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The Preppy Princess Turns 1,000,000

Hello-Hello, and welcome to the party!

A party? Pourquoi?

The answer can be seen in the graphic below, snapped from our blog stats page:

That ‘Total Views’ number is amazing to us: 1,00,000+ total blog views – yikes! The screen shot is from this morning, evidently our crossover into 7-digit-land happened yesterday.  If you had told us when we started blogging we might have 100 readers per day we would have strongly suggested you seek counseling.  Never-ever-ever did we think we would develop much of a readership. (It is more than a little intimidating.)

It all began with this post way back on February 10, 2008.  Those first fifteen posts were on Blogger, but within weeks we switched to WordPress, a format we thought would be more reader- and user-friendly.

We have been blessed to chat with our cherished readers about all manner of things, primarily preppy styles and lifestyles, as well as persons and entities earning a place on the Anti-Prep Wall of Shame (Parents, please, shield impressionable young minds from this horror).  Never mind that we can never figure out precisely how we spell Anti-Prep, Anti Prep, AntiPrep, one word or two? Hyphenated or no? And heaven knows we have posted on scads of other topics as well.

This week we shall dedicate a little time to sharing what have been the most popular posts, the most frequently searched terms that lead people here, and links you have clicked on more than any others. Some things are more conspicuous by their absence (ahem, one specific retailer), and others are eyebrow-raising. We wonder if anyone will be able to guess the single most popular post…. any ideas?

We shall share more tomorrow, until then we are off with a goofy grin and immense gratitude for the lessons learned and the friends we have made.  You truly are better than the best.

We leave you with a special Pretty in Pink the Consort created and a silly Princess smile.

(Psst-don’t forget to tell us what post or topic you think has the most views.)


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