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More Sneak Peek at Lilly Pulitzer Stationery & Gift Collection

Hello-hello and oh my goodness, thank you to everyone for all of your wonderful comments and emails on the new Lilly Pulitzer Collection of paper goods and gifts!

In our first post on the new line we did promise to get some more photos of the line posted; we start with the Mix & Match Stationery sets.

Lilly Pulitzer Mix & Math Stationery

Lilly Pulitzer Mix & Match Stationery

Above, the Bees Knees Patch set: 16 sheets (4 sheets each of 4 designs), 12 patterned envelopes, and two sheets of darling stickers.

Next, something we think is simply perfect as a gift, the Latte Da! mugs:

Latte Da! Porcelain Mugs

Latte Da! Porcelain Mugs

The mugs will be sold individually at $15 each; they come in wonderful boxes, making them even easier to use as a gift!

The collection will also carry office and desk supplies to brighten up your day, like the “Take Note Mouse Pads,” mouse pads with a pad of paper on top.

Also in the line, file folders (lower half of photo shown above) guaranteed to bring smiles to your desk in delightful patterns like Animal Crackers, Bees Knees Patch, Cabanarama and Mumsie.

And we’ll end tonight’s sneak peek at the line with just some of the designs in the blank stock that will be offered:

Lilly Pulitzer Blank Stock

Lilly Pulitzer Blank Stock

As always, the names of the patterns are almost as much fun as the motifs themselves: Dazed and Confused, Havana Good Time are just a few examples.

Everyone can start ordering their Lilly Stationery and Gifts from the Preppy Princess starting February 1!  In the interim, don’t forget to sign up for our Lilly Stationery Email Updates list if so inclined!

Back tomorrow dolls… happy trails ’til then!


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Preppy Princess Special Announcement: Lilly Pulitzer on its Way!

Hello-Hello everyone, and isn’t it a glorious morning?

Yes, we are well aware it is snowing.


And the temperature is 4 degrees and headed lower as we type, as opposed to higher.

But it might as well be sunny and 75 here at the Prepatorium, as we have an exciting announcement for you:


On its way!

On its way!

How fabulous is this? We must acknowledge spending a good portion of the evening drooling looking over the catalog; we could not be more favorably impressed.

What exactly is in the line? How does ‘everything’ sound? For personal correspondence needs we will be offering:

  • Divine Lilly designs in notecards, flat cards, notepads, foldover notes and more
  • Stunning Lilly blank stock to be personalized per your wishes
  • Sets of Mix & Match stationery, Note Card Books
Party Plates in 'Taboo'

Taboo Tableware

Naturally the Party and Tableware also carries that classic Lilly style: lush and luxurious with a healthy dose of whimsy!

  • dinner and dessert plates, cocktail, luncheon and guest napkins
  • tumblers and place cards
  • TP’s personal favorite: little pink and green umbrellas for your favorite cocktail that are just TDF
  • wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags
  • invitations, party favor bags, pom pom decorations

Let’s not forget all the other treasures in the line:

  • picture frames, photo books and journals
  • file folders, mouse pads, note pads, sticky notes,
  • address & phone books
  • porcelain mugs in gift boxes you will adore

Honestly, we are just giddy! (Oh… you could tell?)

My, what a nice crown you have!

Needless to say, the atmosphere here in the Corner Condo of Princess InterGalactic HQ is absolutely giddy.

The Princess Consort seems a tad concerned that orders will be taken starting on February 1st; he thinks this might allow us too much time to ponder all the goodies in the catalog for our own personal order! “Not to worry” we said, everything is priced *very* reasonably!

So there you have it: you can order your Lilly treasures through us beginning February 1, just a little more than two weeks from now! To ensure you are in the Lilly loop for all the latest on Lilly Stationery and Gift news, sign up for the Lilly Pulitzer mailing list on our site. Just click here and scroll down ’til you see this…

…and put a check in the box.  (A reminder: we *never* sell or otherwise share your information with anyone else, just so you know.)

We must fly, but promise to share more photos from the line soon. (And how about that Princess crown…hhhmmm?)


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Lilly Jubilee Update, Scratch ‘n Sniff the Sexiest Man Alive. Seriously.

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

Both TP and TSU (the Spousal Unit, aka The Princess Consort) are due at a relatively high-profile volunteer/charitable function tonight, so we are going to be speedy.

By far the nicest part of opening the Preppy Princess store is meeting so many warm and wonderful people online, many of them through this goofy blog.  One of our newer friends is the way-too-cool Miss Cassoulet Cafe, and not just because she has bestowed upon us the Superior Scribbler award! Oh my! Her extraordinary stories and writing skills make it a must for TP and we are guessing you will enjoy stopping by as well.

Merci,  La Cassoulet Cafe

Merci, La Cassoulet Cafe

Although Miss Cassoulet is a wonderful read, we were a little concerned by her comment following our post, A Tiffany Christmas, as it indicates she may believe us to be possessed of a fashionable perspective.  A stylish eye. An on-trend outlook.

We don’t know how to break the news that TP is not only deficient in this arena, some consider her staid (translated: bore-ing), challenged (translated: puh-thetic) and much too preppy (translated: apparel & accessories so bright they glow in the dark) style to be more than a little challenged.  So the young and chic set must pop over to Miss Cassoulet‘s Cafe and advise her on the boots.

Now, there are Award Rules attached to this lovely event:

  • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 Bloggy Friends.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we’ll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog

Here are six fabulous blogs we always look forward to reading, places we think you will enjoy visiting:

  • Lipstick at the Mailbox is an outstanding writer, with perspective we always appreciate;
  • Landlocked Mermaid shares wisdom, recipes and more when she isn’t doing her incredible commute!
  • We are always ready for a Piece of Coconut Cake, especially when it is the sugar-free, lo-cal and high-fun version provided by Miss Coco.
  • Witty, erudite and lots of fun describe Misadventures of a Newlywed, and she has started selling some more-than-fun goodies online!
  • Tickled Pink and Green is forever brightening our day with her preppy style tips and great reading list;
  • From tutus to the tooth fairy, Momx2 shares snippets of life we love to read.

Merci beaucoup Miss Cassoulet!


Whatever you do, don’t forget to leave a comment on something for which you are grateful so you are entered in the Great Giveaway! That’s all it takes to be entered to win *very* cool prizes from the Preppy Princess shop, like the Perfect Circle Apron with matching gloves, and a set of our Trey’s Stripes notecards, that will be personalized just for you!


Has everyone heard who People’s Sexiest Man in the Galaxy is?

Courtesy People Magazine

Courtesy People Magazine

What you may not have know about yet is People’s special scratch ‘n sniff version of the annual issue. The always-sharp Dylan Stableford at Folio Magazine asks:

“Ever wonder what Michael Phelps smells like?”

In his story about People’s scented pages he tells us:

“The magazine, which hits newsstands on Friday, includes a section dubbed “Sexy Scents” with “scratch-n-sniff” photos of Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford Ed Westwick, film actor Taye Diggs, Law & Order star Chris Meloni and U.S. Olympic Team swimmer Michael Phelps—each of whom “describe the fragrance that makes them feel their sexiest.”

Even allowing for a rather rugged week, Mr. Westwick’s ‘scentiments’ on ‘essential oils’ are simply beyond our grasp. BTW, Mr. Phelps ranks in the Top 10.

Lance Staedler/People Magazine

PHOTO: Lance Staedler/People Magazine

If you would like to read more without us spoiling things, just click here.

NOTE: Mr. Stableford’s story refers to Chace Crawford, however, we *think* he means Ed Westwick who is prominently featured in the photos on People’s site. We are double-checking this, if anyone knows definitively, please let us know!


Please forgive us as we make an executive decision: we are revisiting our distaste for discussing or mentioning the “M word” here at the Palace. It appears the financial markets aren’t going to be self-correcting, or be corrected by outside influences for that matter, at least not in the near future. Therefore we acknowledge we have to adjust our standards and display a little more flexibility in our perspective when dealing with this issue. Indeed.

So here is an item related to one’s bank balance: this story in yesterday’s Journal discloses that despite recent interest cuts, many of the credit card companies are charging users higher rates and increased fees. From the story:

“Banks had already been tightening the screws on people with less-than-perfect credit in recent months. Now, even customers who pay their bills on time will find it more expensive to carry a balance.”

While we are extremely grateful this is not an issue for us at this point in time, we are simply staggered that the same companies who just escaped closer regulatory scrutiny and penalties are now back to their old habits.  TP recognizes that for many in these trying times; their MonsterCard is not being used for luxuries, but for life’s necessities like food, medicine, gasoline.

“The bank will also start charging a new $10 monthly service fee to some cardholders who have been carrying large balances for at least two years, while raising their monthly minimum payments…”

Are we deranged? Or is this what the companies should be doing? And remember, TP is a capitalist with a capital ‘C’, we are not opposed to growing companies and profits, but there is also a principle of ethics involved here.


For today’s Pretty in Pink we share information on the Lilly Pulitzer anniversary contest.  The Jubilee Jet Setter contest looks like loads of fun, and the Perfectly Pink passport is too cute.

Also recently added to the oh-so-improved Lilly website, the two 50th Anniversary Jubilee prints.  In both Bananarama


Lilly Pulitzer Bananarama

… as well as Lagoon Blooms

Lagoon Blooms

Lilly Pulitzer Lagoon Blooms

…something is hidden.  As explained on the company’s website

“We have added 50th and/or JUBILEE in every print. Just like you ‘look for the Lilly’ in every print, these JUBILEE Prints will be selling on ebay in 50 years as THE Lilly prints to have.”

Oh.  Actually, we did not toddle over to our local Lilly recently hoping to purchase something we could use, save, and sell on eBay. Honestly.

Oh well, that doesn’t detract from all the the fun things we *did* see at Lilly!

Happy weekend!


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“Lilly-opoly” Lilly Pulitzer Monopoly Game, plus “A High Price on Preppy?”

Hello and Happy Day to everyone…we hope it’s simply sublime wherever you are.
Speaking of sublime…how wonderful is this?
Lilly Pulitzer Monopoly Game

Lilly Pulitzer Monopoly Game

Looking for some property in Palm Beach? Perhaps you were hoping to buy the Breakers? (PB, not Myrtle Beach.) Well, your time has come. As we shared in previous posts, Hasbro has created a “Lilly-opoly” game in honor of the company’s 50th Anniversary.
Perfect for any Lilly Pulitzer fan, this makes an outstanding holiday gift.  Other properties players can purchase include “Via Mizner,” “Lilly’s Jungle,” and “The Vintage Vault.”  And instead of the standard pewter tokens, there are options like a palm tree, a monkey, and (this is our favorite) a shift.  The game runs $50 and is scheduled for release in November, but already seems to be available for $50 at places like Under the Palm Tree.


Also scheduled for release this month, that special Jeep Wrangler covered in pink and green and yellow Hibiscus, along with the Steinway anniversary piano in the same motif. Both are available by special order at any Lilly Via store and both are referred to as ‘limited editions.’
Disregarding all the anniversary hoopla, we come back to basics – the lush designs and whimsical touches that are Lilly. It is completely Prepalicious and fun, fun, fun.
Readers may recall our post earlier this week about über-preppy retailer J. Crew and some negative press in the Times.  The headline “J. Crew Gets Uppity” led into writer Eric Wilson’s column looking at the company’s new Women’s Collection store, merchandise price points, etc.
Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

A new column at the popular blog StyleList makes the statement as well: “The J.Crew Collection puts a high price on preppy.” Using merchandise like the $3500 Leopard Beaded dress shown above, yesterday’s column notes:
“We’ve always loved J.Crew for the fact that we can get quality, classic pieces at a decent price — a dress isn’t going to be cheap, but it won’t look or feel cheap, either. Still, the price tags were never enough to dissuade us from perusing the racks. At least, not until now.”
The Leopard Beaded Dress is described by J Crew as “An opulent creation completely covered with thousands of precisely hand-sewn beads—it took an experienced couture artisan a month to craft this exquisite dress.”  We would suggest the item begs the question: is this preppy?  Is it what you go to J. Crew for?
The column also shows the Printed calf-hair Astor jacket at $2200:
Coourtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

The caption for this photo in the story reads “Sure, it’s cute … but two grand?”  As the column continues writer Kristen Seymour says:
“Now, every prep’s favorite store is changing things up — they’ll still be offering the same kind of clothing they’ve always had, but they’re adding the J.Crew Collection, with price points that go higher. Much higher.”
What do you think? Is the J. Crew Collection concept a good idea? Bad idea? Doesn’t make any difference? TP is more than curious to hear your thoughts.
Grins and giggles.


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Brooks Brothers for NBC, Sneak Peek at Lilly Pulitzer Perfume

Well if Friday hasn’t finally made its presence known at long last, at least that is the case here at Intergalactic Headquarters for the Preppy Princess. The prospect of some quiet time looks particularly appealing this weekend, although we’re not quite sure why this is the case.

But before we do anything else, we want to stop again and gaze for just a moment at the wonderfulness that was last evening’s gymnastics at the Olympic Summer Games in Beijing.

Nastia Liukin Team USA

Nastia Liukin Team USA

Shawn Johnson (Photo credit AFP/Getty)

Shawn Johnson, Team USA

Yang Yilin of China

Yang Yilin of China

Did it not seem as if they all had the ability to not just fly and spin and churn through mid-air, but now they have the capacity to stop time for a nano-second as they hang, suspended, by nothing but their skill, in the middle of nothing. And everything.

And then the waiting…..

And the waiting….

And even more waiting, perhaps especially difficult for such close, close friends…

Shawn Johnson (R) & Nastia Liukin embrace as Valeri Liukin looks on

Shawn Johnson (R) & Nastia Liukin embrace as Valeri Liukin looks on

And even harder for a Father and a Coach who was also an Olympic Gold medalist in gymnastics not so many years ago…

Valeri Liukin embraces daughter Nastia

Valeri Liukin embraces daughter Nastia

And then finally news of a Gold Medal 16 years, multiple citizenships and continents in the making. “Wow” does not begin to describe the magic these girls made in China last night.

Nastia Liukin, Team USA embraces her Father & Coach Valeri

Nastia Liukin, Team USA embraces her Father & Coach Valeri

Nastia Liukin (C), Shawn Johnson (R), Team USA & China's Yilin Yang (L)

Nastia Liukin (C), Shawn Johnson (R), Team USA & China

And afterwards, the stress, strain, aches and pains all rolled up into one day finally show just a little bit.

Nastia Liukin, Gold Medalist

Nastia Liukin, Gold Medalist

Silver medalist Shawn Johnson Team USA after Medal Ceremony

Silver medalist Shawn Johnson Team USA after Medal Ceremony

Good gravy… TP would be a gelatinous mass of nothingness on the floor. We did love that Miss Liukin’s mother finds it too stressful to watch and is most definitely *not* in the arena, requiring a phone call from Nastia as soon as results are known.

Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin Calls Mom

Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin Calls Mom

Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin (L), and Silver Medalist Shawn Johnson (R)

Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin (L), & Silver Medalist Shawn Johnson (R)

All too fun to watch and much too late for someone at our advanced age! And to think that Michael Phelp’s race isn’t until 10:10pm tonight Princess Time!

Speaking of beautiful, how lovely does this look? Yes, there was *finally* weather favorable to sailing today.

US in Star Class Competition

USA in Star Class Competition

Johnny Lovell, Charlie Ogletree Team USA in Tornado Class Sailing Competition

Johnny Lovell, Charlie Ogletree Team USA in Tornado Class Sailing Competition

+++++++++++++OTHER NEWS+++++++++++++++

Behold the new uniforms for the ubiquitous NBC pages, classic in style, created by Brooks Brothers. The Princess was amazed to read the uniforms were selected by viewers in an online poll.

Brooks Brothers NBC Page Uniforms

Brooks Brothers NBC Page Uniforms

We were also surprised to learn that former pages include Ted Koppel and Regis Philbin, who looks back fondly on his days in that position:

“I have very vivid memories of my page uniform,” Philbin told The Post. “I had just traded in my naval officer’s uniform – I was a lieutenant JG – for my page uniform, so I basically swapped one outfit for the other.

“And I thought the page uniform was pretty sharp. We used to have an inspection every day.”

Mr. Philbin says he likes the new grey plaid look. Not everyone is crazy about it, but TP likes them; the pages look more professional. And for the first time in NBC history, female pages can choose between a skirt and slacks. (Be still my beating heart.) We’re confident you find the new style superior to the outfit worn by these NBC ‘Guidettes’ as they surround an NBC Page in this 1960s photo. Personally, we favor the knee socks on the Guidettes.

NBC Page & 'Guidettes' circa the 60s

NBC Page & 'Guidettes'

BTW, did everyone receive this in their virtual inbox today from Brooks Brothers?

Not a bad look, is it?

Look what we found! Pictures of a pink furniture collection that was auctioned off last fall for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Initially when we saw the photo we thought it was dollhouse furniture, miniature replicas of classic pieces. MOMA has sold some of those mini-chairs for years and they are simply divine. But these are all full-size, quite real and that is pink leather you are looking at!

The collection included the classic Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen, just below….

Arne Jacobsen's Swan Chair

the Eames Chair, Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair and the Florence Knoll Bench seen below.

Florence Knoll Bench

Florence Knoll Bench

Florence Knoll Bench

Über-modern DWR (Design Within Reach) partnered with each company to make the auctions happen. That must have been a very cool endeavor, and loads of fun for a good cause, as all of the auctions were fundraisers for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Of course, to find that one place besides DWR with the real deal, actual pieces from the fifties and sixties stop by our friends at MassModern and see what they have in stock, you never know what treasures you may discover!

And now word that Mrs. Fields has field Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Honestly. That just crossed our desk so we typed it like an automotan, in some sleeplike robotic fashion! Well, we’ll just leave it there as a warning to Cook that her weekly output in that department is going to be increased. Significantly. And it just can’t happen as we’re not prepared to deal with life sans these.

On a much brighter, and far more fun note (albeit entirely selfish), word today that Lilly Pulitzer is launching her new fragrance line. That is a lush and luscious look, isn’t it?

Lilly Pulitzer Fragrance Collection

Lilly Pulitzer Fragrance Collection

We can’t get too excited yet, as they don’t hit retailers until November. There are three different scents all launching at the same time, apparently an industry version of “That simply isn’t done” sort of thing, something TP found quite interesting. The three different scents are described in today’s WWD article:

Wink, a flirty floral named for one of Pulitzer’s favorite sayings (“wear pink and make the boys wink”); Squeeze, a reference to the juice stands at which Pulitzer began selling her first shifts to friends like Jackie Kennedy, and Beachy, inspired by Palm Beach.

Well, it all sounds like great fun to us and something to look forward to; naturally TP will keep you informed of any updates as soon as they happen. We’re off to a function… we hope you are about to embark on a splendid weekend!


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