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1000th Post: Bean’s Big Birthday

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Wednesday. We are celebrating a bit here at the Prepatorium, this happens to be our 1000th blog post.  Who knew way back when we wrote our very first posts (the first several were actually hosted at Blogger before we switched to WordPress) that we’d ever hit this milestone…?!

In honor of the occasion we are doing a giveaway with LL Bean, they are celebrating a far more notable anniversary, their 100th.  The company has been kind enough to share a copy of their new book, “Guaranteed to Last: L.L. Bean’s Century of Outfitting America,” as part of the prize.

LL Bean

The book is simply wonderful, it is actually covered in canvas just like Bean’s famous boat totes. The book is described on the website as:

“A fresh, engaging look at L.L.Bean’s company story and iconic place in American culture”

It is available at LL Bean, and will set you back a mere $19.12. (I had to think about the price for a nanosecond, but then the synapses kicked in and it made sense, that would be the company’s founding year. The same year the Titanic sank and Fenway Park opened!)

There is a group of limited edition 100th Anniversary merchandise, including these Mini Boat Totes.

LL Bean

To see other 100th Anniversary goodies, click here.

Perhaps nothing is more closely aligned with the LL Bean image than its iconic Maine Hunting Shoes.

LL Bean

Also called duck boots by fans, these are still proudly made in the USA, at LL Bean in Maine. They come in an ever-broader assortment of styles, linings (Gore Tex, wool, shearling, etc.), materials and colors. It seems only fitting that the other item in our giveaway is one of these.

LL Bean

That is a LL Bean Boot key fob, for a size comparison I put it next to a Sharpie.

This one sends the Cute-O-Meter peaking in the red zone.

The winner of the giveaway will receive the Guaranteed to Last book and Boot key fob. Here’s how to enter:

  • For one entry, leave a comment with your favorite LL Bean product
  • For a 2nd/3rd entry(ies) follow LL Bean on Twitter and/or Like their Facebook page and leave a comment telling us you did. (If already doing one/both just let us know in your comment.)

Many thanks to Laurie at LL Bean for making this one happen, we hope LL Bean is around for at least another 100 years. And thanks to our treasured readers, we are blessed to enjoy your company and friendship, by far the very best part of the blog!


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