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“Nu Preppy,” “Preppy Chic,” and Is It Goodbye to Platforms?

Hello-Hello, it is a simply gorgeous day here in The Great Midwest, we hope you are enjoying the same.

Because someone we know is incapable of adequately planning the most rudimentary of calendars  As is often the case on Tuesdays, multiple commitments away from the Prepatorium mandate a brief post, so we jump right in with a look at a style being referred to as “Nu Preppy” by the folks at Miami Fashion blog.

ASOS Courtesy Photo via Miami Fashion Blog

From the post:

“It used to be that traditional Ivy League garb set the standard – crewneck cashmere, crested blazers, preppy plaid, and the ubiquitous pearls and penny loafers were the must-haves of the school set. These days, this posh, buttoned-up look is anything but – the sweaters are looser, the skirts are tigher, and the shoes are much, much taller.”

We’ll address that taller shoe issue in a bit, but first a description of two pieces we show below from J. Crew (L) and MiH Jeans (R).

“…do conservative-meets-cool with an oxford-sweater combo; the Swing Cotton Shirt from MIH Jeans is the perfect preppy light-blue, and perfectly fitted as well. Instead of a classic cable knit, top it off with a tactile Mohair Rugby-stripe Sweater from J. Crew.

J. Crew and MiH Jeans via Miami Fashion Blog

The story references several runway styles from the varying Fashion Weeks, here is more on ‘Nu Preppy’:

Classic collegiate style is back in a big way for Fall and big-name designers and cult-labels alike are jumping on board. Paul Smith, staying true to form, sent his girls down the runway in preppy sweaters, tailored pants, collared shirts, boyfriend blazers and thick-rimmed black eyeglasses. Unexpected details like a completely sheer oxford shirt, polka-dots, or oversized, off-kilter layers kept the look fresh and far from cliché.”

The rest of the styles described can be seen in this montage.

Miami Fashion Blog

While you won’t see your trusty scribe in the looks seen above, we do enjoy seeing the different interpretations of ‘preppy styles’.  In fact, we share yet one more interpretation, this one from a German perspective: “Striped blouses, polo shirts, chinos: preppy style is back.

“Neat and proper, the preppy look includes polo shirts, cable knit sweaters, striped blouses and trousers with pleats in the front..the upscale, elite society of the US east coast is the source of inspiration for a number of current styles. Preppy chic has come back into style.”

Thank heaven, I know you will all be sleeping better tonight with the news we’re back. (Heh, heh, heh.) This second story comes via Monsters & Critics (the website, not Tolkien’s lecture/essays).


We mentioned heel height up above, here is why we feel it merits a bit of discussion.

All Photos by Getty Images

Those are photos from today’s Chanel runway show at Paris Fashion Week. The absence of towering platforms and sky-high heels was glaring. It wasn’t limited to just a few looks in Karl Lagerfeld’s undersea world, here are three more.

Getty Images, AP Photo, Getty Images

A very welcome sight indeed. We’re not sure about the space age silver booties, but dialing down the ridiculosity meter is a lovely thing to behold. We share one other look from the Chanel show, and this one isn’t from the runway, it is a guest.

Getty Images

Princess Siriwanwaree Nareerat of Thailand, the details of her jacket, jewelry and bag are so exquisite they caught even our jaundiced eye, it is all simply lovely.

Goodbye until next time!


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Dylan Lauren’s Wedding Gown, “Preppy Chic”

Hello-Hello, welcome to another wacky day here at The Prepatorium, where once again business obligations force brevity.

We begin with a look at the wedding gown Ralph Lauren created for his daughter Dylan.

Sebastian Kim via Vogue Magazine

The candy store entrepreneur married hedge fund manager Paul Arrouet last month, and many have been eager to see the gown, interested in how a design by Mr. Lauren would turn out. Everyone involved in the wedding has done a remarkable job keeping photos of the dress under wraps, it is amazing in this day and age there haven’t been pictures posted online, either legitimately or ‘leaked’ by someone involved with the dress or the wedding.

This is the first photo we have seen of the silk gown, it had a mermaid style hem, including a nine-foot train. Here is a little more from The Daily Mail:

“…a handmade duchesse satin, silk tulle, georgette embroidered dress with a tiered train.  The custom-made gown, which she wears for a photoshoot celebrating her marriage in the August issue of Vogue, was kept under security guard at Ralph Lauren’s New York headquarters prior to the wedding.

There is also a story about the wedding in the magazine from Andre Leon Talley with loads of details about the big day. The photo seen above is part of Vogue’s online slide show featuring people in its annual age issue, done every August and showcasing elegance across a broad spectrum of years.


This is always a good issue, one we enjoy very much reading.


One other note about Ms. Lauren, she has designed a Maclaren baby stroller in a design tied to her Candy Bar look and logo.

Via Maclaren

The stroller is the Volo style, available online at Maclaren and other retailers for $150.


Also today, InStyle has yet another take on ‘Preppy Chic,’ showing items they deem to fall into this category.  We share just a few, including a Timex Resin ‘Camper’ Watch and Tommy Hilfiger Linen/Cotton Boyfriend Cardigan. (This is a nice blend for a summer sweater, we don’t own this particular item but have pieces in the same fabric, they breath wonderfully in the heat.)

The online feature also highlights ‘Quip Thank You’ cards by Kate Spade and a Lacoste Camellia polo shirt, today’s Pretty in Pink.

To see the rest of the slide show click here.


We wanted to share one more tidbit, what one publication is describing as “Oscar de la Renta’s preppy princess”.

Oscar de la Renta via Grazia UK

That’s how UK fashion magazine Grazia titled its early look at the fall ad campaign for the line, the ads features supermodel Karlie Kloss.

The story also links to a short video with several different looks from Oscar de la Renta’s fall collection.


Before we say goodbye, Tilly insists we say ‘Thank You’ on her behalf for your more-than-generous-support of her new role as shipping manager here at the Princess.  She is especially grateful to those understanding her need to take her 15-minute break, the pressure-cooker environment is wearing her out.

Employee of the Month? We Think Not.

Our only problem is that Tilly’s 15 minute breaks happen every 15 minutes.

Goodbye until next time!


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A New Tiffany Collection, Preppy Chic, New Fred Perry

Happy sunshiny day everyone!

Remember when we asked everyone for their help with a bride-to-be’s pending fashion calamity? (You can read the origins of today’s update right here, or pop over to visit the delightful Miss Daisy at her Legally Blonde Ambition blog.) Below, a refresher on her gown, a silk taffeta confection by Anne Barge:

Courtesy Anne Barge via Brides.com

Courtesy Anne Barge via Brides.com

We can share good news: crisis averted, fashionable footwear has been found! Gaze upon the these lovelies destined for Daisy’s toes this fall!

Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

Another look at Nordstrom provided a vision for our bride, the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Pearl’ Flat. These are really cute but still elegant, a very tough combo to pull off for any occasion, but for a wedding? Wow. Miraculously, we can now breath a collective sigh of relief and whisper a grateful “Mission Accomplished.”  Miss Daisy extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who so generously offered their assistance and helped in the hunt!


Next on today’s hit parade, has everyone noticed the recently released Keys Collection from Tiffany?

Courtesy Tiffany

PHOTO: © Tiffany & Co.

The group features key pendants in a variety of precious metals (sterling to platinum) and gemstones.  From Tiffany’s news release:

“The work of skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths, these exquisitely crafted vintage keys unlocked jewelry and keepsake boxes, albums, diaries and steamer trunks, as well as private clubs and country manors.”

Hhhhhmmm….this is one we’ll have to ponder dolls. What do you think?


The always-fun I Want You Now blog gave us another take on ‘preppy style’ in a post fittingly titled Preppy Chic is Back.  The post offers a couple of looks by designer Luella Bartlett, including this one.

Courtesy Luella Bartlett via IWantUNow.com

Courtesy Luella Bartlett via IWantUNow.com

The post is a fun read, and there is also an excellent Polyvore board.


Gargyle is showcasing their new Fred Perry Collections for both men…



…and women.  We like the Leather Frame Purse in a clutch style, sleek and chic.

Fred Perry Clutch at Gargyle.com

Fred Perry Clutch at Gargyle.com

And the Knit Dress in black is a basic, although more-than-a-little short for an aged and ancient female like TP.


Now, we are curious about a claim that purple is listed as a “must buy” color for kids.  That doesn’t srprise us so much as this WWD story (subscription req’d.); it makes this claim:

“When it comes to girls’ shoes, purple is the new pink.”

Moms, Aunts, Grandmoms, you simply must advise The Princess, as we were unaware of this! Below, a few of the items used in illustrating the story, starting with the Benetton boot:

Benetton Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Benetton Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Do tell, as we are feeling helplessly out of touch. Sigh.


The inaural Kate Spade apparel collection debuts this fall, and we’ll share photos from that tomorrow. Today we’ll simply use a clutch from the Fall Collection for our Pretty in Pink.

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

We are out the door for our volunteer stint at the senior gift shop, so until tomorrow, enjoy your day! 


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Ivy League Bag, “Preppy Chic,” & The Coolest Sneakers!

Hello-Hello and Happy Day! It is dismal, dreary, and downright nasty outside. This is not our favorite time of year. But you knew that. Onward.
We start with last week’s opening of the new Fred Flare in Brooklyn, more specifically, Greenpoint. Flare is one of our favorites, approaching fashion with a light and whimsical touch while also carrying solid merchandise. Here we show the Ivy League weekender, available in two colorways at a reasonable $66.


A peek inside the new store.

Courtesy Refinery 29

Courtesy Refinery 29

We neglected to provide yet another view on Men’s fashion involving ‘preppy’ style, this one from a site in the UK, the “Here is the City” blog. In an outstanding column entitled Men: Your Look Next Summer, writer Lisa Bathurst shares thoughts on next Spring’s look, including this on Preppy Chic:
Preppy Chic
Preppy chic continues as a running theme from recent menswear collections with a cropped trouser and jacket look as seen on the Rag & Bone catwalk in NYC. Plenty of smart preppy black blazers and shirts, perfect for work and easily translatable to an after work date.
Another negative shot has been fired at über-preppy retailer J. Crew, this time from popular fashion and style blog Fashionista. In a post titled “J. Crew Needs a Lesson in Subtlety” writer Britt Aboutaleb makes a point about this Crewcuts Girls’ ivory tweed Coco jacket priced at $248.

“… But we would suggest taking note of the catalog description which oh-so-subtly admits that, “this little jacket is a nod to vintage.  It is indeed.  As well as a nod to Karl Lagerfeld and the team of couturiers who continue to produce Coco Chanel’s signature tweeds.

Tangentially, even if you’re disgustingly obsessed with your gorgeous kid, do you honestly buy them a $250 white jacket?”

Ouch. If one is not familiar with J. Crew’s recent run of negative press in publications ranging from the Times to simple blogs, here is one of TP’s posts on the issue.
On a more up note the retailer hosted a party last week for Domino, the interior style magazine, at their new J. Crew Collection store in the city.  The celebration honored the magazine’s new book, Domino: The Book of Decorating (seen above).  The newest issue of Domino features J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons on the cover.

Below, a photo of Ms. Lyons with husband, artist Vince Mazeau at the Domino party.

Patrick McMullan ©

Photo: Patrick McMullan ©

The story gives readers an inside peek at the personal style of the Lyons-Mazeau household.

PHOTO: Melanie Acevedo

There is also a video with Ms. Lyons, her husband and their baby.

“J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons brings her talent for updating classic silhouettes to her elegantly edgy Brooklyn brownstone.”

Melanie Acevedo

PHOTO: Melanie Acevedo

Speaking of launches, American Eagle’s new website 77Kids is now live, offering clothing and accessories for the little ones. They carry Toddler, Boy’s, and Girl’s sizes.  There are lots of fun things, like this Toddler Girls Cat Hoodie sweater, and the oh-so-cool Rad Plaid Trapper hat.

If this isn’t one of the coolest designs for “fashion sneakers,” we truly don’t know what is.

These are Van’s Authentic Modular tennies. The Begonia Pink/Neon Pink color combination is like a massive smile for the feet.  And the primary color combination is equally fabulous. It is possible we will require both pair.

We are betting that even The Queen Mother might be inquiring about a pair.

Finally, today’s Pretty in Pink picture comes to us via another incredible pastry chef, Michelle Doll Cakes.  Below, the Pink Argyle Topsy Turvey non-traditional cake.

Michelle Doll Cakes

Grins and Giggles for whatever your social secretary has you scheduled for this week!



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