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Gwyneth Leaving the Silver Screen? Also, Why Andy Spade Is Thrift Store Shopping

Hello-Hello, happy middle of the week.

Today we have a mish-mash of little stories, beginning with word that über-prep Gwyneth Paltrow is apparently looking at leaving the silver screen. (Gasp!)

Via GOOP Pinterest

Via GOOP Pinterest

The news come via an Us Weekly report.

Gwyneth Paltrow is giving up showbiz for, well, business. A source says that after the 33 Dias actress wraps her next few films, she will focus on growing her lifestyle website, Goop, and the fitness company she co-owns with trainer Tracy Anderson.

In fact, the headline to the story claims Ms. Paltrow wants “an empire like Jessica Simpson.”  If so, she has laid the groundwork well. Her online presence continues to grow: the GOOP lifestyle website and newsletter she founded has a strong Facebook following, Ms. Paltrow’s Twitter followers number 1.4 million+, there are multiple other GOOP/Paltrow social media accounts and apps. Below, items from the Veronica Beard/GOOP collaboration.

Veronica Beard at GOOP

Veronica Beard at GOOP

I doubt Ms. Paltrow would give up acting entirely, foreverandever, so to speak. One thought that occurred to me this morning after reading more on the continued Macy’s vs. JC Penney lawsuit (those pesky Martha Stewart products!):  Macy’s should hire Ms. Paltrow to fill the Martha Stewart role, it would be perfect.

Also today, an interesting take on monograms. J. Crew asked menswear expert and GQ editor Glenn O’Brien to write a piece on monograms.
J. Crew

J. Crew

WITH MORE THAN SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE on the planet, you have to make an effort to be somebody or else you’ll fail on Facebook, get dropped on Twitter. Your name may be forgotten, your number lost. The solution to identity in an age of teeming masses is setting yourself apart stylistically.

Consider the venerable monogram—it’s a traditional nicety that has long been a mark of personal style.

Below, some of Mr. O’Brien’s handkerchiefs.
J. Crew Blog

J. Crew Blog

One point Mr. O’Brien made with which I disagree:
We live in a landscape that is covered with corporate logos. If individuals are going to compete today, we need logos too.
Non, non, non.  Je ne suis pas d’accord. For openers, we do not need to compete. Furthermore, why would we want to?  There is a fascinating element of Mr. O’Brien’s piece:

Why limit monograms to your initials? My friend Andy Spade wears shirts monogrammed EDW. He bought them in a thrift shop and liked the randomness. And think of Elvis Presley, who had TCB (“Taking Care of Business”) monogrammed on everything. Three letters can spell out your interests and attitudes: FYI, TKO, BYO, ETC, IPO?

From the post.
J. Crew Blog

J. Crew Blog

Who knew?
You can read the entire piece here. If interested in looking at what Crew offers, you can find the men’s offerings here and women’s here. (No, I am not being compensated by J. Crew, nor have I suddenly fallen in love with all they offer, it’s just happenstance we have two posts so close together referencing the company’s wares.)
With that we say G’bye until next time, may all of your monograms be in the proper order!


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Tidbits: Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Boutique, Hamptons Monogram Shop & Politics

This just in….apparently Brooks Brothers is going to move forward with a stand-alone Black Fleece boutique *if* you believe some of the online reports, a few of which are simply sites quoting each other and those sites are… quoting… each… other. Regular readers might recall our whiny little tirade previous post about Browne’s existing Black Fleece Brooks Brothers collection

Sunday’s NY Times had a simply wonderful story about a most Prepalicious emporium, The Monogram Shop, in East Hampton (on Newton). The story discussed the boutique’s sales of candidate cups as part of their Indecision ’08 promotion.

East Hampton (Hamptons) Monogram Shop Indecision \'08 cups

Monogram Shop

Now because we know you care about the economy and want to make a personal contribution, and because we know you are great vote-casting Americans, here is how (we think) you can cast a vote all your very own at the Shop. Cups are $3 each and you can order an Obama cup, a Hillary cup, or a McCain cup. (We don’t know if there are minimums for online orders.)

Monogram shop Obama cup Monogram Shop Hillary Cup

Monogram Shop McCain cup

Now we feel obligated to let everyone know that Lisa (Mother) and Hadley (daughter) Smith have uncommonly good taste and they do sell more than plastic cups at The Monogram Shop; proof of that is below.

Monogram Shop Sailboats pillow

Monogram Shop Cosmetic bags

Now let us not forget an equally delightful monogram store, TP’s very own Summer Swap partner, Monogramchick.com. I mean, how cute are these burp cloths?

Monogram Chick\'s Burp Cloths

Not to mention, fabulous selection of oh-so-chic cosmetic cases, an absolutely perfect as a gift this summer. Do pop in for a broad range of treats you can’t resist!

Switching gears here, all of you residing in the Princeton area, or within a short drive, a reminder about Thursday’s Girl’s Night Out in downtown Princeton. If this tickles your fancy, online registration is still open and all you have to do is send an RSVP to events@PalmerSquare.com, or call 609-921-2333 x124. You get lots of goodies, including a free shopping bag, discount coupons and other treats. There are some great shops too: Kate Spade, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Kitchen Kapers, Ralph Lauren and more. Definitely worth your time, if you can make the time!

Princeton Girls Night Out

Let it not be said that you don’t receive the very latest in preppy news here at the Prepatorium offices located in the Intergalactic Headquarters of the Preppy Princess and the Preppy Planet.

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