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Southern Prep Brands

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We wanted to share a story we read earlier this year but never found time to write about, “Preppy Look Has A Southern Feel” from the Rocky Mount Telegram.  The North Carolina newspaper makes an interesting observation:

….since 2005, at least seven of these companies, each with the word “Southern” in its name, has emerged to offer a classic alternative to what has, until recently, been a Northern monopoly on the preppy look. First came Southern Proper, then Southern Tide; next were Southern Marsh and Southern Point Co; and in the past 18 months, Southern Frattire, Southern Dignity and Southern Ties have begun peddling their own Dixie-inspired apparel. The new image has enjoyed a welcome worthy of the term “Southern Hospitality.”

We have long been fans of Southern Proper.

Southern Proper

We are also longtime admirers of the company’s approach to design and marketing.

Southern Proper

From the company’s ‘Our Story’ page:

Southern Proper is based on men’s décor and dress, and each bowtie (Beaus™) and necktie (Gents™) is adorned with hand-drawn designs, made of superior king twill silk. The neckties are even hand drawn in the South.

Back to the Telegram‘s story:

Adding a Southern flair to the preppy image, these new labels have replaced polo-players and crocodiles with skipjack tunas and bird dogs. Their colorful neckwear, gingham button-downs, polo-shirts, and beer cozies feature hunting and fishing imagery, as well as more standard preppy nautical themes.

Southern Point’s offerings are also covered in the piece.

Southern Point Facebook

We love Greyton, the company’s logo (a short-haired Pointer). Southern Point has a broad selection of shirts, tees, vests and other apparel/accessories, even coolers.

Southern Point

Southern Tide has grown to be very popular.

Southern Tide

This firm has branched out into denim and collegiate polos, among other items, they now offer styles for men, women and boys.

Southern Tide Facebook

The company is doing very well, more from Stephen Childs’ article:

Southern Tide of Greenville, S.C., gained recognition last year from Forbes and Inc. magazines as one of the country’s most up-and-coming businesses. According to Inc., Southern Tide is the nation’s fastest-growing apparel company.

Not to be confused with Southern Tide, Southern Ties is another brand referenced. This smaller company was actually started by two young men still in their teens, one now a freshman at Hampden-Sydney, the other at Sewanee.  The seersucker ties look more-than-nifty.

Southern Ties

Southern Marsh is covered in the story, here is a portion of the company’s “About” page titled Southern Class.

Known for its unique culture, beautiful people, and timeless dress – The South is an area of the country that still finds time to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life. Southern Marsh was inspired by that idea and influenced by those who understand the lifestyle as they take it with them everywhere they go.

Southern Marsh

Like others, Southern Marsh has grown its product line, adding items like shorts and game day shirts.

Southern Marsh Facebook

Southern Dignity is headquartered in Arkansas, more from their website:

Southern Dignity captures this complexity by producing clothing consistent with the southern perspective and the styles that accompany it. We specialize in the qualities that define our culture, and cater to the men & women that exemplify it.

They offer bow ties and other men’s accessories.

Southern Dignity Facebook

Along with tops and tees for both men and women.

Southern Dignity

We became familiar with Southern Frattire via the story.

Southern Frattire

The firm was founded by a young man who knows his target audience, it was started by a 21-year-old Eastern Tennessee State student. Southern Frattire currently offers Pocket Tees and Koozies on its website.

Whether in the field or tailgating before the game, men of the South are always well dressed. With that in mind, we decided it was time for a line of clothing designed specifically for the lifestyle of the Southern Fraternity Gentleman.

The article notes the role online marketing plays, and the impact from sites like TotalFratMove.

Madison Wickham, co-founder of TotalFratMove.com, a website on which some of the brands advertise, says a classic look is important to the their success.

“I think these brands are popular among our audience because they represent a vibe and lifestyle that our demographic is either a part of or aspires to be a part of,” said Wickham. “Most of these brands offer traditional conservative clothing styles and are a refreshing change from the ‘GQ’ ultra-trendy styles you will find among most mainstream brands.”

There are plenty of reasons cited for the explosion in “southern prep” brands.

Company executives, marketing experts, and observers offer a variety of explanations for the clothing craze including top-notch quality, brand relatability, and recognition. But most underscore the same idea: the South and pride in its culture have achieved a newfound panache.

The story makes for a good read, you can see it in its entirety here.

On a slightly related note, the good folks over at Social Primer just posted the list of finalists for the “Best Menswear Store in the South,” pop over and vote if so inclined.


Much more importantly, out thoughts today are for everyone coping with this:

National Hurricane Center/NOAA

That image from NOAA shows Tropical Storm Isaac, expected to officially be Hurricane Isaac by tonight or tomorrow morning. (It may well be a Hurricane by the time I hit the ‘publish’ button.)

Issac is expected to be a Category 1 or Category 2 storm when it makes landfall.  While no one expects damage of the catastrophic proportions following Katrina, the impact can still be extremely serious. More from the Washington Post:

“A large, slow-moving system is going to pose a lot of problems — winds, flooding, storm surge and even potentially down the road river flooding,” said Richard Knabb, director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami. “That could happen for days after the event.”

Below, the online front page of the New Orleans Time-Picayune.

New Orleans Time-Picayune

Not lost on New Orleanians: Isaac is expected to hit seven years to the day that Katrina made landfall.


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