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A Breath of Fresh Air

The best antidote when encountering another dark & dreary we-thought-spring-was-here morning is often a peek at something brighter. This morning we meandered amongst some of the absolutely darling children’s springtime outfits and accessories, here is a tiny sampling for your discriminating eye. On the far left is an incredibly sweet Lilly Pulitzer, embroidered seersucker in bright and bouncy springtime hues from the dolls at In the Pink. We do the more formal ‘dress up clothes’ next with the two on the right perfectly suited for an Easter brunch at the Club or at Grandmother’s cottage at the Hamptons. This exquisite, elegant beauty by the masters at Tartine et Chocolat is one ensemble we spotted whilst at Saks. (For a look at all of this brand’s goodies at Saks, here you go!) And you have probably already guessed the designer and purveyor of the always-appropriate seersucker suit at the left; of course it is Brooks Brothers. And then last (The Princess is quite behind in her Sunday obligations and must absolutely toddle on to her next engagement!) but most definitely not least, some delightful items from The Children’s Place, an establishment we must admit we are not familiar with, separated by a classic Florence Eiseman that is too wonderful to pass up.

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