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That Nasty NYC Prep, & Lilly Pulitzer Pre-Ordering!


How was everyone’s holiday weekend? Anyone else recovering this morning from a tad too much fun or sun? The Consort managed to fit in a late-breaking round of golf yesterday and TP is ever-so-excited to report she has finally seen Pride and Prejudice, 2005’s theatrical version. Digital bliss, truly.

As frequent readers are painfully aware, we are consistently inconsistent when it comes to reporting on all most things prep. We do focus on TV’s faux-prep program Gossip Girl with some regularity (despite its Fantasy Island qualities), in large part because of the fashions worn by the stars, both on-camera and off.

We have also chatted up newcomer NYC Prep. Recognizing that certain broadcasts require a certain suspension of disbelief, we still find ourselves becoming ever-more astonished when reading about the “reality show.”

PHOTO: Brian McDermott/Bravo

PHOTO: Brian McDermott/Bravo

Having stumbled onto this recent story in the Times we thought to share a few morsels; they describe our reasons for scoffing at the term ‘reality show’ far more eloquently than we can:

“Only two episodes in, the show has set off a wave of outrage, contempt and sheer mortification among parents in the world of private schools in New York…”

Who’s Afraid of ‘NYC Prep’? aptly explains a fundamental precept that Princess readers are already familiar with:

“…contradicted an unspoken rule at many private schools: to be showy or prideful is not only culturally inappropriate, but also in supremely bad taste. To be showy or prideful on reality television appears to be even worse.”

Perhaps our favorite part of Julie Bosman’s story is the top:

“OH, God,” said one Nightingale-Bamford parent, groaning.

“Absolute garbage,” another said.

“Like a bad ‘Dynasty’ episode,” a third said…”

There you have it.

Also discussing the show this week, New York magazine, pairing it with The Real Housewives of New York City for a story by Vanessa Grigoriadis, The NYC Reality Freak Show:

“In NYC Prep, as in many low-culture products, the emerging picture of Manhattan is an upper-class farce.”

“The first episode, which attracted over a million viewers, sells it as a high-stakes drama about the “elite of the elite,”… but really it’s a comedy about the silliness of the rich. As you may or may not know, it’s deeply uncool, as a student at a New York private school, to be a fan of Gossip Girl—it’s too outsized, too camp, for kids who are living that life to enjoy.”

The marketing minds at Bravo must be overjoyed at the coverage and buzz surrounding NYC Prep.


All of that makes for fun reading, but it does detract from our main message of the day: Pre-ordering for the Lilly Pulitzer Fall Stationery and Gifts Collection is now available!

Lilly Pulitzer Circle Notes

Lilly Pulitzer Circle Notes

Ideal as a gift anytime of the year, we love the new patterns for the Circle Notes, perfectly packaged and adorned with a grosgrain ribbon bow. (And you know how silly we are for anything with a bow!)

Pocket Lilly Pads, the mini-notebooks with their own pencils are now just $6.50!

Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Lilly Pads

Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Lilly Pads

The Magnet Boards come with six coordinating magnets, and at $18.50 are an outstanding value!


A definite for us come Christmas will be the Imprintable Boxed Holiday Cards:

Lilly Pulitzer Boxed Holiday/Christmas Cards

Lilly Pulitzer Boxed Holiday/Christmas Cards

We love the vibrancy of the colors so much we’ll make this item our Pretty in Pink for today.

And while these are located in our ‘Holiday‘ category at the Princess, the Taboo Imprintable cards are such a delightful pink and green it is obvious they’ll work any time of the year.

Lilly Pulitzer Taboo Cards

Lilly Pulitzer Taboo Cards

There are several other patterns of imprintable cards available.

We expect to start shipping pre-orders the third week of July. Before moving on we must take a moment to say a very public “Thank You” to the always-on-top-of-things and beyond-wonderful Ashley at Lifeguard Press, the Lilly Stationery Mother Ship.  Miss Ashley, without your assistance and guidance we would be helpless.

One last note, Lilly is retiring some of the patterns used in goods from this Spring’s launch.  Look for the word “Classic” in our Lilly titles; when those Classic products are sold out they will no longer be available.  If so inclined, it may be wise to pick up your favorites before they are merely fond memories!

Grins and giggles until next time!


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NYC Prep, Tory Burch

Hello-Hello everyone, we are *so* excited here at the Prepatorium, it is truly luscious outside! We hope all our cherished readers are enjoying similar sunshiny circumstances wherever they may be spending the day!

We have previously mentioned the upcoming preppish docu-drama, NYC Prep.  The show is likely to be a competitor for Gossip Girl fans, most readers are aware that show focuses on students at a fictional school.

Courtesy Bravotv.com

Courtesy Bravotv.com

NYC Prep premieres June 23, but Bravo aired a preview last week. In case you missed the preview but would still like to see it, here is a link; it is available online.

It shall be intriguing to watch the fashions worn by the students; below, Sebastian Oppenheim. According to the show’s brief online bio, his mother cuts his hair, demonstrating the prep frugality to which we are all accustomed.

Courtesy BravoTV.com

Courtesy BravoTV.com

The show’s official website doesn’t provide the identities of the schools attended by the show’s participants, not will Bravo acknowledge or verify the schools. However, their identities and locales are commonly known and have been for some time.

Mr. Oppenheim is a sophomore at the Ross School in East Hampton. This is not an old guard school (not at all, it is fairly new), nor is it in the city, but as far as we know it is one of the only (if not the only) private school in the Hamptons.

The other male student in the show is Peter “PC” Peterson.

Courtesy BravoTV.com

Courtesy BravoTV.com

Next, 15-year-old Taylor DiGiovanni:

Courtesy BravoTV.com

Courtesy BravoTV.com

Miss DiGiovanni goes to Stuyvesant, not considered a ‘prep school’ as far as we know, but perhaps we’re just not as plugged in to things as much as we used to be. Other schools attended by students seen in the show include Birch-Wathen-Lenox and Nightingale-Bamford. (The latter being the school Gossip Girl is hypothetically based on.)

In a post about the two different shows (G2 & NYC) on the WSJ’s Speakeasy pages, a Chapin alum explains that the show:

“…misses the whole point of the East Coast attitude towards money, which is that you don’t show it, you don’t talk about it.  Living in LA now, I really see that contrast, and it’s huge.”


Ever-so-fun Preppy Handbook author Lisa Birnbach shares her thoughts on the ‘reality show’ in that same Journal post:

““The big hoax is the talent pool for this—no actual preppy kid would ever go to a casting call for something like this or want to be on a show like this at all—they present it as though all the people who go to these schools are from a certain world, and they’re not.””

Thank you. It makes our point perfectly.

Many Princess readers know the show is a fraud if the majority of students at these educational establishments are presented as being publicity-hungry like the teens in the show. Honestly, weren’t we were all taught the same mantra?

There are only three times a Lady’s name should be in the newspaper – upon the announcement of her birth, when she is married, and when she dies.

In these times, the practice is modified to accommodate some charitable and professional accomplishments, but honestly, discussing one’s financial situation, or being in an environment where it is a topic of discussion simply isn’t done.

Perhaps the biggest point of confusion for TP is probably going to be addressed in the actual show; this presumes we can bring ourselves to watch. But really, where are the teens’ parents? What are they thinking by allowing their children to participate in this?

That is all. For now.


For those interested in the goings-on at upper crust schools like those discussed above, this story about Miss Porter’s in the current issue of Vanity Fair is for you.

PHOTOS: Jonathan Becker/Vanity Fair

PHOTOS: Jonathan Becker/Vanity Fair

The lengthy article looks at legal action against the school initiated by the parents of a former student; a student who admits cheating on a test.  We shall keep our opinions to ourself here, invoking the “if you haven’t anything nice to say” maxim.


A reminder about the Tory Burch sale currently underway at invite-only shopping site Rue La La.  The sale ends June 17 at 11am; if you need an invite, just send us a quick email note.  One caution: the site was down at different times today; it seems functional now, but be prepared.

Speaking of Tory Burch, we have a few looks from her Resort 2010 show last week:

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone via WWD

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone via WWD

We’re lukewarm.

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

Underwhelmed best describes our reaction.


That does it for us today dolls, we are a bit under the gun this week with a heavy volunteer schedule and a trip to see The Queen Mother at her Palace, how fun!


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