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Target and Hayden-Harnett Love? Also, Nantucket Street Style

Hello and happy day today! We are ever-so-pleased to be back home in the land of the Prepatorium, although the buying spree for the Princess proved to be quite the divine time, and we discovered loads of preppy delights to ease and enhance your life in the upcoming months!

We start today with a ‘scoop’ from Women’s Wear Daily indicating that Target’s next big collaboration will be with handbag company Hayden-Harnett, for an exclusive line due in spring 2009.

Only 3 years old, Hayden-Harnett, is best known for their ‘Havana hobo,’ their most popular bag. The Princess was surprisingly intrigued by their Olga Bowler in canvas.

But we are absolutely enchanted by their exclusive Paule Marrot pieces. Marrot is a well-known textile artist whose work we have long loved. We are especially fond of the Marrot Barrel Cases, perfect for travel, so bright and cheery they’ll perk up even the darkest day.

This is a fabulous group ladies, with handbags, coin purses and other small accessories, leather cuffs like those seen below, and more.

This would probably be a sharp move for both entities, likely generating even more buzz for H2, perhaps around the time they launch their new shoe line which TP predicts will be faboo.

That reminds us, how is everyone liking the Botkier for Target collaboration? Perhaps we should back up a step, instead asking *if* we are liking the results of the collection? The majority of the bags are done in a metallic finish on PVC, or plastic, what TP euphemistically refers to as faux-leather (depending upon its quality). Below we show a Botkier for Target Fuchsia Hobo Bag in PVC plastic, $39.99. Is it us, or does this really look like $39.99?

Not our thing, but then as our very own Miss Muffy Martini points out when commenting on a previous post, different does not = bad, and she couldn’t be any more spot-on. BTW, if this is a group you would like to shop in person, it is available in select Target stores and online until September 14. We’ve not heard loads of recent buzz about the topic and wondered if it might be the victim of the mid-summer, ‘Blah-bleh, yawn, whatever…” layer of inertia that can settle upon consumers.

Speaking of the blahs or the buzz, another Target design collaboration is scheduled to drop this weekend, with the Shaun White 4 Target collection hitting July 27. The group was designed by the skateboarder/snowboarder’s brother Jesse, and it is referred to as “access point skate clothes,” referencing the price points of $10-30 for most pieces.

Known as The Flying Tomato, White is a likable young man, and some of the colorful pieces hold broad-market appeal. But with promotional lines like, “Believe it or not, long sleeves are your friends” we don’t know how enticing this will be to your young gentleman. The collection includes tees, plaid woven shirts and skinny jeans. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to the line.

One last note on Target designer collaborations: the Richard Chai Collection hits August 3. (Above, an image from Target’s print campaign supporting the line.) Did you know Chai was once on People magazine’s list of the 100 Sexiest Men Alive? WE think perhaps 2004, but we cannot vouch

Now on to a far more preppy, and much more Princess look, or group of looks, compliments of Style. Lauryn Levin and Zofia Waig’s recent story for the Style Notes section of the magazine is appropriately entitled The ack Pack. (ACK being the official airport letters.) The duo headed to Nantucket to “document” the street style there and here’s some of what they found:

Melissa in Ralph Lauren

Kamal in Ralph Lauren

Kamal in Ralph Lauren

Marissa in Tocca dress, Charles David shoes

Marissa in Tocca dress, Charles David shoes

And the final photo is Liza in “an eclectic ensemble anchored by Converse boots.”

Heck, go look at all 18 of the photos, you’ll enjoy the mini-respite from whatever it is you are doing online anyway!


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Preppy Nautical Goodies: Sperry Topsiders, Figawi & Regatta Pillows

Preppy Shoes Sperry Topsiders Green

Warmer weather causes The Princess to drift off and dream about the water… and the beach… and sailing… and… well, you get the drift. When we saw these Topsiders, we thought they most definitely looked like they would be great for the boat. We were surprised to see that Sperry now offers a small clothing collection in addition to their splendid shoes. We kind of liked their Women’s Polo, perhaps in part because the logo is mercifully small. (It’s not our fault for being unaware of the clothing part of their offerings. Perhaps if their shoes were of poorer quality, they would require replacement sooner and we would have been looking at their website sooner!) We were very impressed with the Cotton Duffle, thinking that it might serve a myriad of purposes when it comes to summer travel, and trust The Princess, it is more than reasonably priced. A $29.99-kind-of-reasonable-pricepoint. That qualifies as completely and insanely priced, unless it is microscopically sized, and the description did not give the size. Hhhhhmmmm. Still, I would run, not walk to their website and decide for myself.

Sperry Women\'s Polo Shirt Navy Sperry Topsider Cotton Duffle

The men’s Striper Slip-on from Sperry (seen below) actually looks pretty good as well, although we did waffle for a moment or two… can’t say why for sure. Perhaps when viewing it in madras it just didn’t look right; madras is a great fabric but not right for all items or appropriate for all occasions. (There’s a topic calling for greater discussion, don’t you think?) What did look right to us for the guys was the Figawi Jacket; you can do some serious sailing in this. Oh yes indeedy. Which raises the question: why is it not available in Women’s sizing? Is the Princess supposed to buy it in a Men’s Small…hello? BTW, for those wondering what or who a Figawi is, it’s an absolutely outstanding event over Memorial Day weekend on the Cape. It’s the first big Regatta of the season, boats doing Hyannis to Nantucket on Saturday, Sunday is a massive clambake and then Monday back to Hyannis with a party after the race at Hyannis YC. It is simply a must. I think there’s a fundraiser the weekend before, also in Hyannis .

Men\'s Sperry Topsider Slip on Striper


Sperry Women\'s polo


All this talk about sailing and such reminds the Princess of one of her favorites: the Regatta Collection of pillows. These are some our favorites – bright nautical flags on an eggshell background, some with solid colors on the reverse side, many with contrasting piping for an elegant accent offsetting their whimsical motif. So if you can’t make it to Figawi, why not try these? If not for yourself, perhaps as a Hostess gift for your next visit to Skip & Octavia’s thsi summer? at

Regatta Pillow Collection at PreppyPrincess.com

Regatta Pillows Collection by PreppyPrincess.com



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