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J. Crew Bridal Line Update, & Look Buffy, It’s a Preppy Frenzy!

Hello-Hello, and soggy, soaking wet greetings of the day!

"I don't do rain."
“I don’t do rain.”

Regular readers recognize Silly Tilly, the living embodiment of “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” here at the Prepatorium, an event we celebrate daily. And today is one of those days demonstrating why Tilly is nicknamed Twinkletoes. This moniker came in reaction to her refusal to go outside if there is so much as One. Drop. Of. Rain.

We beg. We plead. We grovel. We do ToughMommyVoice, and then resort to the  “YouBetterGoOutsideNOWOrYou’llBeSorry” tone.  And Tilly’s reaction?



Let there be no doubt as to who is really running the show. Of course. Sigh.


A quick note on the J. Crew Bridal Collection, a line we adore.

J. Crew Silk Taffeta Sascha Gown

J. Crew Silk Taffeta Sascha Gown

WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription required) reports on a few minor updates in this arena for Crew:

“…select J. Crew stores are selling styles from its bridal collection, which until now was only available online. Shoppers can schedule complementary consultations with a new bridal expert who will help them select wedding gowns, bridal party attire and honeymoon clothing…”

The story adds that J. Crew is planning its first Bridal trunk show.


We seem to be in the midst of something akin to a preppy frenzy. Again.  We have news stories and articles popping up everywhere about “the return of preppy style”.  Just last week one of our posts was devoted in large part to a news story entitled “The Preppy Look is Back’ from a Buffalo newspaper.  Today we bring you another story with a similar theme from the Biloxi Sun Herald.  In the story a Tommy Hilfiger factory store manager is quoted:

“That preppy look is coming back,” he said. “Women are layering on light pima cotton sweaters. Short sleeve cardigans in argyles are big in women and men.” He said denim for girls and women is pleated, beaded and glittered and “the color palate is bright with lots of citrus, royal blue, not florescent, but deep and bold.”

TP must jump in here with another annoying opinionated an editorial comment: prep denim is most assuredly not embellished with sequins, beads, or other folderol. (You know, folderol, also fal·de·ral, n., 1. Foolishness; nonsense; 2. A trifle; a gewgaw.)

Nick Ramirez, the Hilfiger store manager quoted above, goes on to add:

“Expect to see more and more classics,” he says. “Ralph Lauren is going to go back to that classic suit…”

Speaking of Ralph Lauren, today is the last day of their Friends & Family Event. Use promo code RLSP2009 to receive a 30% discount at Rugby, Ralph Lauren, and Ralph Lauren Factory stores.


We do have a few more SOTTs today we thought you might find interesting:

  • Marriott Hotels is the first major chain to stop delivering free newspapers to guest rooms. All is not doom and gloom however; complimentary papers will be available in lobbies and Rewards members can update their profiles to receive their paper of choice
  • Chanel has withdrawn from this year’s Friends and Family event at Bloomingdale’s. For more on this shocker, pop over to see Lila at Madison Avenue Spy.
  • Customers at the recent Sothebys auction in Hong Kong attendees had to purchase their own coffee. Naturally this forces the Princess to ask the obvious: is nothing sacred?

Do not let that tragic circumstance (heh-heh) deter your participation in this spring’s Magnificent Jewels auction at Sothebys.  That would be a shame, and preclude your bidding on so many pretties, like Lot 259, the Tiffany Poissons Brooch by Jean Schlumberger.

Courtesy Sothebys

Courtesy Sothebys


On that note, we hope your day goes swimmingly! (Silly Princess.)


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A New Tiffany Collection, Preppy Chic, New Fred Perry

Happy sunshiny day everyone!

Remember when we asked everyone for their help with a bride-to-be’s pending fashion calamity? (You can read the origins of today’s update right here, or pop over to visit the delightful Miss Daisy at her Legally Blonde Ambition blog.) Below, a refresher on her gown, a silk taffeta confection by Anne Barge:

Courtesy Anne Barge via Brides.com

Courtesy Anne Barge via Brides.com

We can share good news: crisis averted, fashionable footwear has been found! Gaze upon the these lovelies destined for Daisy’s toes this fall!

Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

Another look at Nordstrom provided a vision for our bride, the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Pearl’ Flat. These are really cute but still elegant, a very tough combo to pull off for any occasion, but for a wedding? Wow. Miraculously, we can now breath a collective sigh of relief and whisper a grateful “Mission Accomplished.”  Miss Daisy extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who so generously offered their assistance and helped in the hunt!


Next on today’s hit parade, has everyone noticed the recently released Keys Collection from Tiffany?

Courtesy Tiffany

PHOTO: © Tiffany & Co.

The group features key pendants in a variety of precious metals (sterling to platinum) and gemstones.  From Tiffany’s news release:

“The work of skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths, these exquisitely crafted vintage keys unlocked jewelry and keepsake boxes, albums, diaries and steamer trunks, as well as private clubs and country manors.”

Hhhhhmmm….this is one we’ll have to ponder dolls. What do you think?


The always-fun I Want You Now blog gave us another take on ‘preppy style’ in a post fittingly titled Preppy Chic is Back.  The post offers a couple of looks by designer Luella Bartlett, including this one.

Courtesy Luella Bartlett via IWantUNow.com

Courtesy Luella Bartlett via IWantUNow.com

The post is a fun read, and there is also an excellent Polyvore board.


Gargyle is showcasing their new Fred Perry Collections for both men…



…and women.  We like the Leather Frame Purse in a clutch style, sleek and chic.

Fred Perry Clutch at Gargyle.com

Fred Perry Clutch at Gargyle.com

And the Knit Dress in black is a basic, although more-than-a-little short for an aged and ancient female like TP.


Now, we are curious about a claim that purple is listed as a “must buy” color for kids.  That doesn’t srprise us so much as this WWD story (subscription req’d.); it makes this claim:

“When it comes to girls’ shoes, purple is the new pink.”

Moms, Aunts, Grandmoms, you simply must advise The Princess, as we were unaware of this! Below, a few of the items used in illustrating the story, starting with the Benetton boot:

Benetton Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Benetton Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Do tell, as we are feeling helplessly out of touch. Sigh.


The inaural Kate Spade apparel collection debuts this fall, and we’ll share photos from that tomorrow. Today we’ll simply use a clutch from the Fall Collection for our Pretty in Pink.

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

We are out the door for our volunteer stint at the senior gift shop, so until tomorrow, enjoy your day! 


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How Are Those Tiffany Eyeglasses Selling? + a Martha No Go

About a month ago The Princess expressed her Logophobic horror at the new Tiffany eyeglasses, in particular her dismay at the size of the Tiffany logo on the eyewear.

Tiffany Glasses ad

Return to Tiffany Glasses

Tiffany Atlas Aviator Sunglasses

The Princess then went on what we understand is referred to as a ‘rant,’ shrieking about Tiffany’s cheapening of what was once a fabled brand with its introduction of more and more and more logoed items. (We share a few examples below for those who might have missed the original post, starting with the Tiffany Notes Pendant so you might hang the Tiffany store name and address about your neck, and the Tiffany Notes Charm serving the same purpose on your wrist.)

Tiffany NotesTiffany Notes Charm

For other examples of the logoed up trinkets, here is the previous post we refer to above. Now to answer the question posed in the title of today’s post, “How Are Those Tiffany Eyeglasses Selling?” in a word, great. Sales of the new eyeglasses are doing quite well, thank you, described as ‘strong’ for the first quarter of this year. It would appear The Princess had best get used to seeing the Tiffany eyewear, and cease and desist from future whining. An interesting sidenote: sales at the Tiffany mothership (the Fifth Avenue NYC store) are up a whopping 16%!

Now, should you be looking for some extremely cool sunglasses that won’t have you carrying about an advertisement for someone else the size of Mt. Everest on either side of your head, we share a few photos of our new fave, Radley. Many of you may think of handbags or leather when you hear the Radley name, but they have wisely branched out with a sunglass line we think is simply luscious! Below we show the Amini model in tortoiseshell and brown leather, followed by the UDot model and then the Metoma pair.

Radley Amini Sunglasses

Radley UDot Sunglasses

Radley Metoma sunGlasses

Since we have been discussing heritage jewelers, those creating the heirlooms passed on from generation to generation, we should mention that another jeweler to ‘preppy families’ for an eon, Cartier, is also reporting strong sales. And who says love doesn’t conquer all? Cartier says bridal business at there Manhattan store is doing quite well, especially the Love and Trinity collections. Below, a Diamond Trinity Ring, followed by two of their Love Collection rings.

Cartier Trinity Ring

Cartier Love RingCartier Love Ring

As mentioned in the sunglass conversation, many of us know and adore the Radley lines of luggage and handbags, most a bit more distinctive than what everyone else is using, and most almost always showing that welcome touch of whimsy that TP finds so delightful. Here we share a few pieces from the Radley’s other lines. The first is the medium suitcase from their Poppies Luggage collection, *very* easy for the driver or houseman to spot when he heads over to get your things at luggage pick-up.

Radley Poppies Medium Suitcase

For all Radley luggage, you can simply click here. The small leather goods are outstanding, like this Medium Purse wallet.

Radley Medium Stab Stitch walletRadley Medium StabStitch Wallet

Perhaps the classic elegance of the Var tote handbag in soft, supple black leather is more your style, while yours truly enjoys the Circle Patch Duffle bag for weekends at the cottage.

Radley black ToteRadley Circle Patch Duffle bag

And in the “This Just In” department, word from the UK that Martha Stewart has been denied entry to that country.

No  Marths jpg

The Daily Telegraph reports the UK Border Agency notified the 66-year-old media and lifestyle tycoon sometime in the past several days that she is just, well, so not welcome because of her 2004 criminal convictions for lying to federal agents. Ouch. There’s no mention of these events in Ms. Stewart’s blog posting for today, or for yesterday, both datelined from the Detroit area where she has been meeting with auto execs and doing promotional events.

Martha at WJBK

One additional note before we close… because The Princess was so gauche as to impose the reportage of personal family business whilst falling asleep at this keyboard (quite literally I’m afraid, bobbing head and all) in the oh-so-wee hours of this morning, we provide a small update on that business: we are happy to report the family pet has actually returned home from her trip to the veterinarian. For those not enduring the imposition of our personal pet traumas, we did not believe that Tilly, the family dog, would make it through the day. She seems to have rebounded somewhat, although we believe the betrayal of her elderly body to now be accelerating with a speed we had not anticipated. (Her actual age is unknown; she is a rescue dog, abandoned and abused prior to her rescue by a Bulldog Rescue Organization.)


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