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Selena Gomez/KMart & Nastia Liukin/Penney’s (+ a few Preppy Sales & Savings)

Hello-Hello, and welcome to an absolutely frenzied day!

We are so incredibly behind schedule today our post is almost all photos, we begin with an early look at the Selena Gomez for Kmart Dream Out Loud collection.

When we initially posted about the line it had not yet landed with a retailer; the deal with Kmart was finalized two weeks ago.

According to today’s story in WWD, Kmart is using the line to help revitalize its Juniors department.

“First Kohl’s and Avril Lavigne, then Wal-Mart and Miley Cyrus, and recently J.C. Penney with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Now, it’s Kmart’s turn to rejuvenate its juniors department with Selena Gomez.”

The most expensive item in the collection is priced at $24.

The collection is scheduled for a launch coinciding with back-to-school shopping.


Another young lady with an eponymous clothing line, gymnast Nastia Liukin.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The Dallas Morning News has more on the new line for JC Penney:

“Designed for girls 8 to 12 years old, the collection will be promotionally priced from $11.99 to $21.99 and will be in stores just in time for the back-to-school season…”

Here are a few styles.

And a couple more styles from the upcoming line.

The pieces will be available in sizes 4 to-6x, 7 to 16 and plus.


We do have a few Sales & Savings should you be seeking fiscally friendly retail opportunities, beginning with Kate Spade, offering an additional 25% off sale merchandise.

Kate Spade

The Kate Spade offer ends April 4.

J. Crew is doing an additional 30% off sale merchandise, albeit with a twist we haven’t noticed before.


The interesting thing about this one is what’s in the fine print: “Offer not valid on phone orders.” Perhaps this has been the case forever, we just never noticed.  At any rate, to receive the discount use promo code EXTRA30 at checkout, this promotion ends April 1.

And thus ends our ever-so-short post!



  • Selena Gomez/Kmart: Donato Sardella/WWD
  • Liukin/Penney’s: WWD & Daily Variety


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How It All Began & Meet the “Olympic It Couple”

Hello-Hello and welcome to another week.

We have been derelict in our duties vis-à-vis some recent bloggage mentions, and we need to get back on track. We begin with the always-delightful Queen Bee; she included us in her Sweet Heart tag and we completely spaced out doing as requested: sharing how we met The Consort and ended up marrying him. We shall attempt brevity here, as little seems less interesting than two old fogies.

Yours truly was living in Denver and working at the ABC affiliate; TC was in town for several weeks with several other gentlemen installing the spiffy new computer system we were getting in the newsroom. One Saturday we toddled on in to the station, hoping to catch up on paperwork. The Consort was there and started chatting us up; we had a very-casual-conversation (casual in the extreme) that somehow resulted in plans to get together later that evening.

A little background: The notion of TP going out with anyone of the male persuasion was major news. We had sworn off men. Forever.  The old “Bitter, party of one” cliché understated the reality in our case.  Clearly there was some kind of mental incapacitation at play here, causing us to even agree to anything like meeting someone outside of the workplace. It most assuredly was not a d-a-t-e.

But we acted like it was. Some long unused female mechanism kicked into high gear and we dashed home, proceeded to tell our best friend all about it, showered, dressed and then literally sat by the telephone, waiting for the call that would finalize the evening’s plans.  To put things in context, this was before call waiting was invented; we wouldn’t speak with anyone who called that evening lest we miss The Consort’s call.  You know what call we’re discussing here, of course: The. Call. That. Never. Came.

Seriously. He did not call.

You can imagine the level of frosty disdain we displayed toward him on Monday. A chill in the air? You could have made snow for the Winter Olympics from the deep freeze radiating off our colder-than-cold heart that day.  TC and his entire computer crew left town two days later; we had not spoken to each other. There was no discussion, no apology, no explanation, nada, zippo, zero, zilch.


He did start sending cute little computer messages from New York. Again, this was back when instant messaging was new and oh-so-high-tech! (It also seemed like a safe distance as well. Not that it mattered. Cough-cough.) He would simply message little things like ‘hello,’ and ‘how are the computers working?’

We gradually upgraded to telephonic conversations, but only covering work-related issues. And then for some reason he called us at home (very, very scary) one night and we stayed on the phone for hours.  He called the next night, and the night after that and… yep. This went on for months until he actually came for a visit.

And as is often said, the rest is history. He is better than the best, but unfortunately, he can never live down standing me up for our first date non-date.


Also today, a big Thank You to Sweet Home Amy for gracing us with the Sunshine Award.

Thank You Sweet Home Amy!

Once the Award is received the rules are as follows:

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In the that spirit we send this award on to:

There are simply scads of lovely bloggers we enjoy reading; given enough time our list would number in the hundreds.


Finally today, we stoop to what could be a new low in our Winter Olympic coverage. It has nothing whatsoever to do with competition or uniforms or anything like that.

Getty Images

Yeppers, it has to do with off-the-ice activities. That would be skating Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek and gymnastic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin; the two are an item.  An LA Times blog has the story, originally confirmed by People magazine.

Some are referring to the duo as the “Olympic It Couple.” They first met in 2008 while taping the Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular for NBC.  This summer they attended the Espy Awards together.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Both athletes have Twitter accounts, below is a Tweet from Mr. Lysacek following his big win:

“@NLiukin So glad you were there!!! XX”

And Ms. Liukin posted this Twitpic:

BTW, we can be located on Twitter here, and Facebook here.

On that romantic note we say G’bye until next time!


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The Stars come out for Tennis, Nastia, Maria & Dara do Fashion Week

How about that tennis yesterday?!

Unusual as it was to have a Monday Men’s final at the US Open, things at Flushing Meadows were up and running smoothly well before yesterday’s 5pm match between defending champion Roger Federer and challenger Andy Murray. Crooner Harrick Connick Jr. helped get things underway by singing the national anthem, and onlookers included everyone from actress Natalie Portman….

…to Ralph and Ricki Lauren, who are seated behind singer Tony Bennett….

A rather fierce-looking Oscar de la Renta (during Fashion Week no less!) as well as Tom Brokaw & Star Jones.

As well as Melania and Donald Trump. It would appear the Donald would like young Baron Trump to observe the basic rules of good conduct whilst watching the match… or something. Perhaps a bit much to ask of someone that age, hmmm?

Honestly. Then we have actress Anne Hathaway and Ms. Jones again….

Along with Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Meyer, Marisol Thomas, and Rob Thomas (above), and Regis Philbin with his wife Joy, seen below.

Once again Mr. Federer prevailed. In rather short order we might add.

Season saved.

We don’t believe we have ever (neverever) seen Mr. Federer look happier.

Just plain out pleased, able to enjoy the moment.

And then it is time to make the rounds.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for the USTA

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for the USTA

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for the USTA

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for the USTA

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for the USTA

More than one online publication or commentator used the word ‘preppy’ in referring to Mr. Federer today, and we would concur, his look certainly supports that descriptor, and not for the first time. BTW, for any fans wanting a red hat very similar to the one he wears, they are still available at his online shop, with a few other items, tee-shirts, calendars and the like.

We move on to other stars on another stage altogether now, and of course we’re talking about Fashion Week, Day Six.

Remember the post when we mentioned that ace Maria Sharapova had invited Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin to the Peter Som show? Well, here they are last night, in front row seats, as promised. You see actresses Kate Mara and Elizabeth Banks on their left, and all are quite intent upon seeing the show. How tiny does young Nastia look in comparison to the others?!

It seemed utterly appropriate for Ms. Liukin to be in a gold dress; she looked radiant.

Nastia wasn’t the only Olympian at the shows. In fact Olympic swimmer Dara Torres actually walked for designer Charles Nolan. The 41-year-old Olympic swimmer modeled two different looks, the first a vintage-inspired swimsuit and the second a black wrap dress.

The four-time Olympian carried her daughter Tessa for her first turn around the room during the show at the designer’s studio in Chelsea. What an outstanding idea, and not the first time non-professional models have been used by the designer. As a blog post from the style writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer put it:

“Nolan’s show is always enjoyable, thanks in part to his commitment to the inclusion of “real” people along with models on the runway. This season’s batch included a holistic healer, a grandmother, a ferry boat captain, and oh yeah, a 12-time Olympic medalist.”

We do love many of Nolan’s styles, but it’s possible we love his sketches even more:

PHOTO CREDITS: Matthew Stockman/Getty, Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty, Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for IMG, Nick Laham/Getty, Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images, REUTERS/Shaun Best, Chris McGrath/AFP/Getty Images


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Brooks Brothers for NBC, Sneak Peek at Lilly Pulitzer Perfume

Well if Friday hasn’t finally made its presence known at long last, at least that is the case here at Intergalactic Headquarters for the Preppy Princess. The prospect of some quiet time looks particularly appealing this weekend, although we’re not quite sure why this is the case.

But before we do anything else, we want to stop again and gaze for just a moment at the wonderfulness that was last evening’s gymnastics at the Olympic Summer Games in Beijing.

Nastia Liukin Team USA

Nastia Liukin Team USA

Shawn Johnson (Photo credit AFP/Getty)

Shawn Johnson, Team USA

Yang Yilin of China

Yang Yilin of China

Did it not seem as if they all had the ability to not just fly and spin and churn through mid-air, but now they have the capacity to stop time for a nano-second as they hang, suspended, by nothing but their skill, in the middle of nothing. And everything.

And then the waiting…..

And the waiting….

And even more waiting, perhaps especially difficult for such close, close friends…

Shawn Johnson (R) & Nastia Liukin embrace as Valeri Liukin looks on

Shawn Johnson (R) & Nastia Liukin embrace as Valeri Liukin looks on

And even harder for a Father and a Coach who was also an Olympic Gold medalist in gymnastics not so many years ago…

Valeri Liukin embraces daughter Nastia

Valeri Liukin embraces daughter Nastia

And then finally news of a Gold Medal 16 years, multiple citizenships and continents in the making. “Wow” does not begin to describe the magic these girls made in China last night.

Nastia Liukin, Team USA embraces her Father & Coach Valeri

Nastia Liukin, Team USA embraces her Father & Coach Valeri

Nastia Liukin (C), Shawn Johnson (R), Team USA & China's Yilin Yang (L)

Nastia Liukin (C), Shawn Johnson (R), Team USA & China

And afterwards, the stress, strain, aches and pains all rolled up into one day finally show just a little bit.

Nastia Liukin, Gold Medalist

Nastia Liukin, Gold Medalist

Silver medalist Shawn Johnson Team USA after Medal Ceremony

Silver medalist Shawn Johnson Team USA after Medal Ceremony

Good gravy… TP would be a gelatinous mass of nothingness on the floor. We did love that Miss Liukin’s mother finds it too stressful to watch and is most definitely *not* in the arena, requiring a phone call from Nastia as soon as results are known.

Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin Calls Mom

Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin Calls Mom

Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin (L), and Silver Medalist Shawn Johnson (R)

Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin (L), & Silver Medalist Shawn Johnson (R)

All too fun to watch and much too late for someone at our advanced age! And to think that Michael Phelp’s race isn’t until 10:10pm tonight Princess Time!

Speaking of beautiful, how lovely does this look? Yes, there was *finally* weather favorable to sailing today.

US in Star Class Competition

USA in Star Class Competition

Johnny Lovell, Charlie Ogletree Team USA in Tornado Class Sailing Competition

Johnny Lovell, Charlie Ogletree Team USA in Tornado Class Sailing Competition

+++++++++++++OTHER NEWS+++++++++++++++

Behold the new uniforms for the ubiquitous NBC pages, classic in style, created by Brooks Brothers. The Princess was amazed to read the uniforms were selected by viewers in an online poll.

Brooks Brothers NBC Page Uniforms

Brooks Brothers NBC Page Uniforms

We were also surprised to learn that former pages include Ted Koppel and Regis Philbin, who looks back fondly on his days in that position:

“I have very vivid memories of my page uniform,” Philbin told The Post. “I had just traded in my naval officer’s uniform – I was a lieutenant JG – for my page uniform, so I basically swapped one outfit for the other.

“And I thought the page uniform was pretty sharp. We used to have an inspection every day.”

Mr. Philbin says he likes the new grey plaid look. Not everyone is crazy about it, but TP likes them; the pages look more professional. And for the first time in NBC history, female pages can choose between a skirt and slacks. (Be still my beating heart.) We’re confident you find the new style superior to the outfit worn by these NBC ‘Guidettes’ as they surround an NBC Page in this 1960s photo. Personally, we favor the knee socks on the Guidettes.

NBC Page & 'Guidettes' circa the 60s

NBC Page & 'Guidettes'

BTW, did everyone receive this in their virtual inbox today from Brooks Brothers?

Not a bad look, is it?

Look what we found! Pictures of a pink furniture collection that was auctioned off last fall for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Initially when we saw the photo we thought it was dollhouse furniture, miniature replicas of classic pieces. MOMA has sold some of those mini-chairs for years and they are simply divine. But these are all full-size, quite real and that is pink leather you are looking at!

The collection included the classic Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen, just below….

Arne Jacobsen's Swan Chair

the Eames Chair, Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair and the Florence Knoll Bench seen below.

Florence Knoll Bench

Florence Knoll Bench

Florence Knoll Bench

Über-modern DWR (Design Within Reach) partnered with each company to make the auctions happen. That must have been a very cool endeavor, and loads of fun for a good cause, as all of the auctions were fundraisers for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Of course, to find that one place besides DWR with the real deal, actual pieces from the fifties and sixties stop by our friends at MassModern and see what they have in stock, you never know what treasures you may discover!

And now word that Mrs. Fields has field Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Honestly. That just crossed our desk so we typed it like an automotan, in some sleeplike robotic fashion! Well, we’ll just leave it there as a warning to Cook that her weekly output in that department is going to be increased. Significantly. And it just can’t happen as we’re not prepared to deal with life sans these.

On a much brighter, and far more fun note (albeit entirely selfish), word today that Lilly Pulitzer is launching her new fragrance line. That is a lush and luscious look, isn’t it?

Lilly Pulitzer Fragrance Collection

Lilly Pulitzer Fragrance Collection

We can’t get too excited yet, as they don’t hit retailers until November. There are three different scents all launching at the same time, apparently an industry version of “That simply isn’t done” sort of thing, something TP found quite interesting. The three different scents are described in today’s WWD article:

Wink, a flirty floral named for one of Pulitzer’s favorite sayings (“wear pink and make the boys wink”); Squeeze, a reference to the juice stands at which Pulitzer began selling her first shifts to friends like Jackie Kennedy, and Beachy, inspired by Palm Beach.

Well, it all sounds like great fun to us and something to look forward to; naturally TP will keep you informed of any updates as soon as they happen. We’re off to a function… we hope you are about to embark on a splendid weekend!


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