walk-in. More succinctly, we’re down with the seersucker.

Oddly enough, we’re not the only group appreciative of the fabric’s finer points. A few other establishments and members of the media have caught on as well; we thought it a good day to share some of their observations and links to their original stories should you like to peruse them at your leisure.

We start with The WSJ’s ‘Ask Teri’ feature from last Thursday, the 22nd, in which a college student wonders what is appropriate attire for a summer internship in Washington, D.C. With a little help from a friend, Michael Macko, men’s fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, here is a portion of the response:

“Why not consider today’s more urbane take on seersucker, as in black-and-white or dark-gray-and-white seersucker suits?”

“Save your white oxford bucks or white loafers — without socks — for the country club.”

We’ll move on to this month’s issue of GQ with its snappy feature entitled “An American in Shanghai” and the subhead, ‘In the old city of China’s most booming metropolis, nothing catches the eye like an expat in a new-look seersucker suit.” There is an online slide show that you can start or stop at your pleasure with outstanding photos by Peggy Sirota of some great… and not-so-great seersucker suits. A few fashion tips are provided, such as ‘Know your Seersucker’ and the reader is advised that seersucker doesn’t need to be splashy. (Really? Noooooo! But we generally prefer ours to be splashy.) The first is this Polo by Ralph Lauren; the shirt, tie and pocket square are also Polo by Ralph Lauren.

Polo by Ralph Lauren Seersucker Suit GQ Gentleman\'s Quarterly

A higher contrast stripe is shown in the next suit, Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers with a shirt also by Black Fleece and tie by Banana Republic.

Seersucker Suit Black Fleece by Brooks Borthers GQ Feature

Before we move completely away from GQ/Men’s Style, they have another feature on ‘Building Your Perfect Wardrobe for Spring/Summer ’08‘ and they show the following, another Polo by Ralph Lauren seersucker suit, this time with a Gap shirt and tie/pocket square duo from Robert Talbott.

Polo Ralph Lauren suit seersucker

Of course, we know it isn’t all about suits and it most definitely is *not* all about menswear. How about these simply divine blue Seersucker Golf Club Head Covers from the good folks at Club Contessa.

Seersucker Golf Club Head Covers Contessa

Or the absolutely sweet Gingham Checked seersucker striped dress for your little girl, complete with pink grosgrain ribbon? This treasure can be found at Kule, a delightful little shop online from Nikki Kule; you can even host or attend a trunk show if you want to see the goodies in person. (And who wouldn’t want to from looking at them online!)

Pink Check Seersucker Dress at Kule with Pink Grosgrain Ribbon

Or this precious Florence Eiseman Seersucker Dress in a deep aqua stripe, for Sizes 3-9 Months, 12-24 Months, and 2T-4T. The Princess asks, how can you possibly resist, especially since it is on sale at Neimans? (I mean, look at those cute little flowers…..oh my!)

Florence Eiseman Seersucker Dress Neiman Marcus Florence Eiseman Neiman Marcus Seersucker

Of course, seersucker can also be simply outstanding for home decorating purposes, as evidenced by these Seersucker Window Panels in Pink Plaid or Aqua Plaid (actually The Princess would call these madras plaid seersucker…yes?) at everyone’s home-away-from-home, Le Boutique Tar-szhay.

Target Aqua Plaid Seersucker Curtain Panel

If you aren’t going to wear it or hang it from the walls, one location you should definitely think about for seersucker is your table. As in dining room table, breakfast bar, kitchen island, wherever one has Cook serve their oatmeal and morning papers. (Or perhaps where you give Junior his Fruit Loops and sippy cup; you get the drift.) The pink Seersucker Pod placemats from the Preppy Princess are precisely what you need to enhance your summer dining experience, or to give as a luscious gift with the coordinating napkins. (Of course they’re a Princess design! You knew that the moment you saw them!) <grin.>

Preppy Princess Pink Seersucker Stripe Pod Placemats Preppy Princess Pink Seersucker Pod Placemats

And because the Times felt compelled to mention seersucker in their amazing story on the swimsuits at Parke & Ronen, we thought we should share it with you as well, just in case you missed it in Thursday’s paper. The story, part of the Times’ Critical Shopper series that TP simply adores, is entitled Swimsuits Make the Man. We must acknowledge that information was news to us. At any rate, it is a most entertaining read. If you are in need of a gentleman’s swimsuit and wanted to see a Parke and Ronen version in seersucker (and on sale!), just click here.

Orrie King for The New York Times Photo of Parke & Ronen bathing suit

Now some of you may know we spent the better portion of the last few days looking at fashions from Sex and the City as worn by Miranda (and personally styled for Book Mamma) as well a McMommy version of Charlotte’s aesthetic. We are now left with only one question: would any of the four primary characters have any seersucker apparel or accessories in their closets? If you answered in the affirmative, then it would seem you have a moral obligation to leave a comment telling us which character, and what on earth she could possibly own in seersucker? Oh, good. We so hoped you would do that.

It is clear to us there is so much more to be done on seersucker, but sadly, that shall have to wait for another day. Board meetings, flowers, Spousal Unit, Vet, just too-too much happening! But Happy, Happy Day to all! Speaking of happy and the vet, here’s one of the household who does her best to make us happy: Tilly, our little rescue bulldog about to celebrate her second anniversary with us. She asked if she might say “Hello” to Mummy’s friends; it didn’t seem right to deny her that opportunity as you know how we feel about good manners and children learning as they grow and learning by doing. (Of course the vet believes Miss Tilly is fairly ancient as English Bulldogs go, but as we always say, it is never to late to learn good manners.)

Tilly\'s Big Smile

Tilly in her School Sweatshirt Before the Tailor Alters it


  • WSJ: Wall Street Journal
  • NYT: New York Times
  • TP: The Princess


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You Can Never Have too Much Seersucker (or Brooks Brothers…?)

Brooks Bothers Blue Striped Seersucker Jacket

Brooks Borthers Preppy Seersucker Striped Jacket

Brooks Brothers Blue Seersucker Stripe Skirt

Brooks Brothers Preppy Blue Seersucker Stripe Shorts

Spring has *finally* arrived in the Great Midwest. All the MAPs (Midwestern American Princesses) are simply ecstatic. For us, Spring = Wardrobe Change in many ways. Now, The Princess generally does not break out the seersucker this early, just so you know. That would be all wrong. However, TP can absolutely celebrate the sunshine, let her fingers do the typing and drop in to see what’s new at Brooks Brothers. That’s kind of an oxymoron: “new at Brooks Brothers,” hunh? I suppose many, if not all, of our favorites are decades old in design. Which kind of brings us to the present dilemma. The pix above would be Brooks’ Blue & Taupe (my name for the second color; theirs is ‘Silver Lining,’ how cool is that?!) seersucker stripe blazers or jackets. Having firmly established that we simply adore seersucker, looking at their offerings this year is not making the pulse race. At all. Is it just us, or do the photos look, well, matronly? Frumpish? They don’t seem at all fun or flattering. Do let us know if we’re off the grid here, as we loathe dissing Brooks. But since we are kind of doing that, take a peek at the following. This would be the Brooks Brothers Supima® Cotton Oxford Trousers. I mean, how hideous is this? Does this photo make anyone want to purchase those pants? The wrinkles are wretched!

Blue Supima Cotton Brooks Brothers Pants

All is not lost tho’. Hope springs eternal and all that. We simply adore their blue striped ball skirt, although we are struggling a bit with their name for it: Silk Seersucker Stripe Ball Skirt. At the risk of being repetitious, let’s be repetitious, shall we? It’s another oxymoron, yes? Silk seersucker? Hello? Isn’t seersucker by definition cotton? Okay. I’ll stop beating on Brooks Brothers and move on to this fabulous skirt. Simply and utterly divine we think, and something that would upgrade the Summer formal skirt offerings. The same divine fabric in a sheath has a wonderful feel, and it would also perform wonders on the summer sheath collection!

Stunning Brooks Brothers Preppy Seersucker SILK Skirt

Brooks Borthers Blue Striped Silk Sheath

Now if none of these offerings make your mouth water, don’t give up. Click right here and pop over to see TP’s (The Princess’s) pink summer seersucker placemats and other goodies!

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