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Preppy Pumpkins à la 2012

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Monday that is a more-than-a-little-scary for a lot of people. We thought it might be a good day to share something cheerful, so we’ll do our annual Preppy Pumpkins post.

We begin with these damask pumpkins by Confessions of a Plate Addict, they just seem to exude elegance.

Confessions of a Plate Addict

Those fond of ikat and chevrons will appreciate these by Alisa Burke.

Alisa Burke

These come via the ‘Whatever’ blog, I love the bright colors.

“Whatever” Blog

These vibrant pumpkins were used to display a house number in addition to a bright bit of decoration.

Tater Tots & Jello

There is actually a wonderful tutorial on how to do these yourself, great step-by-step directions.

Tater Tots & Jello

Of course, if you are thinking about monogramming one of these, there’s no shortage of idea, here’s a stellar example  from our pals at Fashion Meets Food.

Fashion Meets Food

Here is another DIY Tutorial via Personalized from Me to You.

Personalized from Me to You

Here we have a monogram on fabric via A Pumpkin and a A Princess (how perfect is that name?).

This group from Better Homes and Gardens is really pretty.

Better Homes & Gardens (BHG.com)

This is also from BHG.com


We bring back a few favorites, beginning with today’s Pretty in Pink, a group Re-Lilly’s Sue Trader did back in 2010.

Susan Romano Trader

This stylish argyle group comes via A Punch of Color, that is one preppy looking pumpkin patch.

A Punch of Color

Another group with a touch of argyle comes via Magnolia Mommy Made on etsy.

MagnoliaMommyMade etsy Shop

Here is another great argyle from Magnolia Mommy Made.

Magnolia Mommy Made etsy

With apologies, I can’t remember where I found this one, it has such a great spider and spot of argyle.


Back to pumpkins we just discovered this year, two more timeless designs, these are by House of Whimsy.

House of Whimsy

Proof that non-traditional colors can look terrific.


The more-than-talented Hopsy of the Kappa Prep blog had this group featured in Fox News magazine!

Kappa Prep via Fox News Magazine

Here is a Lilly-fied pumpkin, this is also by Susan Trader of Re-Lilly.

Susan Romano Trader / Re-Lilly Blog

Bethany at Maryland Pink & Green did this duo, the perfect pair for a Lilly lover.

Maryland Pink & Green

The Smiths Party of Four created their very own Lilly Pumpkin Patch, how cute is that?

The Smiths – Party of Four

Here is another by Susan Trader, they are all just fabulous.

Susan Romano Trader / Re-Lilly Blog

We leave you with this stylish group by Swell Designer.

Swell Designer Blog


Our other note today involves the obvious. Google has put together another of its crisis maps, an interactive tool that can be very helpful, here is the link to the one for Hurricane Sandy.


And this link takes you to the National Power Grid outage map, although I’m not sure how quickly it updates. As we have noted on Facebook, we send thoughts and prayers to friends and family impacted by the storm.


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A Few Very Preppy Pumpkins


We are flying out the door shortly, but wanted to do a brief post showcasing some fab and fun pumpkins.  Behold the Lilly Pulitzer pumpkins created by Sue from the Re-Lilly group on Facebook.

Above, Sue’s little princess helps show off some of the Pretty in Pink creations. Below, a closer look.

Another style in daylight and just after dark.

And here is today’s Pretty in Pink, a group Sue did previously.

It’s tough to decide, but we think this one is our favorite.

Although this is a pretty cool look as well.

Our thanks to Sue for her gracious generosity in sharing her photos, to see all of the designs, visit the Re-Lilly blog. (BTW, if you are not familiar with the Re-Lilly Group, it is the place for anyone looking to buy or sell all things Lilly.)

We leave you with this stylish group, all in argyle from A Punch of Color.

Thanks for popping in, we’re back tomorrow!


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