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The Tilly & Consort Workout

Hello-hello, The Consort here slipping mikeside to entertain and confuse while The Princess enjoys a quick trip to the East Coast.  She’ll be back in a couple of days and that means you and I get to spend some quality time together.  Let’s begin the fun, shall we?

You’ve all been enjoying the antics of Tilly the Bulldog.  She’s keeping busy these days with all her meals, naps and sunbathing.  Tilly is a busy dog but I noticed she is beginning to lose her hourglass figure.  Not that she’s not in shape, mind you.  Round is a shape and Tilly is certainly round.  It was clear that it was time to trim some of Tilly’s extra baggage so I decided to launch her on a grueling yoga and aerobic routine.  I think things are going well.

I thought I’d share Tilly’s favorite pose.

Guess The Name Of This Pose

Look at muscle tone!  Majestic.  She began with the extended puppy pose and worked her way to downward facing dog.  We’re working on other poses but she seems to be struggling a bit.  I’d love to see her crane pose but that might take some work.  After a nice yoga workout we did some speed work to build up her explosive stride.

Tilly in full stride

Now that’s impressive!  She’s like a bulldozer.  But she has a dream.  Her dream is to slim down and release her inner Chihuahua.  She clings to this image…

Red carpet Tilly

A girl’s gotta dream, right?  I’m not going to tell her she can’t do it but I refuse to pay for liposuction and botox.  That would be… excessive.

The little clock on the wall tells me it’s time to run.  I’ve enjoyed our time together and hope you have too.  I’ll leave you with my customary reminder: Don’t forget to take care of your waitperson because they’re working hard for you today.  I’ll be  back tomorrow when we’ll explore The Consort’s search for a smart phone.  Let’s all enjoy the inspirational efforts of this young Aussie.


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