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College Classics Get an Update & That Dale Carnegie Cyber Guide

Hello and happy Columbus Day to those commemorating the holiday with special events, functions or a day off.

We are brief, beginning with new takes on some old style favorites.

Smart Threads via Ecouterre.com

These snappy blazers are created by the good folks at Smart Threads, a young company committed to philanthropy. Here is a snippet from the firm’s “About Us” page:

“…for every $1 the company makes, 50% goes towards a charity in the form of a monetary donation which helps clothe people in need, or an investment into socially conscious projects.”

The jackets are made of fleece, they look more-than-comfy.

Smart Threads

Currently Smart Threads offers designs for the K State Wildcats, the University of Oregon and USC.  There are also shorts in matching colors and prints.


Next, the classic letter sweater as updated by Etiquette Vintage Designs.

Etiquette Vintage Designs

This new company upcycles vintage sweaters and blazers, above we see sweaters celebrating SMU and the Wisconsin Badgers. Below, Texas Tech and Harvard sweaters.

Etiquette Vintage Design

There are plenty of looks for men as well.

Etiquette Vintage Design

A few more styles.

Etiquette Vintage Design

The one of a kind sweaters and blazers are the brainchild of designer Eric Renteria, seen below in his own creations.

Eric Renteria

Mr. Renteria’s inspiration for the collection is explained in this story from the Amarillo Globe-News:

“I see a lot of what women are wearing, or men, and it’s very low-cut or short-shorts, and that’s not attractive to me,” he said.

“When I see a woman out wearing a gorgeous dress and not showing anything, or just her shoulder, that’s sexy,” he said. “I’d like to see more of that. Or guys taking the time not to go out with a baseball cap and just a T-shirt.”

The line is garnering some solid press.

Study Breaks Magazine

A tip of the hat to both young companies, starting a new enterprise in this climate takes courage and vision, we hope both are wildly successful.


Our other item today comes via this story that ran last Wednesday in The Times. It reviews two new editions of classic books, beginning with the Dale Carnegie standard:

Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” which turns 75 this year, has sold more than 30 million copies and continues to be a best seller. The book, a paean to integrity, good humor and warmth in the name of amicable capitalism, is as wholesome as a Norman Rockwell painting.

But it turns out we couldn’t leave well enough alone, nay-nay, the book had to be re-imagined and re-issued, now titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age,” Back to the review:

This new adaptation seems to have been composed using refrigerator magnets stamped with corporate lingo: “transactional proficiency,” “tangible interface,” “relational longevity,” “continuum of opportunities,” “interpersonal futility,” and “our faith persuasion.”

The following sentence, which appears on Page 80, is so inept that it may actually be an ancient curse and to read it more than three times aloud is to summon the cannibal undead: “Today’s biggest enemy of lasting influence is the sector of both personal and corporate musing that concerns itself with the art of creating impressions without consulting the science of need ascertainment.”

The writer of the piece, Dwight Garner, remembers his good manners when wrapping up his thoughts on the book:

Dale Carnegie, that master of graceful temperament, would not approve of kicking a book when it was down. So let me conclude with the good news. His original book, unmolested, can still be found on bookstore shelves. Life can go on as if this new one simply did not exist.

Amen to that sentiment.


As we move along our continuum of opportunities today, Dale Carnegie’s classic volume isn’t the only thing with a significant anniversary, Breakfast at Tiffany’s made its début fifty years ago.

Keystone Features/Getty Images via Time

Time magazine has a delightful photo essay, “On Set With Audrey Hepburn“, the photo of the movie’s cast is seen above.

With that amazing photo we say “ta” for now!



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Target’s ‘Splendid’ New Line & Talbots Troubles

Happy gloomy, snowy day from here in the Great Midwest. We are actually grateful, as we have absolutely nothing to complain about on the weather front, so many friends are coping with just plain miserable conditions we refuse to participate in any sort of whineathon related to our weather.

We begin with a look at the new line from Targét, its Splendid Littles collection for its Baby Boutique.


Many readers are likely already familiar with Splendid, known for its super-soft and posh-feeling fabrics.  Below, some of the new styles available at Target.


Pieces in the collection start at $6.99 for a set of those darling striped bibs.


The highest priced item is $29.99, that is for one of the three-piece newborn sleep sets shown above, definitely today’s Pretty in Pink.

The pieces are very cute, it looks as if Target has found another winner with the new line from Splendid.


There’s not such stellar news from Talbots today, the company’s sales numbers didn’t meet projections, and its stock price hit a 52-week low. From a Reuters story:

“The debt-laden retailer, hit by slowing sales in the last few quarters, has been trying to woo younger women with trendier clothes, but its efforts have stalled.”

While witnessing promising signs from the retailer (even opening the Princess pocketbook for a few pieces), the most recent offering from the company left us cold.  The latest catalog, “52 Pick-me-ups” showcased scads of items with ruffles.

Above we show the Grace blazer and Ruffle Campshirt. Perhaps we’re just a couple of old fuddy-duddies here at The Prepatorium, but ruffles on the lapels of a jacket don’t work. And the ruffles are seemingly everywhere in the 52-Pick-Me-Ups group; below we show the Cotton Ruffle Skirt and the Ruffle Split-Neck Tee.

And there are also sequins. It’s possible Talbots’ audience is tiring of too much embellishing, too many sequins and far too many ruffles. The styles shown in the catalog may be indicative of a larger problem for the retailer: the inability to find a winning style formula and remain consistent with it.

On a more positive note, there are some pieces that appear to hold promise, including the Tipped Cardigan.

We do hope the company can find its way. One Sales & Savings note for those seeing things they like at Talbots, the Red Hanger sale is underway, with significant markdowns on much of the fall/winter merchandise.


We leave you with images from last night’s game, with congratulations to our Auburn and SEC friends, along with condolences for Duck fans. (We did live in Oregon for more than four years, yet never adjusted to those Phil Knight/Nike uniforms.)

Regardless of the outcome, we always get chills at this sight.

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

G’bye until next time!



  • REUTERS/Matt Sullivan
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