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Ultimate Preppy Names & Who Do The Rich Love the Most?

Well, it is a Monday, isn’t it? Yes indeedy, we are off and running.

You have probably heard some ‘preppy’ names over the years. How ado these rank on your Prep-O-Meter? Peaking in the Red Zone?

  • Tucker Merrigan
  • Grayson Connors
  • Ashton Hotchkiss
  • Slade Patterson

We hope so, as they are courtesy of the folks at one of the Inside Lacrosse blogs, and just a few of the names featured in their 2008 Face-Off Yearbook All-Name Team. The story in the blog shares these (and oh-so-many more) after pointing out what many readers have learned from experience: the unique nature of the names bestowed upon the players.

In a comment response, a reader provides some names of female players, including: Cookie Smith and Bailey Andrews. BTW, the original tip for the story came from The Quad, the Times blog on College Sports and always a great source for those of us tracking certain players, teams, etc. .

In other news, Target is officially Number One, even beating Macy’s! Of course, they are #1 in The Princess’s heart (how could you even ask that?), the retailer is also #1 in Luxury Report 2008, topping a list of 12 department stores and mass-discount stores where wealthy consumers shop. This report is part of a new study from Unity Marketing, a niche market research group specializing in consumer habits and spending.

According to the study, almost 55% of wealthy shoppers said they bought merchandise at ‘Le Boutique’ in 2007. Following is some insight on Target’s marketing from Unity’s President, Pam Danziger, followed by the rest of the Top 12 list.

“There’s a viability today in cheap-chic that probably wasn’t there a couple of years ago — retailers like Target are really tapping into designer names,” Danziger said. “Target also attracts the interest of affluent consumers by offering viable products at lower costs.” In addition to offering selections from Liz Lange, Mossimo and Isaac Mizrahi (his contract is up at the end of 2008)…”

2. Macy’s
3. CostCo
4. Nordstrom
5. Wal-mart
6. Kohl’s
7. Sam’s Club
8. J.C. Penney
9. Bloomingdale’s
10. Neiman Marcus
11. Dillard’s
12. Sears

Now some of the data appear, at least to our addled little brains, to be counter-intuitive. Would not Needless Markup Neiman Marcus be much higher in the rankings? Where is Barneys? What about TP’s beloved Saks? Why is Saks not on the list, hunh? What about that, hhmmm?! Well, this is not addressed in the stories’ we’ve read, but it occurs to us that:

#1) The study included discount chains, like CostCo, Sam’s Wal-mart, etc. In fact, only one of the twelve retailers would be considered a true luxury brand: Neiman’s. Nordstrom is almost there, but only 99% or so at least according to industry standards we’ve seen applied previously.

#2) Not knowing the methodology it is tough to speculate (but clearly not all that tough) but methinks the sample used for the survey was not 100% “wealthy shoppers.”

That’s just our two cents on that topic. For now. Grins and giggles!


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