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Is J. Crew Discounting Too Much? And the Free Preppy Goodies – Enter Now!

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

Most readers have seen this email alert from J. Crew.  As many are no doubt aware, it is just one of many promotional efforts from the retailer that have hit our electronic in-bins recently.  And the company is not alone in its aggressive promotional moves; we are hard-pressed to come up with any retailers not currently promoting some sort of discount or sale to customers.  (If anyone is not aware of the discount shown in the photo above, it offers 20% off full-price sweaters and ends Thursday night at midnight; the promo code needed at checkout is SWEATERS.)

However, elsewhere on the J. Crew site one finds this:

Courtesy J. Crew

Courtesy J. Crew

… and this sale is not a discount or promotional price that ends tomorrow at midnight, as with the sweaters. This is an ongoing sale offering very deep discounts, especially for a retailer of Crew’s caliber, with items like the Men’s Patchwork tartan vest that originally sold at $228 now offered at $59.99.  The Princess is no mathologist, but it seems to us that is almost 75% off the original price.

And the site is full of merchandise on Sale, not all at this level of markdown, but a hefty amount nonetheless.  Why are deep discounts, other than the obvious appeal they hold for most of us, an issue? Because they make investors in the company’s stock nervous.  From Thomson Financial News:

“Shares of the preppy clothing company run by Wall Street darling and former Gap Inc CEO Mickey Drexler fell 14 percent to their life-time low of $11.90 in morning trade.”

The article cites a memo written by a stock analyst:

“…’The worst is yet to come for J. Crew, which has continued to reel under a weak economy’ …analyst Eric Beder wrote in a note to clients…”

“…surveys and store tours have shown J. Crew is becoming “more and more aggressive,” to clear out inventory….

While TP is always excited to see merchandise offered at more fiscally friendly price points, Crew cannot be making much profit on this Cashmere Sequin Shell being sold for $49.99, roughly 70% less than its original price of $158.

The story also quotes the analyst:

“We do not believe the J. Crew business model works at the current levels and depth of price cuts,” he wrote.”

J. Crew Group’s stock closed at a new all-time low this afternoon, $11.64 per share. Ouch. We wish we were a bigger and better person Ladies, but let’s face it: their pain is your gain.


A quick reminder on the Great Preppy Giveaway: enter to win this Scout Zip ‘n Tuck Market Tote by leaving a comment before midnight tonight telling us one thing about America you are grateful for.



…just anything at all about the United States that you are thankful for, and you are entered to win the tote! And if you mention the giveaway on your blog, then you will automatically be able to send the Preppy Princess Madras Photocards to anyone you choose! And we pay the shipping on everything!



Tomorrow we will reveal the lucky winner(s)! And don’t forget we’ll be starting a new Thankful Thursday Giveaway tomorrow too, so pop in and say “Hi” when you have a spare nanosecond. We’re always glad to see you!


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It’s Time for Totes Pt. 2: Vineyard Vines, Lilly, Lands End, LL Bean, J Crew, Preppy Princess, Rachel Pally, Eric Javits, Hogan Sport & More!

Vineyard Vines Weekender Patchwork Tote Vineyard Vines Anchors Woven Classic Tote

The Princess hoped to have this posted yesterday, but when there is breaking sale news at J Crew, what’s a girl to do? Let’s start with the Vineyard Vines Patchwork Weekender tote, très merveilleux, oui? But TP remains partial to the Anchors Woven Classic Tote, also from the Vines. When it comes to preppy totes, it’s simply not a proper list without at least one example from LL Bean, such as their Camden Embroidered tote, always in style and available in a number of different colors and embroidered motifs.

LL Bean Camden Tote

We also adore Bean’s Tidepool Boat & Tote, “Made in Maine, proven around the world” as its described; an excellent bag that was showcased yesterday by brilliant blogger Muffy Martini. It’s shown below in both the Lobster and the Crab motifs, there’s also a Trout version and it is available in two different sizes.

LL Bean Tidepool Tote LL Bean Tidepool Lobster version Boat & Tote

Of course, Land’s End has been known to keep a few totes in stock, not the least of which is the Grosgrain Canvas Tote, seen below, as well as their Printed Box Canvas tote, also seen below.

Land\'s Lands End preppy Grosgrain Canvas Tote Lands End Printed Box Canvas Tote

We move to the other coast with this set of Half Moon Bay totes from the Preppy Princess, also available in a fabulous stripe pattern, the Charlevoix Tote set. In case you are not familiar with Charlevoix, it is located on neither the Atlantic or Pacific coasts, but smack dab in the middle of Michigan’s Gold coast. (Nor should it be confused with Chicago’s Gold coast either. So much to keep track of… oh my.) At any rate, both sets come with three bags that are just great for toting home the groceries, carrying beach towels and accompanying accoutrements, you name it, with the largest a healthy 20 x 11 x 13! (Okay, we admit to being very proud of these, but they *are* are a great buy at all three for only $36!)

Preppy Princess Half Moon Bay Tote Set

Preppy Princess 3 pack Charlevoix Totes

We promised more Lilly and here is the very basic, but oh-so-wonderful Lilly Pulitzer Large Via Palm tote, and it’s actually on sale at Village Palm. And because The Princess is always thinking of your pocketbook, here’s one that’s a borderline tote from J Crew, and it just happens to be on sale. We say borderline because it is not super-wide, but still, this Mayfair Magazine tote is sweet, sleek and oh-so-chic. What could be better to slip your magazines into for the walk to the beach?

Lilly Pulitzer large Via Tote at Village Palm J Crew Mayfair Magazine Tote

If you are looking for something a tad more elegant, then the Eric Javits Donut tote is a consideration in either the black or white version, and you should definitely think about the Hogan Sport Simple as well, both of them at Needless Markup, Neimans. Are they preppy totes in the classic sense of that term? No. Would either one make a great tote? Absolutely.

Eric Javits Donut Tote at Neiman MarcusHOgan Sport Simple Tote Neiman Marcus

This next one is a particular favorite for its clean lines and spacious interior: the Rachel Pally Striped Beach Bag. (I bet it could become a favorite of yours as well!)

Rachel Pally Striped Beach Bag tote Rachel Palley Striped Beach Bag tote

There are more of course, always more, but we have simply run out of time today. Fear not; appropriate high tech ( little stickies) measures have been taken to safeguard their whereabouts until next time. They shan’t be forgotten. Have a simply stupendous Thursday!


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