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Jack Rogers Plans Huge Expansion

Hello-Hello everyone!

We start with news about a favored brand that is expanding their product offerings. Serious expansion. We’re talking about Jack Rogers, makers of the ubiquitous Navajo sandal seen below.

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

For those not familiar with the footwear, here is a brief explainer from this story in WWD:

“In resort towns like East Hampton and Nantucket, the Jack Rogers Navajo sandal has for decades been as much a part of the scene as tennis skirts and tunics. In the Sixties, the sandal was popularized by Jackie Kennedy.”

Those paying close attention to that photo probably already noticed something else: the new Jack Rogers slim ballet flat. Below we see another version of their new flat.

PHOTO: Thomas Iannacone/WWD

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

But new footwear isn’t the only thing on the drawing board for the company.  This story from Women’s Wear Daily (subscription req’d.) offers more information about plans for the Jack Rogers brand:

“…sportswear, dresses, handbags, shoes, boots and a wider selection of sandals, and the first Jack Rogers retail stores, for the upcoming resort and spring seasons.”

The new merchandise will be available at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, along with 400 independent boutiques already selling the brand; the plan is to expand this footprint to include:

“…Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and other stores. Trousers, priced at retail at $170; cotton sundresses, $168 to $200; woven dress shirts, $148, and closed-toe shoes, generally $129 to $189, are among the items being offered. There will be also be some handmade, detailed ballet flats and items in more expensive skins, priced at $225. Shorts, T-shirts, purses, totes, clutches, jelly sandals, driving shoes, boots and moccasins are also being designed.”

On a personal level this is splendid news. But from a business perspective we are reminded of many recent brand extensions that have not fared well, many with disastrous results. The failed Ruehl stores Abercrombie opened so quickly come to mind, as do the continuing rumors that Crocs, following explosive growth, could soon file bankruptcy. Even smaller efforts like the Oilily expansion into the US was not successful.

However, there are several executives at Jack Rogers who possess solid resumes with experience at firms like Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap and Tory Burch. This leads us to hope that the broad brand extensions of the kind detailed above prove to be the exception, rather than the rule.  When we see the word ‘jelly sandals’ included in the new product line we cringe more than just a little.

Wondering where the new Jack Rogers stores might be going…?

“…. the first expected to open around February 2010 in Manhattan, followed by units in the Hamptons, and Palm Beach or Bal Harbour, Fla.”

We know quite a few folks who will be pleased with this news. Are you excited by the news? And thoughts on Jack Rogers Jellies?


We close with a fun tidbit we saw on British Vogue’s site, news that Christian Louboutin has teamed up with Ladurée, the famed French macaroon and pastry house.

Courtesy Ladurée via Vogue UK

Courtesy Ladurée via Vogue UK

The luxury shoe designer has created special boxes for all those delicious goodies, they will be available in the UK this September, no word yet on the possibility of anyone on this side of the pond being able to purchase the designs.


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Sales and Savings of a Preptastic Kind

Hello-Hello, we have a weekend edition today because of all the Sales and Savings opportunities we feel compelled to share!


The Land of Nod almost never disappoints, and their Summer Sale offers quite a bit of merchandise, like the Everything’s Coming Up Roses bedding.


The offerings at Barneys continue apace with their Clearance Sale. (That still sounds so odd, saying ‘Barneys’ and Clearance Sale’ in the same breath, let alone the same sentence.)


If in need of cosmetics, all of the Vincent Longo appears to be discounted by at least 50%.

Kate Spade is taking an additional 25% off all sale items.

That means the hibiscus island baby stevie will be approximately $160; it was originally priced at $425.

Seen in the pink and poppy colorway, the bag evidently has 14-karat gold plated hardware. Honestly. We were about to say this might serve us very well for today’s Pretty in Pink.  Scratch that. (The sound you just heard? TP’s mind slamming shut.)

The sale at Kate Spade runs through the 14th.


The Designer Sale at Saks ends this Sunday night, the 12th.


There is a substantial amount of merchandise now discounted at the upscale retailer. Frankly, some of it deserves to be on sale. For your perusal, Exhibit A:

Burberry at Saks

Burberry at Saks

The Transparent Burberry Rain Slicker was originally $695. It is now being sold for $417. There seems to be a sufficient supply of these on hand from what we can ascertain. Indeed.

The Lilly Pulitzer Shandy Top initially selling at $198, the top is now $118.


As much as we love this particular Lilly print, the ruffles make the top a little frou-frou for us, but it will be darling on most readers, we just know that for a fact.

Also at Saks, the Ralph Lauren Infant Patchwork Jumper in a madras we simply adore.


The jumper (shown with a sweet little blouse) is now $22.45, the original price was $65.

BTW, a good part of the Sale merchandise at the Polo Ralph Lauren online shop is also reduced an additional 25%  making a visit there worth the investment of time should one be in need of apparel, accessories, or home goods.  For example, the Large Equestrian Canvas Tote is now$299.


The original selling price was $695.


Garnet Hill‘s sale runs through August 4th, so there is still a little time to look around.


The online and catalog retailer has Hanky Panky unmentionables on sale, including the Lace Bralette.


This item is selling for $29, it is usually $45.


Many other retailers not shown here are offering substantial discounts. Brooks Brothers, is doing their Annual Sale, there is quite a bit of Black Fleece merchandise marked down. J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger, and J. McLaughlin continue their sales as well.

We leave you another brand we are generally fond of, Lacoste, and their Carnaby Sneaker for Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid on sale at Nordstrom.


This cutie is discounted in all sizes.  And don’t forget the Nordie’s Anniversay Sale beginning next week.



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Major Papers Talk Preppy Style

Hello-Hello and happy day to everyone!

We’ll jump right in today with a few things we never seem to fit in our daily posts, despite the fact we start out planning to include them every. single. day.  We are so slow in sharing them many readers are likely to have already seen them, yikes! Here they are in completely random order:

1) The Times had an outstanding story from David Colman a few weeks back in their Dress Codes series, “The All-American Back from Japan,” examining contemporary preppy style.  A sample from the article:

“There is madras everything, button-downs everywhere. Nantucket reds — washed-out pink pants — are the new khakis; Sperry Top-Siders are more common on roof decks than top decks; and the Polo pony and the Lacoste crocodile are now but two of the critters in a zoo of polo shirt insignia.”

The story is accompanied by a companion slide show, “Dress Codes: The Preppy Look” with excellent photos from Dean Isidro. Below, the gentleman wears Benjamin Bixby, Lacoste, Trovata, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

PHOTO: Dean Isidro/NY Times

PHOTO: Dean Isidro/NY Times

The article looks at the history of ‘preppy fashion’ in the US (or more appropriately, that particular moniker for the style) as well as what Mr. Colman refers to as “…the Japanese penchant for Americana…”.

Some of the brands cited in the story and slide show are definitely not “your Father’s preppy style,” although again, TP’s family never referred to it this way. If asked and forced to describe the look TQM probably would have merely said it was conservative or classic, perhaps being so bold as to inquire  “why do you ask?” as it wasn’t something one consciously thought of or needed to discuss. The only possible exception might be if one the children dared desire something out-of-the-norm, in the “no, no, that’s not something we wear” category. How did your family refer to their clothing style? Or did they?

We highly recommend the story and slide show, they are great fun and offer a slew of new brands, some of which you have seen showcased in this space, such as Band of Outsiders, and others we probably won’t be sporting.


2) Also on the radar for quite some time, this story from the Times of London’s online site:

Preppy power

From twinsets and pearls to cashmere hoodies — new fashion tribes are taking their lead from the Sloanes

The story is another fun read, offering a slightly different perspective as it originates from the far side of the pond.

Yet rapidly growing numbers of people are embracing the preppy look — whether it’s stripy boat-neck T-shirts, argyle sweaters, brogues or cotton pea coats. Look closely and you’ll see preppy is having a makeover right under our noses.”

The story breaks the preppy looks into five different styles, including Euro Preppy, Fashion Preppy and Power Preppy.  Prince Harry’s former flame, Chelsea Davy, is pictured as an example of Public School Preppy:

PHOTO: Antony Jones/UK Press/PA Photos

PHOTO: Antony Jones/UK Press/PA Photos

A reminder that in the UK ‘public schools’ are actually what we call private schools here in the States, for example, Miss Porter’s or Choate would be called ‘public schools’ in England.

The article also has scads more details with the writer’s ideas on what brands specific prep types would wear, their ‘best looks’ as well as “A Look Too Far,” our favorite sub-category.  Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton is classified as a Euro Preppy, although the story notes:

“To be fair, Kate is more neo-Sloane ranger, but, for obvious reasons, the Euro preppy holds her in high esteem.”

As to the paper’s suggestions of a Power Preppy, they include First Lady Michelle Obama in this group. Rather than bore you with more recitation of the article’s content we suggest one toddle on over and personally read the story, we highly recommend it. A visit to the fabulous Europa Fox is also likely to provide far better insight than anything we offer.


True Chanel addicts with pin money (okay, investment quality pins) to spare will be pleased to learn of the 1980’s and early 90’s Chanel jewelry and accessories now being offered at high-end vintage retailer Resurrection.  Some pieces serve to remind us that the development of LogoPhobia is not merely in reaction to recent creations:

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

If interested, the catalog of goodies can be downloaded by clicking here.


TP is ever-so-excited to learn one of our favorite spots for retail therapy is undergoing a bit of a lift, so to speak.  Fashion Island in Newport Beach (CA) is going to have some work done, adding wonderful stores like Nordstrom to the roster of existing shops, including Neiman’s, Saks, and Bloomies.  Below, an artist’s sketch of the ‘new and improved’ Fashion Island.

Courtesy Photo via LA Times

Courtesy Photo via LA Times

The LA Times has the full story.

We leave you with some of the soon-to-be-out, or already available magazines one will spot at the local newsstand:

Courtesy Time Inc.

Courtesy Time Inc.

There are reports of at least two west coast memorial services, one on July 3rd, the other July 10th.

Courtesy People

Courtesy People

There is also a report that the Jackson family has been denied permission to bury him at Neverland Ranch.

Courtesy Post-Newsweek

Courtesy Post-Newsweek


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Preppy Retail Therapy, Gossip Girl Goes 80’s


Did everyone survive the weekend?

We enjoyed a delightful time with TQM, engaging in some art viewing followed by pursuits of a retail nature. All of our time together was just wonderful, although we only made minor purchases when shopping: a Lilly Pulitzer polo, a few dress shirts at Brooks Brothers, two pair of shoes at Nordstrom. As these are all basic wardrobe staples, and you all know what they look like, we won’t waste brain matter displaying photos. (Frankly it is rather out of character to report in on the shopping excursion at all, as it would seem that hearing about this sort of activity would be more than tedious for readers, but a few blogging buddies emailed or Tweeted and asked us to share.)

There is one item of a slightly offbeat nature that we bought, a cute little pair of tennies that will make the Fashion Herald beam with pride:

Why will the Herald be pleased? Because these are made of hemp, ever-so-progressive for TP, and also quite eco-friendly.  The Simple sneaks are available in a smorgasbord of colors and feel all squishy-soft-comfy, we love them!


Enough about TP, let’s move on to something *really* important (heh-heh), tonight’s special episode of everyone’s faux-prep favorite, Gossip Girl.  The episode lays some groundwork for a G2 spinoff, as described at NorthJersey.com:

“Lily (Kelly Rutherford) remembers getting kicked out of boarding school when she was 17. Nate and Blair’s (Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester) evening at the prom does not go as planned, thanks to Chuck (Ed Westwick).”

The new show is set in the 1980’s and the fashions reflect that: Brittany Snow, as a younger Lily, and Krysten Ritter as Carol:

Michael  /The CW

Michael Desmond/The CW

Here is another look at Krysten Ritter:

Michael Desmond/The CW

Michael Desmond/The CW

And then we see an argyle-clad ‘Lily’ again, looking rather preppish:

Michael Desmond/The CW

Michael Desmond/The CW

Somehow the look is not as elegant as when ‘Betty Draper’ goes for a ride on Mad Men.

Courtesy amc-tv

Courtesy amc-tv

Actress January Jones looks fabulous IOHO. What 80’s styles do you like the most? Did you wear any of them…?  Is there photographic evidence? Do tell.

We’re off and out the door, we’ll be back for a chat tomorrow.


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A New Tiffany Collection, Preppy Chic, New Fred Perry

Happy sunshiny day everyone!

Remember when we asked everyone for their help with a bride-to-be’s pending fashion calamity? (You can read the origins of today’s update right here, or pop over to visit the delightful Miss Daisy at her Legally Blonde Ambition blog.) Below, a refresher on her gown, a silk taffeta confection by Anne Barge:

Courtesy Anne Barge via Brides.com

Courtesy Anne Barge via Brides.com

We can share good news: crisis averted, fashionable footwear has been found! Gaze upon the these lovelies destined for Daisy’s toes this fall!

Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

Another look at Nordstrom provided a vision for our bride, the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Pearl’ Flat. These are really cute but still elegant, a very tough combo to pull off for any occasion, but for a wedding? Wow. Miraculously, we can now breath a collective sigh of relief and whisper a grateful “Mission Accomplished.”  Miss Daisy extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who so generously offered their assistance and helped in the hunt!


Next on today’s hit parade, has everyone noticed the recently released Keys Collection from Tiffany?

Courtesy Tiffany

PHOTO: © Tiffany & Co.

The group features key pendants in a variety of precious metals (sterling to platinum) and gemstones.  From Tiffany’s news release:

“The work of skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths, these exquisitely crafted vintage keys unlocked jewelry and keepsake boxes, albums, diaries and steamer trunks, as well as private clubs and country manors.”

Hhhhhmmm….this is one we’ll have to ponder dolls. What do you think?


The always-fun I Want You Now blog gave us another take on ‘preppy style’ in a post fittingly titled Preppy Chic is Back.  The post offers a couple of looks by designer Luella Bartlett, including this one.

Courtesy Luella Bartlett via IWantUNow.com

Courtesy Luella Bartlett via IWantUNow.com

The post is a fun read, and there is also an excellent Polyvore board.


Gargyle is showcasing their new Fred Perry Collections for both men…



…and women.  We like the Leather Frame Purse in a clutch style, sleek and chic.

Fred Perry Clutch at Gargyle.com

Fred Perry Clutch at Gargyle.com

And the Knit Dress in black is a basic, although more-than-a-little short for an aged and ancient female like TP.


Now, we are curious about a claim that purple is listed as a “must buy” color for kids.  That doesn’t srprise us so much as this WWD story (subscription req’d.); it makes this claim:

“When it comes to girls’ shoes, purple is the new pink.”

Moms, Aunts, Grandmoms, you simply must advise The Princess, as we were unaware of this! Below, a few of the items used in illustrating the story, starting with the Benetton boot:

Benetton Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Benetton Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Do tell, as we are feeling helplessly out of touch. Sigh.


The inaural Kate Spade apparel collection debuts this fall, and we’ll share photos from that tomorrow. Today we’ll simply use a clutch from the Fall Collection for our Pretty in Pink.

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

PHOTO: Kyle Ericksen

We are out the door for our volunteer stint at the senior gift shop, so until tomorrow, enjoy your day! 


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